15 hottest forums posts: Oscar outrageous losses by Jessica Chastain, Brokeback, Viola Davis and …?

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The Oscar loss that angered you the most

Laactingnyc: I was pretty angry when Jennifer Lawrence won over Jessica Chastain. I kind of knew she would win, however i still had hope for Chastain. I was angry that the Oscars would go for the “It” girl over the much superior performance that Chastain gave.

Leonardo: The only time I remember getting really angry was when BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and GOOD NIGHT & GOOD LUCK were passed over in the BP category in favor of CRASH. Same thing when David Fincher was not awarded Best Director for The Social Network.

KyleBailey: Viola Davis for “The Help”. She was sooooo amazing in that movie. Meryl Streep was good in Iron Lady but Viola was heartbreaking and gave just such a powerful performance. Speaking of Meryl, Meryl really should have won her third Oscar for Doubt. That performance is just so outstanding. She doesn’t play unlikeable characters often so it really was something new out of her.

MysteriousRent: Julianne Moore losing to Nicole Kidman – Kidman was pretty good in the overblown “The Hours,” but Moore gave an all-timer of a performance in “Far From Heaven.” The way that she balanced the 50s style melodrama with a hint of modern sensibility was wonderful, and the internse emotions that she portrayed so deftly blew away anything Kidman did. Moore and Haynes were the perfect melding of director and performer – both should have been winners.

benbraddock: LINCOLN losing to Argo for best picture…the academy falling all over themselves for Argo because Ben Affleck was not nominated for director is a case that supports my theory that the oscar voting body does not live up to  the high standards it thinks it sets.

2014 CMA Awards reactions

James Otto Sweet Heart: The only award that I flat out did not agree with tonight was the Song of the Year award. To me, it should have gone to Dierks Bentley for “I Hold On”. I am so sick of his writing not getting the attention that I believe that it deserves. “Home” should have been the Song of the Year when it was nominated too back in 2012. Congrats to Brett Eldredge on his Best New Artist of the Year award win!

espnfan: I am all for trying new things and experimenting. But I have to say a big fat NO to the crossovers they tried at the CMA awards this year. There was really no reason we needed to see/hear “All About that Bass” or “Bang Bang” at the CMA awards. Meghan Trainor and Miranda Lambert did an okay job, but why not have the two of them duet on a country song, or at least include something country in their duet. Same with Ariana Grande and Little Big Town.

BamaEd: There was no reason for Trainor or Grande to be on that telecast except to pander. New country sounds way too formulaic as it is, they don’t need pop artists on there singing their hits. Why weren’t those singers performing a country song, at least partly? Many of the winners were expected. Happy to see Miranda and Kacey pick up big awards. I love Follow Your Arrow.

15 hottest forums posts:
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‘Boyhood’ reactions and reviews

KennerLeaguer: The film has its share of flaws (namely the script) and by no means is it a masterpiece. Its true strength is its ingenuity in terms of how it was conceived and filmed. That being said it is probably one of the very best movies I’ve seen this year which probably says as much about how disappointing the films have been so far. It would be a very good movie in any year but in a weak 2014 it has a great chance at a nomination.

Macbeth: I really loved this film. It was simplistic and sweet and very nostalgic, which is a breath of fresh air for me. What I loved the most were Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke. I know Arquette is pretty much the frontrunner to win, but what I really want is for Hawke to be nominated. While Arquette is the more popular of the two on GD, I don’t think she was any better than Ethan Hawke. I’d hate for one to be nominated and the other snubbed – they were both amazing, and I hope Hawke even wins (which is doubtful with Brolin/Ruffalo/Simmons around).

moviefan61794: I think this is a very good film. I won’t discredit how it was very interesting to see Ellar Coltrane grow up on screen in front of me, and that aspect of it is what makes this film noteworthy. But I did not think this was the life-changing experience it has been hyped up to be. It’s a very good movie, but nothing more for me. I thought Coltrane was pretty good here, and I’m just glad that they found the right kid at age 7 who turned out to be (at the very least) an above-average actor at 18. Patricia Arquette is probably best in show here, although I think Ethan Hawke has more impact with less scenes.

BrokenFan: Boyhood‘ doesn’t seem to have that ‘re-watchability’ factor, to me. While it was good, I absolutely don’t have the desire or the need to watch it again, and the fact that it’s become THE middlebrow choice of the year makes it even worst.

‘Olive Kitteridge’ miniseries on HBO

oopschoice: I liked this a lot. The first episode was good, the second was even better. It was depressing (in a good way) while still pretty funny and quirky. Very good acting all around. Frances McDormand even stepped up her game in the latter two episodes. Richard Jenkins was not much of a co-lead and should go supporting, but there is a real supporting actor Bill Murray who didn’t have anything to do until the last half hour.

Icky: This is the best miniseries/movie HBO has produced since Temple Grandin and probably the best American miniseries since Band of Brothers. And if anyone wins a single award over McDormand I call bull.

Bebe: This miniseries was absolutely wonderful (better than “Mildred Pierce,” which I loved). Although all four parts were great, the scene in Episode 3 between Olive and Henry in the hospital was extremely moving. McDormand and Jenkins should be locks to win in the leading categories, and rightfully so (and this is coming from someone who is loving Jessica Lange‘s scene-chewing this season of AHS). Bill Murray was also great in the fourth episode, so I’d support his nomination in the supporting category. All in all, I can see why this got as much praise as it did. Stellar from top to bottom.

2 thoughts on “15 hottest forums posts: Oscar outrageous losses by Jessica Chastain, Brokeback, Viola Davis and …?

  1. Jennifer Lawrence is the best actress working today in my opinion and her performance in silver linings playbook was just incredible…I watched that movie at least 7-8 times because of her and I still watch it regularly to understand her magic on screen. Jessica Chastain was good in Zero Dark but nothing special…I know that if Jennifer played that part she would have been just as good if not better (she is very good at playing strong women) but what I’m sure about is that nobody ever could have given a better performance than hers in Silver Linings Playbook. She is MAGIC on screen!!! PERFECT!! How can people not see the miracle that this girl is and at such a young age? Humanity is just nasty…

  2. I have to agree with James that Jennifer Lawrence is a terrific actress, easily the best of her generation and let’s face it a true phenomenon in the history of movies. Her work in “Silver linings playbook” is by far the best thing she’s ever done. And also the rawest. Who can forget the scene where Tiffany leaves at the end of the dance competition? Well, that’s powerhouse acting. I could believe her every gesture, every feeling, every moment as Tiffany Maxwell. It was an extremely demanding role and she absolutely killed it. It is definitely one of the most multi-layered female performances I’ve seen in the last decade and definitely a deserving win. That being said, Jessica Chastain is a tremendous actress and in my opinion not only is she a better than Lawrence but also her performance in “Zero Dark Thirty” was also more than deserving of a win she didn’t finally get. Her performance in “Zero Dark Thirty” is a real triumph of acting and to me would be a narrow second choice for the win. She really has to win this time, especially after her groundbreaking performance in “The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby” (if that’s not a performance worthy an Oscar win, nothing is) and her ferocious turn as Murph in “Interstellar”. The woman is simply astonishing. The most scandalous Oscar omission I’ve ever seen in my whole life though was the one of Marion Cotillard’s game-changing performance in “Rust and bone” that year. Lawrence’s performance and Chastain’s combined that year (in the 2013 ceremony) were nothing in front of the work of the greatest actress of all time, the one and only Marion Cotillard in the role of Stéphanie. A performance for the ages, definitely among the 10 best performances ever given by an actor or actress in the history of mankind. And it wasn’t even nominated! In the same list would be her towering work this year in “Two Days, One Night”. An actress as limited as Reese Witherspoon is a lock for a nomination and Marion is struggling to get in? That’s just sad. The most outrageous loss for me would be the one of Felicity Huffman’s astonishing work in “Transamerica” in favor of Reese Witherspoon’s really good but nowhere as great, let alone worthy of an Oscar win, work in “Walk the line”. My God, Reese Witherspoon has to be one of the most overrated actresses who ever walked on Earth. And don’t even get me started on the miraculous work of the criminally underrated Naomi Watts that year as Ann Darrow in Peter Jackson’s “King Kong”.

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