Oscar Experts’ smackdown: Pete Hammond vs. Tom O’Neil (podcast)

“It’s a crazy Best Picture race,” Pete Hammond (Deadline) and I concur in our podcast chat. “As far as we’ve come in this awards season, it seems like we’ve come back to square one. We’ve got a real horse race as you say at Gold Derby. Three movies are in a see-saw battle and it seems there’s no consensus.

“One thing I’ve noticed from all of these award shows I’ve been going to is that they all seem to end with Steve McQueen making an acceptance speech up on stage and that’s why I think ‘12 Years a Slave‘ may be slightly in front right now. But who knows? ‘American Hustle‘ won that SAG ensemble award and we all know that the actors branch is the biggest in the academy, so they could have a big say in pushing that picture forward. ‘Gravity‘ has tremendous support from below the line — or at least we think that because it’s such a dazzling technical achievement.”

BELOW: Listen to our chat and give us your early prediction. Change your picks later as often as like.



2 thoughts on “Oscar Experts’ smackdown: Pete Hammond vs. Tom O’Neil (podcast)

  1. Pete Hammond – you were spot on with your analysis, commentary, predictions. Great job!
    Tom O’Neil – how can you say on one hand that Jared Leto is a lock – and your reasoning is that it is hard to stop someone at this point with all the precursors he has won. Yet you think Cate Blanchett may be vulnerable – when she in fact has won the most precursors of any contender this season??? She is actually ahead of Leto since she won NYFC, LAFC, NSFC.
    Also, get your facts right about Halle Berry. She did not just come out of nowhere the year she won. She won NBR and SAG. Sissy Spacek the Globe, BFCA. Judi Dench BAFTA.
    In a year where there is a strong presumptive front runner for Best Actress, it is virtually impossible for Amy Adams to win with just a Golden Globe. And Sandra Bullock has only some minor regional awards; none of the major precursors.

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