If you could guarantee a tie in any Oscar category, which would it be?

There have only been six ties in Oscar history, but one of those was just last year when “Skyfall” and “Zero Dark Thirty” both won Best Sound Editing.

This year there has already been one improbable tie on the awards circuit: “Gravity” and “12 Years a Slave” sharing Best Picture at the Producers Guild Awards.

The Oscars has ruled out allowing for such a tie in its Best Picture race (as explained here) but in an especially competitive year, are you hoping for ties in any other categories when the academy announces its final choices on March 2?

I myself am hopelessly torn over Best Actress. I admire three performances just about equally: Amy Adams in “American Hustle,” Cate Blanchett in “Blue Jasmine,” and Sandra Bullock in “Gravity.” External factors knock Bullock down a peg for me – I’d rather pretend she won her other Oscar for “Gravity” than have her win a second – which leaves Adams and Blanchett.

Adams gives my favorite performance in “Hustle” and should have won at least one of her four previous nominations – in particular “Junebug” (2005), her very first bid. And the chameleonic Blanchett, already on her sixth nomination at age 44, could be her generation’s answer to Meryl Streep and deserves a second Oscar as much as anyone, especially for her tricky, brittle performance as a socialite out of touch with reality. So I say just give it to both of them.

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Our forum posters are discussing which ties they’re rooting for. Read some of their responses and then comment below with your choices:

SxECanadianFanSxE: I would choose best director and give it to Alfonso Cuaron and Martin Scorsese.

Halo_Insider: I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a tie between “12 Years a Slave” and “Before Midnight” in Adapted Screenplay. There’s also “The Wind Rises” and “Frozen” in Animated Feature. Each seem to have the critical praise that justify a win in the category.

Espeon: Best Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor & Leonardo DiCaprio (mainly just to see the internet go nuts).

thesmartone: I think this is the first year in the last couple years where I personally wouldn’t choose anyone to tie. If I HAD to choose one, it would be a tie between Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock, but other than that nothing comes to mind.

pacinofan: If I could only choose one Best Actor I would go with Matthew McConaughey, but I would be happy for Leonardo DiCaprio to win too so both actors would be winning for the best performances they have yet given in their careers.

delerian: Best Picture, of course. A 9-way tie. And make everybody come up to the stage at the same time!

Renaton: That orgy between all BP nominees does sound interesting.

Eddy Q: Also would’ve gone for “Act of Killing”   “Stories We Tell,” except the latter shockingly wasn’t nominated by the documentary branch.

I feel your pain, Eddy Q. I feel your pain.

Who do you think is going to win Best Actress? Vote below using our easy drag-and-drop menu. Come back and change your predictions as often as you like till Oscar night, March 2.

19 thoughts on “If you could guarantee a tie in any Oscar category, which would it be?

  1. If you have a tie in this case for best picture,pick from the other seven pictures most likely “American Hustle” will be selected for best picture.I serious thing at the end when they call out best picture there won’t be NO tie anymore.The Academy won’t let that happen.

  2. Can Dicaprio and Ejifor both win please? Joaquin Phoenix and Oscar Isaac both gave better performances but since they are not nominated I can settle for a tie with the two nominees

  3. Sandra Bullock can be the only “tie” in the Best Actress category. I would prefer she wins by herself but a tie with Cate would be fine. How you can kick her down a notch below “I must be in every movie possible until I win an Oscar Adams” is beyond me. “Gravity” is a one woman show. Sandra is the heart of it. Adams is just one piece of an ensemble. And worry not. I guarantee Adams will be in 6 or 7 films this year for which she will surely garner awards attention for.

  4. I can really see a tie between Lupita Nyong’o and Jennifer Lawrence for Supporting Actress, so I’ll guarantee that. For the record, I do not see the possibility of Amy Adams winning Best Actress, alone or alongside Cate Blanchett. Her performance in the film is not worthy to win the Oscar and I don’t care if Sony Pictures are desperately hoping a big win for Hustle, a win for Adams is not going to happen. I’d give it a few more years for when her winning an Oscar can actually happen.

  5. Cate Blanchett has her Oscar in her designer bag since July but I’d be happy if there will be a tie between Amy and Cate. Her performance in Hustle is my favorite too. Often times she is sidelined by her female co-stars in every movie she’s in. Remember Melissa Leo in The Fighter? i actually liked her performance, a character with a subtle power and influence in the film. She always play that kind of roles. Last year in The Master, she was the backbone of the film, exuding authority through out without being too showy. and yet again this year, she was outpowered by a brazzenly played character of Lawrence but I didnt like Jennifer i thought the role is too old for her. I hope Amy the best.

  6. Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock. I didn’t want either of their films to end because I wanted to know what was next for both of their characters after the credits rolled. That’s a sign of great performances.

  7. No way for the Best Actress tie to happen. Cate gave truly a performance of a lifetime that would have prevailed even if she had been nominated in any of the last 4-5 years. Everybody was talking how Amy Adams is so weak in the film and now all of a sudden after her nom people want her for the win, yeah, right.

  8. Oh please, the only people who want to see Amy Adams win are her fanatics. And Gold Derby is trying to make something out of nothing – so they can increase traffic to their site.

  9. As I posted in the comments yesterday, as long as there’s an even number of ballots there’s always a VERY SLIM possibility of a tie for Best Picture (though less than in other categories), even AFTER all the reallocations discussed in yesterday’s article. If exactly 1/2 of the ballots list one film ahead of the other (and vice versa) and those are the LAST two after all the reallocations, there MUST be a tie. IMO that would make more sense than any of the acting categories.

  10. A JLaw-Lupita tie won’t happen because they won’t give JLaw Oscar No. 2 so soon after Oscar No. 1. Look at Katharine Hepburn’s career: Most of her career-defining roles came in the years between “Morning Glory” (premature and definitely NOT her) and “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” (the ONLY one of her four Oscar winners to get ANY consideration from critics as even CLOSE to her best). And Cate Blanchett has been leading wire-to-wire; there’s NO way she could lose Best Actress to Sandra Bullock, even if Gravity wins Best Picture & Best Director.

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