15 hottest forums posts: Love and hate for Jake Gyllenhaal; Will it be a sweep for Michael Keaton?

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Forums posters rant and rave about Golden Globes nominations

Intense Oscar battle for Best Actor

KristenBoyer: Yesss for Jake Gyllenhaal again!!! I am tempted to say he is probably going to be replaced by Michael Keaton in the Oscar noms but what if it’s someone else?  I say the drama category + Keaton and minus someone else is probably our Best Actor category in January. Timothy Spall prob has little chance breaking in now that got shut out of both SAG and GG. 🙁 Maybe he can still get BAFTA as consolation. 

ibbster: Spall reminds me of Riva and how SPC handled that campaign. I would say the thing to look for is how well Mr. Turner does with BAFTA overall. They’re not consistently on board with Leigh, but this is his best reviewed movie in about a decade and his highest earning film with the UK box office to date, so I’d say that’s a pretty solid bet. It’s not entirely surprising that he missed the Globe — it hurts him, but he strikes me as the kind of performance that doesn’t necessarily need the industry precursor love to get in.

anarchy: I never understood what made Tom Hanks snubbed last year and I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to anyone this year, whether it be Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch or Steve Carell.

Macbeth: Ya’ll ready for the Michael Keaton sweep? I really am conflicted as to who I want to get in – the SAG and Golden Globes show me there is a definite swell in support for Steve Carell, but I am also hoping the legendary Timothy Spall or the overdue for a second nomination Gyllenhaal can get nominated. Spall, like Keaton, has been doing such amazing work for decades now and has gone unrecognized. If not now, when? I would not be disappointed if Spall stole Keaton’s Oscar in a huge upset. It could happen, even if it is wishful thinking. But the Oscars are due for a huge upset right about now, so who better than the acclaimed character actor who has worked with everyone?

TomHardys: Carell is in people. Deal with it. How has anyone even thought of doubting his chances is beyond me… Right now I’m much more worried with Gyllenhaal… There’s definitely strong support going on for him right now and that is getting my hopes up 🙁

benbraddock: I think most of the Gyllenhaal lovers here are smitten with his looks and not his so called talent. I’ve always found him wooden. He was definitely the worst part of Brokeback. He was nominated in supporting clearly for a lead role and it didn’t help him win anything for his role. He is a decent actor, nothing special. Most of his performances are similarly wooden, and i just find him a bore on screen. I’m wondering what film roles of Gyllenhaal’s have everyone going ga-ga over him?

Carol-Channing: I think Gyllenhaal has talent as an actor.  I wouldn’t say anything he’s ever done is mind-blowlingly good, but I would never say he was bad.  I actually think his delivery of “I wish I knew how to quit you” is good (though the line “All we’ve got now is Brokeback Mountain” in the same scene is pretty bad–partially because I think it’s just flat-out a bad line).  I enjoyed him in Jarhead and Prisoners.  I’d say his work in Nightcrawler is, by far, his best work.  He’s terrific in it and WAY better than Carell in Foxcatcher (whose performance is hindered by the screenplay).

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Reactions to SAG Awards TV nominations

outsider: Uzo Aduba won the Emmy for the first season of “Orange is the New Black“. The SAG nomination is for the show’s second season. Of course perception of her past work and appreciation for the previous season helps. I think her nomination isn’t a complete shock. They like to nominate scene stealers (like Mayim Bialik last year) and Aduba’s performance is certainly more comedic than Taylor Schilling, so she stood out.

FNLFan89: Glad to see Game of Thrones continuing its dominance at SAG (Ensemble, Drama Actor (Peter Dinklage), and Stunt Ensemble), Sherlock breaking in with Benedict Cumberbatch for Movie/Mini Actor, and 24 returning to the Stunt Ensemble category.

Seastar: I can definitely not see GoT winning. Love the show love the ensemble i think they are best. But Im considering they decide the winner by looking at the list they have received (people who were in the more than half of the seasons’ episodes) and the list from GoT is SUCKS. Maybe Boardwalk Empire for the last time or maybe Downton Abbey. I dont know. I think its the weakest category thinking of the recent years.

Grammy Award predictions for Record of the Year

m.A.A.d: Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor and Iggy Azalea are pulling from the same pool. “Chandelier” seems like a minor hit in this lineup. Sam Smith has so much going for him. I’m predicting him.

jjjmoss: Plz do NOT compare Goddess Swift with the likes of Igloo and meghor. I will say that Sam is the most likely to appeal to elderly people so he will likely win tho.

Gucci: These nominees are beyond awful . Iggy Azalea/Charlie XCX, Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor are all too lightweight to win here. Their songs do not fit the mold of previous winners. Live instrumentation is a big deal. Sia is runner-up. Sam Smith is right up the voters’ alley. He’ll easily prevail.

AMG: Don’t get why Fancy or All About That Bass are nominated here, they aren’t among the 5 best recordings of the year at all. Don’t mind Taylor Swift getting in, it’s a great pop song. But, it’s between Sia & Sam Smith. I think Sam Smith will win, but would not be surprised if Sia managed to oust him.

Renaton: Taylor Swift is not winning ROTY for a dance-pop song about haters. She could win this someday, but not for this song. The nomination itself is her award, in this case. Even Trainor has a better chance, because her song has bigger use of live instrumentation and a bit of a retro feel that sometimes voters go for, but ultimately, I also don’t see her winning for this, as it might be seem as too lightweight by voters from a few genres (and the lack of pop perf nom is a huge deal).

3 thoughts on “15 hottest forums posts: Love and hate for Jake Gyllenhaal; Will it be a sweep for Michael Keaton?

  1. Gyllenhaal won a BAFTA for Brokeback. I revisited his performance recently after being impressed by his 2 works with Villeneuve. It isn’t perfect but far more than the lambasting by the forum posts here. The romance is affecting at all, because of the intimacy and rapport he creates with Ledger, whose role was about avoiding and repression. Ledger used a trick of squinting as if against a bright light (astutely enhancing him as focal point), which together with his mumbling created a strong method actor’s impression of a cowboy. But it was Gyllenhaal’s proximity to the sunny, all-American cowboy-heartthrob that was the glut of 50s/60s western when it moved to TV and Cinemascope, that made their pairing, as a twist on the familiar, subversive. Gyllenhaal wasn’t fully method at the time as he was on Nightcrawler, but his scenes in family life, passing as a married man, his continual disappointment by Ledger, all had nuances not easily scripted or directed (especially since Ang Lee focused on Ledger’s repression underpinning the story, since it’s the closest to the conflict in his Father Knows Best trilogy.) If you compare their pairing to Wong Kar-wai’s use of Leung-Cheung dynamic in Happy Together (that was a landmark of mainstreaming gay romance in pan-Chinese cinema Ang Lee should’ve been influenced by), it’s easy to see what Jake did well especially for his age. As for the hubbub on his line delivery, it has some awkward spots due to the compressed pacing, as if serve as a setup for Ledger’s breakdown. But refer to his almost stereotypical flaming queenly whistling/singing to himself in the truck, his ~20 years on a leash speech can probably be forgiven as a prissy queen having a pissy fit, instead of a thespian master class:P

  2. Also, Gyllenhaal showed great subtlety and economy, in the couples’ night at cavern when flirting indirecting with another husband by asking his wife to a dance. There was quicksilver audacity in his “bark”, as if by a “queen” convincingly playing a macho man, then a subtly “aside” glare at the husband. Surely the editing was great, but JG’s instinct in a single gesture addressing both husband and wife, simultaneously covertly and overtly, was impressive. Of course all of this is too subtle, quick and almost fades to the background of the Method Cowboy show Heath put on very wonderfully.

  3. Gyllenhaal is incredible in Brokeback, everybody that says otherwise is just a hater. And yes, he won a BAFTA and other awards of the critics.

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