Final Oscar predictions smackdown: Tom O’Neil vs. Tariq Khan (podcast)


“It’s Oscar Armageddon!” I shout at my fave pundit nemesis Tariq Khan as we face our final battle over predictions.

Last year I pummeled him mercilessly when he scooted out onto a thin, shaky limb for Emmanuelle Riva (“Amour”) and, of course, I turned out to be right. Now he blasts me gleefully over my Leo DiCaprio pick. I’m not ruffled.I feel (kinda, maybe a little, sorta) confident that Tariq’ll be gobbling Oscar crow late Sunday night. But Tariq really hits his mark here when he attacks my reasoning for dumping Lupita Nyongo for Jennifer Lawrence. It’s a great gotcha moment in this podcast. Uh-oh. Should I switch back to Lupita while there’s still time? Ummmm …. naw. Bottom line: I sense the same growing momentum for Jlaw in the home stretch as I did those years when Marion Cotillard and “Braveheart” ambushed the derby in the home stretch.

See Tariq’s predix here, mine here. See them stacked up side by side with those of 28 other Oscarologists here. Listen to our podcast below — it’s a hoot. Download at iTunes or Libsyn.



5 thoughts on “Final Oscar predictions smackdown: Tom O’Neil vs. Tariq Khan (podcast)

  1. Thanks for your nice comments, folks! And don’t worry…Tom and I will be doing one more podcast in the coming weeks – I can’t wait to smack him down over his Leo prediction!

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