Oscar predictions podcast: Tom O’Neil vs. Tariq Khan

Tariq Khan and I have become notorious for our ferocious battles over Oscar predictions. Our podcasts are usually packed with outrage, insults and sometimes even a few award insights, but this derby season, truth be told, everything seems a bit dull. Tariq and I agree on far too, too many races. But — you’ll be happy to know — that still hasn’t dulled our gladiatorial spirit for battle.

Tune in below. To follow along as we tick through the categories, see Tariq’s predictions here, mine here.

6 thoughts on “Oscar predictions podcast: Tom O’Neil vs. Tariq Khan

  1. I love Fassbender but how would the academy feel about voting for the vicious slave owner and not the slave.
    Unless 12 years win best pic and supp actress no way will they vote fasbender. THE Bad press would be crazy. RACISM in the Academy.

  2. You guys are always fantastic to listen to! The Leonardo DiCaprio fight was the highlight! LOL – I think DiCaprio has a chance if he wins BAFTA; if not, it’s over.

    I have to defend Streep in One True Thing (1998)- she was incredible and it was one of her most critically acclaimed performances to date. She nailed the cancer patient/housewife/mother role perfectly. Also one of Renee Zellweger’s best.

  3. Loved this podcast guys as per usual.
    Okay……Leo is NOT winning…..period. Tom, love ya but you said Oprah had this in the bag months ago too.
    When 12 Years wins, Steve McQueen wins as he is a producer along with Brad Pitt…..so McQueen still gets an Oscar even with Cuaron winning for ‘Gravity”. I don’t think McConaughey is 100% yet. His character has no arc. The serious career comeback for sure. But c’mon….he was so thin in the film’s start and nobody notices how sick he looks????
    Fassbender is genius….but he’s going to suffer by being too cruel in the movie. Remember 1994 when Ralph Fiennes was snubbed for his brilliant performance in Schindler’s List? And Tommy Lee Jones won for a phone in performance in ‘The Fugitive”. It looks like they’re rewarding evil……Dench is wonderful, but not a great role for her. That movie should be on HBO, not theatres. Bullock is not going to win a second Oscar……ever…….if not for “Blind Side”….maybe…..but never again. She’s not Blanchett or Streep.
    Leto is vulnerable. Did you ever see Phillip Seymour Hoffman in “Flawless” years ago? It’s the same performance. Tariq you are right….Fassbender just might……maybe……Dallas Buyers Club is just not that great a film to me.
    Lupita? Think the soap scene and the doll made from cotton stems. Those two scenes give her the Oscar.
    Screenplay is always a wild card. I think Before Midnight could surprise. What they see in Her is beyond me except the nightmare that the future might bring us high waisted pants. lol.
    I think American Hustle is going to go 0 for 10.
    The Hunt for Foreign Film. Remember the entire Academy votes for FF this year. This category always surprises anyway.
    The Square is riveting and current.
    Great Gatsby won costumes in 1974. Winning GG again in 2014 would make it exactly 40 years between Oscars for the same story. The best costume award should be the one where you don’t notice the costume design, where it’s integral to the scenery and not obvious. Gatsby is way too obvious. Theodora Van Runkle’s Oscar winning costumes in 74 GG were much better and more real.
    My jaw dropper? Sally Hawkins. Brilliant. Watch the film again. I just did yesterday.
    Let it Go is a terrible song. How many times does she sing Let it Go. Boring. Ordinary Love will win.

  4. People (for whatever reason) kept saying Leo wasn’t going to win Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical at the Golden Globes and he did. Don’t be so quick to write him off from Best Actor at the Oscars guys!

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