Oscars poll: Battle of the divas – Pink vs. Bette Midler

Sure, Pharrell Williams made us all “Happy” as he belted out his Oscar-nominated tune from “Despicable Me 2.” Heck, he even got Meryl Streep to shimmy. 

But the two true highlights of the evening musically speaking were by the divas who belted out songs that weren’t even in the running this year.

Pink paid tribute to the 75th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz” by crooning the Oscar-winning “Over the Rainbow.” Did you think she was just terrific?

Or did you prefer the performance of Bette Midler, who concluded the “In Memoriam” segment with a subdued rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings”?

Below, take a look at both performances and then vote in our poll. 



5 thoughts on “Oscars poll: Battle of the divas – Pink vs. Bette Midler

  1. Pink would have been exponentially better if she hadnt breathed in the middle of words like some*where and o*ver. It sounded bizarre. And we’ve seen her belt face with a dude on her stomach and upside down in the air so its not like she doesnt have breath support. Otherwise she sounded great, but it was a very bizarre choice.

  2. Bette was”nice However, Pink would’ve been great but the song title is not “Some…where oh….vertherain….bow” It is clear Liza was not thrilled either. With that one phrasing, she ruined the song but still managed a standing o. Ignorance.

  3. They were both amazing, but I’d have to vote for Bette Midler. Pink does what a lot of younger singers do (including Bette in her original single 25 years ago) which is to belt a song out. It’s always a big power display with the younger singers. As they get older, they begin to understand that good singing does not mean belting every single note and phrase. Bette Midler attacks a song as an actor, not a singer. An actor imagines they are communicating with a specific person/people, and it’s why it makes Bette’s singing seem like she’s talking straight to someone when she says “thank God for YOU!” though she is indeed singing. Bette finds intimacy in her song. She understands that emotional honesty is the key to singing a song and not some superficial notion of singing every note “correctly” or holding a note for a long time just to prove that she can.

    They both brought the house down in that auditorium and among the crowd of people I was with, but when Midler’s song started and she walked into her spotlight, something came over my room as they recognized who that was. It was that lady whose comforting voice had been there for them in a time of great pain or sorrow, loss or despair, and it reminded them that there are moments of gladness, humility, and thankfulness even in our darkest times. Pink was wonderful; but Bette Midler brought us to tears and made us think of people in our own lives we’ve lost, and even of people who we haven’t lost yet. One woman in the room after her song said, “I feel like I want to call my mother because we cried together to that song a number of times after her mother passed a few years ago”. That’s special. Not many singers can reach right into your heart and make you feel that strange mix of grief and gladness all at the same time. I think Bette Midler is some kind of national treasure. She puts her heart out on the line every single time for us out there and her performance the other night reminded me to savor that she’s still with us and not on that board behind her yet.

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