‘Project Runway’ poll: Which ousted designer do you wish you could bring back?

This season of “Project Runway” has been all about second chances – and sometimes third chances. But not everyone has gotten the benefit of the doubt. Which eliminated designer do you think most deserves another shot at the competition?

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At the very start of the competition, Amanda Valentine was brought back to the series by viewer votes after having been eliminated in season 11, and now she’s in the top five. Char Glover, has had even more chances. She was the recipient of the Tim Gunn Save, and then another, more indirect save a few weeks later when she had a last-minute zipper catastrophe.

I bet Korina Emmerich wishes she had another chance. After winning two challenges, she resented having to face off against Char in a head-to-head tie-breaker for elimination, which she lost, and she left the show indignantly.

Sandhya Garg was also sent home after winning a pair of challenges, though she was much more diplomatic during her exit. The controversial designer had her ups and downs with the judges and with her fellow competitors. Did her quirky signature styles get a fair shake?

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Alexander Knox was far from a judges’ favorite – he never won a challenge and only finished among the top designers once in his 10 episodes – but he reached the top seven despite being the youngest contestant at age 22, and according to our recent reader poll and “Project Runway’s” own Fan Favorite surveys, he was beloved by viewers. Perhaps Tim Gunn should have saved his Save for him.

And what about earlier ousted contestants like outraged Carrie Sleutskaya, homesick Fade Zu Grau, or flustered Angela Sum? Was your favorite sent away too soon?

Vote in our poll below: Which eliminated contestant would you most like to bring back? Then click here or use our drag-and-drop menu below to predict this week’s show.

4 thoughts on “‘Project Runway’ poll: Which ousted designer do you wish you could bring back?

  1. Its too bad that the contestants cannot use their right of defending their designs. Korina Emmeric should not have been eliminated because she spoke her mind to the judges. Are they god or something. We all have the right of free speech. She was eliminated because she pissed off the judges. Her design was very well done. She had won two challenges. Char on the other hand only did a small part of the 3 garments in the duo challenge, and she was given many chances in the competition. Her sewing skills are not very good.

  2. Char started strong in this competition, but then she got lost a little bit. Korina won twice, but she was also at the bottom many times. Regardless of the result, Korina’s attitude was very immature and mean, typical of a bad loser.

  3. If I were Korina’s parents, I’d be appalled by her behavior. She may have gotten shafted, but her immaturity was revolting. Life sometimes deals you some disapppointments, K. You’ve got to conduct yourself with more dignity and self-respect than that. I hope one day, she’ll look back and be ashamed of her behavior.

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