Oscars: The good, the bad, the ugly and WTF? — Let’s be brutally honest

Our editors here at Gold Derby have a lot to say about this year’s Oscars.

Lupita Nyong’o nailed her Oscars speech,” says Daniel Montgomery. “After that win, anything else was just gravy.”

“The musical performances were some of the best ever on the Oscars,” says Chris Beachum. “And in first place was Pharrell Williams.”

Ellen DeGeneres‘ Oscar selfie that broke Twitter will go down in history,” says Marcus Dixon. “50 years from now when people talk about the 86th Academy Awards, this will be the photo that’s used in the headline. Just brilliant.”

“After a rather lame opening monologue, Ellen rallied with her segments in the audience ordering pizza, taking selfies,” says Tom O’Neil. “OK, we’ll let her come back and host again in seven years.”

“So happy for John Ridley‘s win for ‘12 Years a Slave,’” says Montgomery. “Only the second black writer to win Oscar.”

Jared Leto had many people in tears during his Best Supporting Actor speech, and that was the first win of the night,” says Dixon. “He set the stage for an emotional evening, but sadly no winners that followed him were able to equal his emotion.”

“The memoriam segment was very classy with beautiful graphics,” says Beachum. “It was also inclusive with more names (47) than most years.”

O’Neil also says, “Victory by ‘Her’ is an ultimate happy Hollywood ending. Spike Jonze deserved the Oscar, damn it.”

“Shamefully bad acceptance speeches by Spike Jonze and John Ridley,” says O’Neil. “When accepting awards for writing, why couldn’t they have written themselves some decent lines?”

“Why does the academy continue to distance itself from its past,?” asks Paul Sheehan. “The recent documentary focused on more also-rans than winners. This year’s “In Memoriam” segment included lots of shots of recently deceased Oscar champs but very few clips of them winning. Why no picture of Shirley Temple or Deanna Durbin holding their juvenile Oscars or Joan Fontaine, Maximillan Schell or Philip Seymour Hoffman with their competitive awards?”

“While announcing three of this year’s Best Picture nominees, Harrison Ford was either having a stroke on stage (which isn’t funny) or he was high (which isn’t funny),” says Dixon. “Either way, something was wrong with Indiana Jones.”

“The announcer intros (from both Ellen and the voiceover lady) were lazy and classless. It should be three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis; not here’s Daniel Day-Lewis. They did that almost all night, and it’s very tacky,” says Beachum. “Give the statistics for these past winners and nominees who have earned it.”

“Ellen walking through audience asking about ordering a pizza,” says Montgomery. “Cute, but didn’t quite work as well as she’d hoped.”

O’Neil also adds, “What was Bette Midler doing there and why was she singing that awful old tune?”

“‘American Hustle‘ led all nominations with 10 (tying “Gravity”) but ended up getting skunked,” says Dixon. “Not even a Best Original Screenplay win for five-time nominee David O’Russell? Come on, Academy! Put your money where your mouth is.”

John Travolta as one of the worst presenters in Oscar history,” says Beachum. “Even with rehearsals, he couldn’t say the name of Idina Menzel correctly?”

“Ellen’s first penis gag to Jonah Hill was tolerable, but why, oh, why did she have to head into the audience for a second wank,” says O’Neil.

“Can we all agree that having Angela Lansbury and Steve Martin accept Honorary Oscars at the ceremony would have been better than those hero montages?” asks Montgomery.

Beachum adds, “Will Smith (Razzie Award winner Will Smith) is the best you have to present the biggest category of Best Picture?”

“Why the hell didn’t they have Judy Garland‘s kids do something in connection with that “Wizard of Oz” tribute,” says O’Neil.

O’Neil adds, “These Oscars went according to script. No surprises. Shame on you, academy. Your members are supposed to be professional moviemakers, not sheep. Can’t they appreciate the importance of suspense and surprise?”

17 thoughts on “Oscars: The good, the bad, the ugly and WTF? — Let’s be brutally honest

  1. It would’ve been really impersonal if they showed pictures of the dead holding their Oscar rather than their work. People remember the films and performances, not the @#$%ing statues.

  2. Cate Blanchett’s speech is was BAD FORM. ABC and AMPAS need to issue an immediate apology for Ms. Blanchett’s complete and total disregard for victims of child abuse. She is an Oscar winning Actress and wants to make believe and pretend that the 1993 child custody Farrow v. Allen 39 page published ruling from the NY Supreme Court isn’t public information? It reveals that Woody Allen Emotionally and Mentally abused all the Farrow children with his actions. Cate Blanchett at the Oscar’s applauding “emotional incest” by praising Woody Allen. Just because she likes doing business with those who abuse children, doesn’t make child abuse OK. Given the resent press is shocking that ABC owned by Disney wouldn’t have told the Producers to inform Ms. Blanchett prior to not mention Woody by name, just like she did at the BAFTA’s.

  3. How do we flag Jake’s comment for removal??? His enabling Mia Farrow’s continuing child abuse is a MUCH bigger problem than anything Woody Allen ever did. Mia is hell-bent on making Woody pay for marrying Soon-Yi, even to the point of COACHING her children to LIE about Woody. Now, Jake, you’re attacking ANOTHER actress for being the latest Oscar winner from a Woody Allen film??? SHAME ON YOU!!!

  4. Lupita Nyong’o , so ugly she would give someone nightmares, , monkey in a dress. Go back to your tree in Africa.

  5. Uh, Cate Blanchett – remember her? she won Best Actress and had people, namely the gals teary eyed – was definitely part of the good. Hers was the best speech by far.

    Btw, ignore or report the pathetic troll below please.

  6. Wow, are some of you upset that you didn’t make better predictions? Cause this list is LAME.

    1) NOBODY would rather see someone getting an award instead of their performance. If they are legends (like Shirley Temple and Seymour Hoffman) we want to see them act.
    2) The pizza thing was funny. Sorry.
    3) Bette Midler? Ok, let me explain. The theme of the night was “Heroes.” Lots of those in the Memorial were certainly heroes to those present. It was a perfect choice for a song, and Bette did a good job.
    4) I don’t understand this American Hustle anger. IT WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH. Contrary to what a lot of you “experts” say, the Academy doesn’t just give sympathy votes away. If a voter didn’t like AH enough to vote for it for Best Picture, why would they like it enough to give it Screenplay? Hustle didn’t deserve a win in any categories. There are no consolation prizes. Most of us knew it would win 1 maybe 2 awards tops. Why is this a shock to the experts?
    5) Judy’s kids. They invited them there. Maybe they weren’t comfortable doing something.
    6) You do realize the Academy doesn’t produce the ceremony, right? That’s the producer’s job.

  7. “These Oscars went according to script. No surprises.”

    In other words, (nearly) everyone who we thought would win did. That’s a good thing. Should the voters hand out the awards at random, just so there are some surprises?

  8. “O’Neil adds, “These Oscars went according to script. No surprises. Shame on you, academy. Your members are supposed to be professional moviemakers, not sheep. Can’t they appreciate the importance of suspense and surprise?””

    You’re just never satisfied, huh? For once Oscars went to those who deserved them (well, couple of categories there and there but still) and you complain?

  9. God, I read through this post while gagging. I felt as though I were sitting in a room full of bitchy, gossipy women. Is that all you people do after these events, sit around and snark?

  10. So glad Deanna Durbin was at least mentioned – yes, more should have been done – but her DEVOTEES will continue to spread the message about her brilliant career!!

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