Join our live Emmy chat with Norman Reedus (‘The Walking Dead’) this Thursday

On “The Walking Dead,” Norman Reedus plays bad boy with a heart of gold Daryl Dixon and has so far managed to survive the first four seasons without meeting the grim reaper. Does the cast live in perpetual fear of being fired, or does Reedus get some confidence in the fact that his character is so wildly popular that the producers wouldn’t dare kill him off? That’s just one of the questions we will ask Reedus when he joins us for a live webchat this Thursday (June 12) at 1:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 p.m. ET on Gold Derby’s home page.

Emmy voters should embrace ‘The Walking Dead

Reedus’ on-screen love interest Melissa McBride was just honored with a Critics’ Choice TV Award nomination for her performance this season. What is it like working with McBride, and how much longer will Daryl and Carol be separated on the show?

In Season 3, Reedus got to reunite with his TV brother Merle played by Michael Rooker. Up until that point, Daryl’s main motivation for continuing on was to find Merle, so after Rooker was killed off the show, did Reedus worry that his own character’s storyline was, in a sense, complete?

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Unlike other TV shows, the cast of “The Walking Dead” is always changing, with old people getting killed off and new people constantly joining the series. Is there a particular actor or actress that Reedus misses working with more than anyone else?

Daryl found himself in a dire situation at the end of Season 4 as he wound up joining with a group of baddies who were bent on killing Rick (Andrew Lincoln). Does Reedus admire that “The Walking Dead” writers aren’t afraid of switching up the show’s playbook, or does it create constant tension on set?

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11 thoughts on “Join our live Emmy chat with Norman Reedus (‘The Walking Dead’) this Thursday

  1. The moderator/interviewer was horrible. First off, this interview was about NORMAN REEDUS so we want to see NORMAN REEDUS. The interviewers face was on too much. It could have at least been in a little box at the top of the screen. Second, since when do GOOD interviewers interject THEIR OPINION into the questions and dialogue. This was about NORMAN REEDUS’ opinions and the opinions of his fans. If you want to talk to Norman about you thoughts, then handle that off screen when its not his fans time. He only asked Norman three questions from fans…ugh! At least Norman was is usual adorable self.

  2. I won’t be mean here, but I will post questions that should’ve been asked by the interviewer (Marcus). You asked questions that have been asked so many times that Norman actually has a standard-form answer for them. We don’t need to know about the crossbow anymore. Put it to bed. How much new stuff can he really find to say about a crossbow? There’s so much more to his character than a crossbow,.

    1) Where does Daryl stand with Rick on the matter of Carol’s banishment?

    2) How would Daryl have handled the Lizzie situation if he had been the one with C@rol instead of Tyreese?

    3) When Daryl sees Maggie in the boxcar and Beth is no long with him, is there some part of him that feels compelled to tell Maggie what happened to her sister? Will we see that addressed if ever and how? I know NR will dance around on these questions so as not to reveal a lot but at least we could’ve pried a little.

    Where were those kinds of questions? Have you even, Marcus watched the entire Season 4 of the show or were you stuck in Season 2 to assert a Carol / Daryl love match?

    After all it is a free country. You could’ve asked whatever you want true, but at least you could’ve researched on it a little more to have gotten more out of NR aside from Carol and Beth questions. That’s all I’m saying 😉

  3. Also it was supposed to be an Emmy chat and there was not one single question about the Emmys! This is the first year The Walking Dead has actually been in the same conversation with Emmys.

  4. Brilliant interview. Norman looked really relaxed and happy, and he’s obviously put a lot of work into giving Daryl layers. Glad he made the not romantic comment about Beth, Daryl is so much more than some pervy teenage fantasy.

  5. Hepzibah, you have to understand the entire Beth description interview. He agreed with the interviewers comment that its not romantic in a sense that ‘hey you Beth come here’. Its more awkward the way he always perceived Daryl would be. He even said something about maybe ‘he’s having a crush on Beth and that’s even better’. Did you hear that? Or did you go deaf on anything Beth related? lolol

  6. To be a “love interest”, don’t you have to be in love? Or at least have at least dallied around with the other person? In four seasons all Daryl and Carol have ever show was a close friendship and the most they’ve ever shared was a kiss on the forehead. I don’t think that constitutes a “love interest”.

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