Gold Derby odds predicted 22 of 24 Oscar winners

Had you gone with the frontrunners at Gold Derby, you would have scored 22 out of 24

Take a closer look at the Gold Derby odds generated by the thousands of predictions made by our Experts, Editors, Top 24 Users from last year and All Users and you will see that only a few trophies were really up for grabs. 

This awards season went on for so long that it seemed that the Oscars were all figured out. And, remarkably, they truly were.Twenty of the 24 categories had a runaway frontrunner. Indeed, Gold Derby as a whole got only two categories wrong:

Best Animated Short: Third place “Mr. Hublot” triumphed over overwhelming frontrunner “Get a Horse!”; and 

Best Live-Action Short: “Helium” rose above “The Voorman Problem.” While our Experts and Users predicted “The Voorman Problem,” the favorite among the editors was “Helium.” Had you gone with the consensus choices of the editors, you would have scored a near-perfect 23 categories correct.

Last year, if you had gone with the Gold Derby favorites, you would have gotten only 17 out of 24. And in 2011, you would have fared slightly better with 18 out of 24. 

One thought on “Gold Derby odds predicted 22 of 24 Oscar winners

  1. It’s interesting that in a year many of us thought had so many close races, there were almost NO upsets! I took some chances on Gold Derby, but used Gold Derby’s predictions at an Oscar party contest, minus substituting “Helium” for “Voorman”, which I knew wouldn’t win and I scored a 23/24! People thought I was a genius, haha. Incredible Gold Derby year. Won me a trip to Vegas, thanks 🙂

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