Will Jennifer Lawrence become youngest ever two-time Oscar winner?

If Jennifer Lawrence takes home another Oscar this year, she will become the youngest person to ever win twice for acting. With a Golden Globe already on her shelf for “American Hustle,” she is certainly a frontrunner to achieve this feat.

Lawrence was only 22 last February when she prevailed as Best Actress for “Silver Linings Playbook.” She would be just 23 on March 2 if she triumphs as Best Supporting Actress for “American Hustle.”

The record is currently held by Luise Rainer, who was the first actress to win consecutive times, for “The Great Ziegfeld” (1937) and “The Good Earth” (1938) when she was 27 and 28 years old.

Next on that list is Jodie Foster, who was 26 when she won at the 1989 ceremony for “The Accused” and age 29 three years later for “The Silence of the Lambs.” Bette Davis is just after Foster with a win at age 27 for “Dangerous” and age 30 for “Jezebel” (all years in this article refer to ceremonies, not film releases).

Among men, the record for youth is held by Robert De Niro. He prevailed at age 31 for “The Godfather, Part II” in 1975 and then at age 37 for “Raging Bull” in 1981. Close behind is Tom Hanks, who won back-to-back at age 37 and 38 for “Philadelphia” and “Forrest Gump.” Spencer Tracy was also 37 (“Captains Courageous”) and 38 (“Boys Town”) but a few months older than Hanks.


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10 thoughts on “Will Jennifer Lawrence become youngest ever two-time Oscar winner?

  1. She really stole every scene in American Hustle but then Lupita was good as well in 12YAS, it will be a close call between these two, I think either or deserve it, so will be happy with the outcome either way….although I’m very partial to a Jennifer Lawrence acceptance speech!!!

  2. It’s not going to happen (I firmly believe the real contest is between Roberts and N’yongo) but it’s nevertheless a great achievement for her to have under her belt – that many nominations at such a young age. Being that she has a long career or Oscar-baity movies ahead of her (she could very well score another nom for Serena if it ever comes out), it’s no real loss if she doesn’t win this time. In fact, she shouldn’t. She really should’ve won for Winter’s Bone, not SLP and certainly not AH.

  3. Jennifer lawrence will be a two time Oscar winner.. She has to win she will win, the academy loves her. She already has theGolden Globe and that usually means that they’ll go on to win the oscar. I love JLaw and I honestly think this will be a repeat of last year! (:

  4. Ok, the person that doesn’t “get” the hype about Jennifer is obviously a pseudo intellectual nonconformist POSER.
    Anyway, Jennifer Lawrence is much more deserving of the Oscar. Lupita is talented, but her performance was less authentic and felt more rehearsed. Jennifer Lawrence could have been easily been overshadowed by ther other actors from AH, but she wasn’t. She became the star of that movie and she was the best part of that film. I think Lupita is getting a lot of attention bc she is radiant.
    Really I think Julia Roberts is my second place. She was brilliant in her role. However, I don’t know if I can predict what they will do. Meryl Streep should win almost every year.

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