Forum posters snap, crackle and pop over Oscar nominations

Thursday’s announcement of the Oscar nominations has caused quite a stir in our forums

Here are some immediate reactions from our posters (edited a bit for grammar):

agentofchaos: LANA DEL REY SNUBBED  […]  Cannot wait to see them announce “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” as one of their nominees on Oscar night.

BenitoDelicias: Wow at “Dallas Buyers Club” in Editing. They LOVED the movie. That should have been “The Wolf of Wall Street” or “Rush.”  […]  “Pacific Rim” out of Visual Effects, are you fucking kidding me?  Fucking Robots? What else do you want from special effects?  They clearly hate them, looking at this and that stupid “Transformers” loss in 2008.  […] What the fuck is “Alone, Yet Not Alone?” That is just hilarious, those people must be laughing their asses off just like they did when they entered this song’s name to the list probably just for fun or just because, and now they get this phone call and are probably having the best day ever, unless I am missing something here.

Sasha: It’s official. Meryl Streep can get nominated for any crap.  […]  And the most important thing, they will buy any category fraud you throw at them. They have just nominated the biggest female movie star of nineties in the supporting category for a clearly leading role. One day, they are going to nominate a performance like Robert Redford in “All is Lost” in the supporting category. Mark my words.

Renaton: I cannot believe that “American Hustle” got in all of the acting categories.  I am never underestimating David O. Russell again. Now this film will win Best Picture.  […]  Also, never underestimating Payne. The guilds were not there for the film (seriously, what the hell, how did he miss DGA?), but the dude is very popular with them.  […]  I am going to also assume that voters are smart about voting, and do it strategically. We heard there were years that would have had only five or six or seven and stuff with five-percent voting, but I think that voters behave differently when they are supposed to vote for five alone, and when they know more than five can get nominated. It shows the assumption that they would nominate less in a year with more contenders was wrong. They probably think ahead and strategize the placements to try and make sure that all of their choices get in. At least, that is the conclusion that I have come to.

Scottferguson: The idea that “12 Years a Slave” would get around nine nominations was a no-brainer. I would not have been so adamant if it were not so obvious. Crafts do not title-check.  The weakness of “Inside Llewyn Davis” also was a no-brainer.  […]  So Payne and Russell both have been Best Director-nominated for three consecutive films.  “The Missing Picture” is the first documentary ever to be nominated for Foreign Language Film.

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