‘Project Runway’ recap: Storage war leads to head-to-head face-off and bitter exit

This week’s “Project Runway” took a page out of the “Storage Wars” playbook: the remaining six designers split into teams of two to create cohesive collections from the unusual materials in mystery storage lockers they bid on. But it turned into a real battle when the judges added a last-minute twist: the bottom two designers were given an impromptu tie-breaker to decide who would stay and who would go.

What do you think about this week’s result? Should it have been Korina or Char on the chopping block? Respond in our poll below, then predict who will be eliminated next in our ‘Project Runway’ contest here.

‘Project Runway’ Poll: Should Korina Emmerich get over herself?

With just three weeks to go until the finale, Ryan Lapierre has racked up a solid lead among our users predicting the outcome of each episode. He has done well foreseeing who will win each week’s challenge and who will get bounced.

This week was a tough one as Korina Emmerich and Char Glover wound up at the bottom for their designs – Korina for a Southwestern-style look that was too busy and Char for a mesh dress that was too simplistic and derivative. Unable to reach a decision about the week’s poorest designer, the judges gave them just one hour to create a new look with the help of their challenge teammates.

Perhaps last week’s victory went to Korina’s head. Having won twice and considering Char an inferior designer, she may have thought herself invincible for the week, and she had nothing but confidence going into the runway show. Meanwhile, Char struggled with the construction of her garments and greatly leaned on Sean for help.

While Char won this challenge, our users are predicting her to be cut next. Click on the chart to the right to see our odds for the next elimination as well as the winner of that challenge and the ultimate champ. 

Korina had assumed her competitors were shocked by her elimination, perhaps having forgotten that Sandhya Garg was also recently sent home after having won two challenges. Char chuckled at the indirect insult, but when she defended herself, Korina snapped back, “This isn’t about you!”

Korina, having won the previous challenge, and another before that, was offended by the indignity of having to battle against Char, who had already been eliminated once and was rescued by Tim Gunn last week when a zipper on her garment busted. The pressure of an unexpected 60-minute design challenge brought out the worst in her. She and her model trash-talked Char so aggressively that even Korina’s tie-breaker assistant Emily Payne didn’t want to help her anymore.

‘Project Runway’ recap: Designers find their muse, Tim Gunn makes two controversial calls

Char kept it simple, using an easy blue fabric to create a dress with the help of Sean Kelly that the judges thought was runway-ready. Korina’s ambitious, graphic design was impressive given her time constraints, but they decided that Char had clearly created the stronger, smarter, more complete look and sent Korina home, leading to the most defiant exit since Carrie Sleutskaya left in a huff in week two.

18 thoughts on “‘Project Runway’ recap: Storage war leads to head-to-head face-off and bitter exit

  1. Korina has the worst attitude. She is so cocky and overly confident. I am glad she was eliminated!! Tim Gunn was entitled to use his save as he pleased. I dislike hypocrites. If the designers did not want Char to have more time to fix the zipper they should have said no!

  2. Korina is unbelievably rude. And thinks too highly of herself. I don’t think Char will ultimately make it to fashion week- but did think her blue dress was better than Korina’s blocked dress. The only reason Tim wanted 10 more minutes for Char last week was to protect the woman modeling the outfit and not have her exposed. It wasn’t a “save”. Korina is mean.

  3. First, let me congratulate Char!!! You were focused, cool and collected under pressure!
    Another deserved “you’re out” for the season! Sore loser Korina was sent packing because she has an ugly heart and is a self-righteous person, of which these negative qualities manifested in her average and dated creation this week. When given a second opportunity to perform, her arrogance and ego blinded her from producing. That’s why Char deservedly advanced to the next round of the competition tonight. While Korina was busy tearing down the competition (seen week after week) she was slowly sabotaging herself. Funny how that works! Korina, some new qualities to work on: humility, respect constructive criticism from those who are qualified and willing to give you their expert critique, and treat people with good old fashioned human kindness. I agree with Jonathan G, Char may not make it to Fashion Week, but what a positive spirit and personality she has, and with these qualities, she will go far. She will be willingly mentored by others because of her personable and gracious attitude. Good riddance Korina! Tomorrow it will be Korina who?

  4. I am so happy for Char! Although I do think she has to work on some of her technical skills, and she may not necessarily make it to fashion week, I definitely think she deserved today’s win. On the other hand, I have been wanting Korina to go home for a very long time. From day one, she has dissed everyone– every moment she has had the chance to fling something negative she has, all the while tooting her own horn. I knew that her arrogance and ego would get in the way of her designing something well and she went down in flames for it. I am glad that Emily said what she did about not wanting to help her due to her negativity. The fact that her negative attitude was also affecting the model just goes to show that the model lost her chance too. I am also glad Char stood up for herself. And to think that she told Amanda, to her face, that she was not genuine! Ha!

  5. Korina what aspoiled brat and a sore loser you are. As long as you was wining the game was fair. But if someone else won a challenge it wasn’t. You showed your TRUE colors. The things you said about char turned. On you. Instant karma got you.Your yapper sealed your fate.

  6. hey korina you definitely deserved to be eliminated! thinking that you are far more superior than char doesn’t define you as a good designer,you bitch!
    try to practice humility and you will go far!

  7. Project Runway is NOT a personality competition. Korina may be a bad person, but she’s clearly, CLEARLY, a better designer than Char. Char shouldn’t have been Tim Gunn saved. She really looks like a good, nice person, but she need a lot more experience to be on the same level as the other designers, including some of the eliminated. And all of you saying that is good that Korina was eliminated are as spiteful as her. It looks like the judges are keeping Char to make it look like Tim made a good decision. Being honest I think Tim was not very helpful in season 12, and he’s even worse now.

  8. I’m glad Char moved on to the next round.. Clearly, she still needs some more experience in construction of garments but her beautiful heart affects everyone around her positively. I love her and hope she works harder on her craft in order to become a great designer! Korina on the other hand, nasty nasty attitude and sense of entitlement. What a freak brat! She talks so much smack about everyone else’s designing skills and feels she is superior to everyone else. She even said something nasty to one of the nicest contestant in the history of the show, Amanda Valentine, just because the judges loved her style… Bad manners doesn’t get you anywhere. And yeah Korina, your design aesthetics sucks! I would never buy or wear your stuff..eww

  9. The idea, broadcast mostly by Korina herself, that Korina is a better designer than Char was always a fiction. Korina had trouble focusing through most of the contests, and barely made it to the runway with finished outfits on more than one occasion. Char nearly won at least one week, to be beaten by Sandiya for reasons known only to the Project Runway judges themselves (Tim Gunn clearly never understood their odd fascination with what most critics outside Runway considered amateurish designs). In the end, Korina was bested in a one-on-one contest by none other than Char. Karma lives.

  10. Come on, it’s not like Korina was all that great to begin with. Of the remaining contestants, if she hadn’t been cut this week, she would probably have been gone next week. She is not on the same level as Kini, Sean, Emily or even Amanda.

  11. Korina was a bad sport. However, Char should not have made it this far. She should not have gotten the extra time last week and Tim (who I love!) put everyone on the spot with the “Can Char get 10 extra minutes?” fiasco. There have been some sub-par designers this season and Kini/Sean/Amanda are by far the best… no contest really.

  12. Korina was robbed. I have to say that despite her attitude, I totally agree with her. This is not a personality contest. Char has been given multiple chances that none of the other designers have gotten. She has never won a challenge. Nothing she has done has stood out. Korina at least has a signature and a somewhat unique voice. This was not right at all.

  13. korina (Her name doesn’t even deserve a capital letter!) She held Char in utter contempt! She felt this girl was beneath her, in every way. Which is why she could not help her in the next challenge. She was livid! I mean how could she work for someone she construed an underling wretch? What would that then make her in comparison? She is obviously that girl who’s parents never told her no and who walked out into the world thinking it bowed before her! I mean how dare anyone not see her INCREDIBLE talent righttt? k sore loser is a south western quilt stitching one trick pony! Take the Navajo out of her trick bag and she had nothing else left to fall back on. That cape was an old fuddy duddy Mrs. Doubtfire garb and the 80’s red shiny lipstick and hat looks like it came out of one of my late 70’s old cosmo mags in the garage! Her look was garbage and THAT aesthetic matched her attitude quite nicely! You will never get ahead in life by playing mean and dirty, NEVER!!!

  14. At this point, everyone who commented took all the words out of my mouth but….korinna, you need to get some humility back into your spirit, because with your attitude the fashion world will eat you alive! Can’t remember the last time anyone on that show was so arrogant, disrespectful, rude and full of themselves. Sorry, but I hated your look. Yes, you won the other week (not too many thought you should have by the way) but like in any job today, “you are as good as your work TODAY, not yesterday”. Char shouldn’t have made it this far, but boy Korinna was I cheering for you to leave that stage this week!!!

  15. Out of 13 seasons, Korina may have the ugliest exit ever. She has no class and clearly a spoiled brat. Whoever believes Korina is a better designer over Char is delusional. She had a second chance to create a new look in one hour and failed. Like Heidi said, she didn’t make smart choices. She chose the wrong fabric and her dress was unfinished. Char may not be the best designer there, but she’s a fighter with class. I think Korina forgets she’s on national t.v. I can’t wait to see how she spins it in the reunion episode.

  16. She actually resented Char because of the Tim Gunn save. What about winners getting immunity? I want to see the uncut version of this episode. I”m sure they edited out a lot more crap of Korina.

  17. KORINA IS GONE…I will not miss her arrogance and immaturity. A designer is more than pins and fabric. One must also be good with people and following the rules of the game. Char did not make the rules and is not Korina’s enemy. Korina is her own worst enemy and she should grow up and realize that.

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