‘Project Runway’ poll: Which top 5 designer deserves to WIN?

Season 13 of “Project Runway” is getting down to the wire, and Kini Zamora leads our users’ predictions with 7/2 odds (click here for our complete predictions), but does he really deserve to win?

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Kini has certainly been a judges’ favorite. After a slow start, he began consistently finishing among the top contestants in design challenges, including three wins in the last four weeks. Two of those victories were for arguably the most difficult tasks: the avant-garde “Rainway” challenge, and the “American Girl” children’s wear challenge.

But Sean Kelly has also won three times, though one of those challenges – the Rock Wedding – probably should have gone to Kini, since Sean accepted credit for half of Kini’s work; Sean got a taste of his own medicine last week during another team challenge, where this time he had to help a struggling Char Glover finish her work and then assist her during her grueling tie-breaker against Korina Emmerich.

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Amanda Valentine won two challenges early in the season. She hasn’t won any of the last seven, but like Kini, she has only finished among low scorers once to date. She competes in season 13 after having been eliminated in season 11, so she has certainly made the most of her second chance.

Char and Emily Payne are the only remaining contestants who haven’t won any design challenges yet. Char has frequently struggled, but she seems to be untouchable. She was eliminated once and rescued by the Tim Gunn Save. She narrowly avoided elimination again after Gunn intervened on her behalf following a wardrobe disaster. And she overtook Korina during last week’s elimination tie-breaker. But does she deserve to win?

And what about Emily, one of this season’s most under-the-radar contestants? According to our users, she’s the likeliest to be eliminated this week with 3/1 odds. Does she deserve better? Has she been unfairly overlooked?

Vote in our poll below, then click here to make or edit your predictions for who will win this season.

4 thoughts on “‘Project Runway’ poll: Which top 5 designer deserves to WIN?

  1. Four out of the five finalist are all worthy of winning Project Runway (with the exception of Char). I was so happy that arrogant, self serving bitch Korina was eliminated last week. You could see that one coming …

  2. Sean designed that top in the team challenge. Kini only sewed it. This isn’t a sewing challenge show, it’s a design challenge show. Sean is quite capable of sewing well, there is no question of that. People seem to like Kini because he sews fast, but he isn’t even using his extra time to be inventive or do something unexpected. That is totally wasteful.

  3. I honestly am just glad that Korina did not win it. I’d be happy with any of the other designers to win because they’re all super talented and I love em all. Personally, I think Kini or Sean should win because they’re so innovative, especially in their Rainway outfits. YAAAAAS.

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