Oscars frontrunner Julianne Moore (‘Still Alice’) far ahead at Golden Globes too

The five frontrunners for Oscar nominations are the same quintet up for Best Actress (Drama) at the Golden Globes, with Julianne Moore (“Still Alice”) predicted to prevail in both races. Her Globes competition is: Jennifer Aniston (“Cake”), Felicity Jones (“The Theory of Everything”), Rosamund Pike (“Gone Girl”) and Reese Witherspoon (“Wild”). 

Among our 14 Oscarologists who have made predictions for the Golden Globes, a dozen of them are backing the bid by Moore for Best Actress (Drama). This overwhelming support gives her leading odds of 1 to 4 to prevail on Jan. 11 at the 72nd annual edition of these kudos bestowed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.

Moore, who shared in a special prize to the cast of “Short Cuts” in 1993, has lost all six of her previous individual Globe bids for her movie work; she did win TV Movie/Mini Actress in 2012 for playing politician Sarah Palin in “Game Change.” This year, she also contends for Best Actress (Comedy/Musical) for her bravura turn in “Maps to the Stars.” While that offbeat film won her Best Actress at Cannes, she is a longshot to take this prize at the Globes, with Emily Blunt (“Into the Woods“) a solid frontrunner. 

UPDATED: Experts Golden Globes predictions in 14 categories

The 12 Experts in favor of Moore on the drama side are: Thelma AdamsThom GeierTariq Khan (Fox News), Michael Musto (Out.com), Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby), Claudia Puig (USA Today), Jenelle Riley (Variety), Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood/ Indiewire),  Peter Travers (Rolling Stone), Glenn Whipp (L.A. Times), Susan Wloszczyna (RogerEbert.com) and me. 

Of the other four Drama Actress nominees, Witherspoon is the only one to merit the support of any of our Experts. Those two votes from Edward Douglas (ComingSoon) and Kevin Polowy (Yahoo) translates to odds of 11 to 2 for her to pull off an upset at these precursor prizes. She won the most recent of her three Comedy/Musical Actress bids in 2005 for “Walk the Line” and went on to claim the Oscar too. 

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While none of the other three nominees is predicted to win by our Experts, Aniston (the 2002 TV Comedy Actress champ for “Friends”) and Pike have slightly slightly better odds of 50 to 1 — versus Jones at 100 to 1 — because they are ranked higher overall.

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3 thoughts on “Oscars frontrunner Julianne Moore (‘Still Alice’) far ahead at Golden Globes too

  1. After Julianne’s interview on Charlie Rose, she will repel voters. Does she think the public is stupid? She is in film promoting Big Pharma Products under the premise of a horrible disease. Per the SAG Contract Actors earn more for Production Promotion and Product Placement. Does her character consult any European doctors in the film for treatment which is far more effective than treatments offered in the US? There isn’t a lot of reverence or spiritual depth that comes across from Ms. Moore. Actors are professional dialogue reciters who need to play make believe to survive. Is that something to aspire towards or to idolize? This is really funny, how not one single journalist asks the real tough questions about Social and Moral responsibility that actors and celebrities have any more. The end message of “Still Alice” isn’t about hope or faith or a spiritual journey. It is about fear and pain that isn’t worthy of an Oscar.

  2. There wasn’t anything wrong with the interview. There was so much humanity for Moore’s part. Many Alzheimer’s Association are even prazing Moore for her work in the film and the way she is treating this delicate subject. Alzheimer is fear and pain. I have a person in the family who died of it. Julianne Moore is a respectful actress, loved by her peers, a human who fight for human rights, and her performance is worthy of her very deserved and overdue Oscar.

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