14 hottest forums posts: New York Film Critics Awards reactions (‘feels like Oscar season has really started’)

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Will Entertainer of the Year be McConaughey, Cumberbatch or Pratt?

Reactions to New York Film Critics Circle Awards winners

Atypical: The only acting win I’ve seen so far is Patricia Arquette‘s, but just in general, it’s vey cool to see winners like Timothy Spall, Marion Cotillard (WOW!), and J.K. Simmons win here. I thought for sure that “Birdman” would get at least one win, most likely Michael Keaton, which would be very deserved. I’m glad to see “The Grand Budapest Hotel” make it in Screenplay. Ralph Fiennes would have made a great Lead Actor winner as well. Richard Linklater for Director? Interesting. “Boyhood” for BP, then? Now it feels like Oscar season has really started!

ETPhoneHome: It certainly feels that way. I expected the Boyhood wins, but expected more for Birdman. They did spread around the wealth otherwise, and it’s definitely a solid list of winners. I’m guessing there are going to be quite a few people watching The Immigrant tonight.

ibbster: These are really winners I would have expected much more out of LA. It’ll be interesting to see where they differ. Boy did those NY critics really make up for the embarassing Best Film winner last year!

FreemanGriffin: Thrilled!!!! (: BOYHOOD!!!!! (: Richard Linklater! (: I really hope he wins the Oscar as well! I need to see Mr. Turner and Two Days, One Night, particularly hoping that Marion Cotillard makes it into the Oscar race. Too soon for me to change any predictions. Wondering If Darius Khondji can get a Cinematography Oscar nomination? Thrilled, too, that Citizenfour won Best Documentary.

Eddy Q: None of these wins are particularly surprising to me, but many of them are deserving. Timothy Spall you could see coming considering the group’s love for Leigh films in the past, and I’m not shocked they didn’t go for Julianne Moore. Gravity got snubbed just like Birdman last year, so I wonder if that indicates a dislike of obviously showy/virtuosic films among the voters.

FilmGuy619: Nice that Boyhood won big. The biggest surprise, though, is without a doubt Birdman getting shut out. It was also nice that J.K. Simmons and Patricia Arquette got some love. I even liked Marion Cotillard‘s win, despite not seeing her films yet, since she could finally score a second Oscar nomination.

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‘The Walking Dead’ mid-season finale ‘Coda’

MarcusJamesDixon: I will admit that I teared up at the big death at the end. I really didn’t think they’d do it. I mean, why promote Emily Kinney to the main credits on The Walking Dead, only use her in three out of eight episodes, and then kill her off? Unless the promotion to the main cast was to throw us off? Hmm.

24Emmy: Poor Beth. She was one of my favorites. Pretty sad character death. I didn’t think she was going to last this long, but alas she’s gone now. Emily Kinney was tearing up on Talking Dead too.

moviefan61794: Admittedly, Beth was never a favorite character of mine, but I agree with everyone else who said she stepped up this season. I’m sad, but not entirely heartbroken, to see her go. I read a post-mortem with TVLine, and she was also very emotional when speaking to them. That makes me appreciate Kinney and her craft because there was very clearly some strong passion there. I can’t say I was too shocked because this show usually amps up screentime and character development before a big death, but how it happened…pretty sudden and ultimately very sad.

ThemeParks4Life: Good episode. Beth’s death was expected after giving her so much screentime ala Herschel last season. I’m curious how long after the events of this episode Morgan arrived at the church, could it be flashforwarding far ahead?

2014 Oscar race for Best Actress

TomHardys: Rosamund Pike is an absolute lock for a nomination and the official dark horse of the race.

Sasha: Yes, yes she is. And honestly now that I’ve seen “Still Alice” I’m more than sure that Rosamund Pike has given the best performance of the year (male or female). I know she’ll lose that Oscar but I still hope she can win GG and/or BAFTA. She just has to win something televised and I’m gonna be one happy camper.

AMG: Saw The Theory of Everything today. I don’t get why people were questioning whether Felicity Jones should have gone Supporting. I thought she was more of a lead than Eddie Redmayne, and I actually kind of preferred her to him. She gives a very honest and emotional performance that isn’t over the top. SO worthy of a nomination, and I wouldn’t begrudge her the odd win at a critics awards.

FcoB: I think Marion Cotillard just got herself into the Best Actress game. Independent Spirit nomination (The Immigrant) + New York Film Critics Best Actress (for both The Immigrant and Two Days, One Night). Her work in Two Days, One Night was called by critics as one of her best (I’ve seen it and she is mesmerizing), but since it’s a French language film, her performance in The Immigrant stands a bigger chance.

2 thoughts on “14 hottest forums posts: New York Film Critics Awards reactions (‘feels like Oscar season has really started’)

  1. So glad watching the incredible Marion Cotillard receiving so much praise for her awe-inspiring performances in both Two Days, One Night and The Immigrant (the way The Weinstein Company treated that hauntingly beautiful film by the way is truly disgusting). I was really over the moon watching her win at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards the Best Actress Award twice at the same year: for her awe-inspiring performances in both Two Days, One Night and The Immigrant (the way The Weinstein Company treated that hauntingly beautiful film is truly disgusting)! That’s really quite a feat. Personally, I’m rooting for both but since only one can make the cut so that she avoids split voting with herself, I’d give a slight edge to her phenomenal turn in Two Days, One Night and it’s obviously the one who has more of a chance of earning her a ridiculously overdue second Oscar nomination. Look at the Independent Spirit Award or the Satellite nominations. Marion Cotillard’s performance as Sandra in the latest Dardennes Brothers masterpiece is the kind of performance that needs to be seen to be truly believed. There’s really no way to overhype her work there, trust me. You rarely get to watch such a towering performance from an actor / actress in your entire life. With her unmatched work in this film, you feel like she’s pushing acting to a whole another level. She makes you feel the deepest and most complex emotions for a woman who has to fight against depression and the possibility of losing her job at the same time. Acting definitely doesn’t get any better. Yes, a foreign-language drama of social realism by the Dardennes Brothers is definitely not the Academy voters’ cup of tea, but they really have to honor a tremendous performance in such an important film, let alone from an exceptional actress who has putting out consistently brilliant performances the last seven (!) years after her much unforgettable win for her legendary performance in La Vie En Rose. She has to score her second win this year and if not for that at least a ridiculously overdue second Oscar nomination.

  2. Not surprised with Boyhood wins, but am I the only one who did not love the film? I didn’t get the huge deal about it and Arquette wasn’t all that either, except for that graduation scene.

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