What were Ellen DeGeneres’ 10 best Oscar moments?

Ellen DeGeneres took immediate charge at the Oscars for her second time as host. Her opening monologue took on many of the top nominees like Cate Blanchett, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Matthew McConaughey, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, and more.

She previously was the emcee for the 2006 ceremony in which “The Departed” took home the Best Picture trophy. I felt like she would take somewhat of a “chip on the shoulder” approach since she has not been asked by the various Oscar producers since then.

What were her top 10 moments from the Academy Awards ceremony Sunday night?

1. Easily the best moment was the most star-studded selfie in picture history with Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Lupita Nyong’o, Lawrence, Cooper, Roberts, and Streep.

2. The Glinda the Good Witch outfit after “The Wizard of Oz” showstopper. She was late to the party and “offended” they didn’t tell her.

3. The pizza party for the audience was funny, but too extended. Anytime she can interact with unsuspecting people is a good thing, though.

4. From that bit, asking for money from Sandra Bullock (who had a recent reveal about the $70 million she might have made from “Gravity“) and Oscar kingpin Harvey Weinstein.

5. The “surprise” moment jumping out from behind DiCaprio going into a break.

6. Her changes of outfit, with her own fashion commentary. 

7. After last year’s incredibly lengthy Seth MacFarlane opening, she kept her monologue/opening to just well-rounded humor. That alone was a big upgrade.

8. Her concluding opening joke about the two possible scenarios for the night: (1) either “12 Years a Slave” wins Best Picture or (2) everyone is racist.

9. The joke with the cameraman about how important it is to hit your mark.

10. Her willingness to leave the stage and make her intros from so many locations.

3 thoughts on “What were Ellen DeGeneres’ 10 best Oscar moments?

  1. Oh my god, my mom used to work on TV and when she saw the bit with the camera she was screaming at the tv and didn’t realize it was a joke until it was too late

  2. Terrible, terrible Oscar show. The talented and generous Ellen needs to stay on daytime tv– where she is wonderful. The Oscar show (Pizza?? Vacuum??–oh, that was last time!) was just atrocious!! Should she return, I’ll TIVO the show so I can eliminate the nonsense as well as the commercials— even though I’ll probably have only about 15 minutes left!! LOL)

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