‘Project Runway’ Poll: Does Char really belong in final four?

Char Glover has seemed impervious to elimination this season on “Project Runway.” Now, after repeatedly dodging the axe, she has reached the final four. But does she really deserve her spot?

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She was eliminated after a disastrous “Rock Wedding” challenge only to be rescued by the Tim Gunn Save. And for the last three weeks in a row, she has narrowly escaped elimination despite being in the bottom two.

The judges hated her design for the “Muse on the Street” challenge, but they might have hated it even more if Tim Gunn hadn’t again stepped in on her behalf, asking her fellow contestants if they would give her extra time to repair a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction. Gunn explained the mitigating circumstances to the judges, but they sent home the other low-scoring contestant, Alexander Knox, anyway.

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For “Highest Bidder,” the judges struggled to decide who to send home: Char or Korina Emmerich. It came down to a head-to-head 60-minute tie-breaker, but Korina was blinded by her resentment and bombed the impromptu challenge, so Char lived to design another day.

This past week, the judges agreed that Kini Zamora, Sean Kelly, and Amanda Valentine were clearly worthy of advancing to the finals, but debated whether Char or Emily Payne – or neither of them – should join the top flight of designers. It was another close call, but Char survived yet again.

Char is the only final-four designer who never won a challenge. She has finished among the highest scorers only twice this season, and among the finalists, she has spent the most weeks at or near the bottom of the judges’ scores: four, including the week she was eliminated. Meanwhile, Korina and Sandhya Garg had won two challenges apiece but were sent home anyway.

What do you think of Char’s work? Does she deserve to be in the finals? Can she even pull off a stunning upset and win the season? She ranks last in our users’ predictions with 9/2 odds (click here for complete stats), and according to our recent poll (click here to vote), less than 2% of readers believe she deserves the prize. Take our latest poll below, then click here predict who will win “Project Runway.”

2 thoughts on “‘Project Runway’ Poll: Does Char really belong in final four?

  1. Char Glover received the Tim Gunn save at Heidi Klum’s behest. Heidi is a racist. She was married to a black man and has black children with him. Therefore, she bends over backwards to give second chances to black contestants. Char did not deserve the save; she didn’t deserve extra time to fix her garment’s zipper and she sure as hell did not deserve to be anywhere near Fashion Week runway. If minorities are going to rise and prosper it will be on the merits of their own talent and accomplishments, like Kini Zamora, for example. It will not be because guilt ridden reverse racist white idiot gives them handouts, leg ups, extra time, second chances, etc. That only makes other people believe that people of color are feeble, helpless and nowhere without whitey’s help. Char’s advancement makes a mockery of real black accomplishment.

    1. first of all you’re an idiot, with your revisionist definition of the word racist. It kills me that people who barely have any experience with racism wants to define it for people who experience it pretty much on a daily basis. I don’t know what your nationality or ethnicity is but you reek of that problem “white privilege” What is that you ask? It’s the audacity to say some bullshit like ” If minorities are going to rise and prosper” Oh thank you O’mighty white one for your explanation on how to prosper for us feeble and helpless minorities. Would you be all hot and bothered if your choice was saved??? The fact that there are idiots like yourself that has to include color in everything is the reason that others points of view is so blaringly absent.

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