Oscars poll: How do you rate Ellen’s opening monolog?

Granted, Ellen DeGeneres‘ opening monolog had some nice moments. My favorite was her reference so the evening presenting so many possibilities, including 1.) “12 Years a Slave” wins Best Picture and 2.) “You’re all racists.”

But many of her other jokes fell flat like her slam at how many stars didn’t go to college. And poor Liza Minnelli, how many times does she have to hear drag queen jokes about herself?

What did you think?

Vote in our poll below and sound off in the comments section. 

7 thoughts on “Oscars poll: How do you rate Ellen’s opening monolog?

  1. Don’t ever have WHOOPIE CUSHION on again…racist idiot….ELLEN is phenominal…and she had me rolling in the aisles….She is inventive and adlibs well….Billy Crystal was the best in recent two decades.

  2. Ellen is a self-hater or she would NOT have made those remarks to Liza Minelli, who STILL has more talent and grace in her little finger than Ellen has in her entire body of “humanity”. Jealous wannabe remarks thru the entire night. A sad, small, MEAN person.

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