Will ‘The Lone Ranger’ become second movie ever to win BOTH Oscar and Razzie?

This year, “The Lone Ranger” could do something only one film has ever done before: win both an Oscar and a Razzie.

Disney’s box-office bomb earned a pair of technical nominations from the academy (Best Makeup/Hairstyling and Visual Effects) as well as five Razzie bids, including Worst Picture and Worst Actor (Johnny Depp).

In the 34-year history of the Razzies, the only film to win at both kudos was “Wall Street” (1987): Best Actor at the Oscars (Michael Douglas) and Worst Supporting Actress (Daryl Hannah) at the Razzies.

Several other films have come close: All three “Star Wars” prequels won Razzies, but couldn’t win any of their combined five technical Oscar bids and Razzie champ “Armageddon” lost all four of its Oscar races.

Conversely, “The Godfather: Part III” lost all seven of its Oscar nominations but despite the prestige of being a Best Picture nominee it won two Razzies: Worst Supporting Actress and Worst New Star for Sofia Coppola, who later redeemed herself as a film director and won Oscar in 2003 for her “Lost in Translation” screenplay.

There have been many instances of Oscar winners inciting the wrath of Razzie voters, and two did it in the same year: Sandra Bullock was the Best and Worst Actress of 2009 for “The Blind Side” and “All About Steve” respectively. And Brian Helgeland was recognized for two screenplays in 1997: “L.A. Confidential” at the Oscars, “The Postman” at the Razzies.

It’s rarer for the same achievement to be divisive enough to receive nominations at both events, but even that feat has been repeated more often than a film winning Razzie and Oscar. Amy Irving was a Best and Worst Supporting Actress nominee for “Yentl,” whose original score was an Oscar-winner and a Razzie nominee. And James Coco earned supporting bids from both groups for “Only When I Laugh.”

Diane Warren has managed double nominations twice: for writing the love-them-or-hate-them songs “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” (“Armageddon”) and “How Do I Live” (“Con Air”).

So will “Lone Ranger” be awarded among both the best and worst in film? Not according to our racetrack odds, which forecast shutouts at both events. It ranks last in both of its Oscar categories, and its best chance at the Razzies is Worst Remake, Ripoff, or Sequel, where it’s in second place behind “Grown Ups 2.”

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