Our Emmys wish list: Nina Dobrev, Tim Allen, ‘Hannibal’ …

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing the same performers and shows nominated year after year at the Emmys.

That’s why last month we launched our new regular feature Gold Derby Emmy MVP, in which we showcase lesser-known contenders and argue as to why they deserve to be in the running. (See our new photo gallery below.)

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Our Editors don’t discriminate on who they choose to honor.

Among those who have made our wish list so far: the stars of popular fare Nina Dobrev (“The Vampire Diaries“) and Tim Allen (“Last Man Standing“) and crime shows “Hannibal” and “The Killing.”

We’ll continue to tout more of our favorites throughout the coming weeks. Emmy voters, are you paying attention?

Click through the photo gallery at the bottom of this post to see first wave of Emmy MVPs.

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5 thoughts on “Our Emmys wish list: Nina Dobrev, Tim Allen, ‘Hannibal’ …

  1. Ehh. I just imagine he thinks something on the CW shouldn’t be taken seriously. I mean, it’s made for women. And nothing made for women can possible be good.

  2. I have to agree with you about Hannibal and it’s two stars. All three are Emmy worthy. But I understand the content of the show not being everyone’s cup of tea. That aside, it amazes me the beauty and art that unfolds with each episode. And there have been a couple episode where Hannibal’s expressions and presence have scared the **** out of me (and I am not easily frightened !) Great show, wonderful performances, too bad more people are not watching.

  3. In my opinion Nina should win an Oscar for her MANY floorless performancers on TVD. It grinds my gears that just because her show is on a smaller network people don’t give her or her fellow actors a fair thought.It is disgraceful.Every actor on the CW works just as hard as everyone on a major network in a big budgeted show. It is about time they got the recognition they deserve. !!!!

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