SAG Awards nominations: Good (Tatiana Maslany), bad (Matt Bomer) & ugly (‘Good Wife’ cast snub)

It seems like a long time ago since the Emmyss, so hooray for another batch of TV kudos for our awards-obsessed editors of Gold Derby. Now that the Screen Actors Guild Award nominations have been unveiled, here are our collective thoughts on the highs, lows and everything in between for the SAG announcement. 

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Tatiana Maslany (“Orphan Black”) and Uzo Aduba (“Orange is the New Black”) break into the Female Drama and Comedy races. I can’t decide which is more awesome so I’ll just call this a tie. And then there was the nomination for William H. Macy (“Shameless”) – well done, SAG TV. – Ralph Galvan

SAG voters have been remarkably boring over the last few years, but this year they at least tried to mix it up, especially in its Female Actor categories. Tatiana Maslany! Uzo Aduba! Viola Davis! I’m also surprised to see a re-invigorated Homeland still in the nominees list, even though many have written it off. – Rob Licuria

I’m really glad to see both “Orange is the New Black” and “Veep” nominated for their casts. Both shows have magnificent ensembles and it is always great to see the whole group get some collective recognition. – Charles Bright

I am beyond excited to see the veteran Richard Jenkins for “Olive Kitteridge“, who gave an incredible performance (alongside co-star Frances McDormand, who is also deserving but expected). Welcome back, Amy Poehler! – Chris Beachum

Viola Davis has been one of my favorite actors for the last 10 years, so it’s exciting to see her not only given a great showcase role on “How to Get Away with Murder,” but recognized for it immediately in the cutthroat Best Drama Actress race. – Daniel Montgomery

True Detective” being snubbed for a TV Drama Ensemble nomination was the right move by SAG. The show was not known for its ensemble, but rather its two stars who did end up reaping noms: Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. – Marcus Dixon

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Poor Matt Bomer. What does he have to do to get his well deserved hardware for his transformative and heartbreaking performance on The Normal Heart? That category in particular is missing a few names that made me look twice. Fail. – Rob Licuria

No, “The Crazy Ones” wasn’t his best role, but it would have been nice to see Robin Williams receive a nomination as a tribute to the late comedian. – Daniel Montgomery

I hate not seeing Allison Tolman (“Fargo”), Jeff Daniels (“The Newsroom“), or anybody from “Mad Men” or “The Americans” (especially Matthew Rhys) – Chris Beachum

As wonderful as it is seeing Uzo Aduba (“Orange is the New Black”) receive a nomination, it’s unfortunate that other newbies couldn’t get their time in the spotlight. Where is predicted winner Jeffrey Tambor (“Transparent”), scene-stealer Clive Owen (“The Knick”) or comeback kid Lisa Kudrow (“The Comeback”)? – Marcus Dixon

What does Jeffrey Tambor have to do to get some proper recognition from his peers? Not only was he predicted to get nominated for TV Comedy Actor for his role in “Transparent” but he was predicted to win the award as well. But alas, Tambor was not nominated for his amazing performance. Do the nominating members of SAG really expect us to believe that the same old antics of Eric Stonestreet (“Modern Family“) and Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory“) were more deserving of recognition than Tambor’s groundbreaking work? – Charles Bright

Allison Janney is a proven favorite amongst her peers (see: six Emmy awards) but she couldn’t even squeeze past some “her again?” nominees to land a nomination for her hilarious work in “Mom”? Bad, SAG. Just … bad. – Ralph Galvan

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Name recognition still rules at SAG. Everyone rightly adores Maggie Smith (“Downton Abbey“) and Ellen Burstyn (“Flowers in the Attic“), but does anyone think they gave better performances than Keri Russell (“The Americans“), Lizzy Caplan (“Masters of Sex“), or Allison Tolman (“Fargo“)? – Daniel Montgomery

I feel like I say this every year, but the fact that there is no ensemble prize for TV Movie/Miniseries is a mystery that needs to be rectified ASAP. Please? – Marcus Dixon

Once again, SAG has shown that when it comes to the television categories, there needs to be a complete overhaul in terms of how those honors are bestowed. The fact that there are absolutely no supporting categories is bad enough since it forces someone like Uzo Aduba (“Orange is the New Black”) to compete against people who dominate an entire series like Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep”). But it gets even worse when you see that there’s no prize for the cast of a TV movie or miniseries. Please address this SAG and preferably sooner rather than later. – Charles Bright 

I like seeing the new blood in the Comedy Ensemble category but how can any TV Ensemble award not nominate the best ensemble in all of TV: the cast of “Shameless”? In what was the shows best season to date the actors each stepped up their game with difficult and captivating individual storylines which they displayed impeccably each episode. I’m glad for the Macy nom but this is more than a one man show (if anything it’s criminally ignored Emmy Rossum’s show). – Ralph Galvan

You know it’s coming: The Good Wife deserves better than a single nomination for SAG catnip (and thoroughly deserving) Julianna Margulies. It’s the best show on TV. It’s the best ensemble on TV. Period. It’s hard to quibble with what is in the list – all worthy ensembles. But it stings to see such a great show forgotten, especially after another strong start to season six and the last half of its hallmark season five. – Rob Licuria

6 thoughts on “SAG Awards nominations: Good (Tatiana Maslany), bad (Matt Bomer) & ugly (‘Good Wife’ cast snub)

  1. I agree that it is a shame that Matt Bomer won’t get the recognition that he deserves for the Normal Heart. It was a remarkable performance.

  2. I’ll chime in with Rob Licuria: It’s a shame that Matt Bomer didn’t get recognized by SAG for his wonderful work in ”The Normal Heart” (even though Mark Ruffalo did). As Marcus Dixon suggests, there oughta be an Ensemble award for TV Movie/Miniseries, which ”The Normal Heart” rightfully would’ve won. (Can you guys ask the SAG honchos why there isn’t such an award?) … (I hope Bomer wins a Golden Globe.)

    And what does Katey Sagal gotta do to get noticed for ”Sons of Anarchy”? Should its writers create an
    episode where she does all the fights and action sequences, so she can be included in the SAG nomination for Stunt Ensemble? 😉

  3. I was really mad about the omissions of Martin Freeman and Allison Tolman for Fargo, and the cast of Masters of Sex. Even though I’m a Homeland fangirl, I would much rather have seen Masters of Sex get that spot over Homeland. But seriously, no Martin Freeman? I am fuming over that. One thing they got incredibly right was Boardwalk Empire and Steve Buscemi. Boardwalk Empire is going to win thanks to their great new cast members who played all the flashback scenes. They were all so completely believable portraying the younger counterparts of the cast.

  4. Matt Bomer’s performance in “The Normal Heart” was breathtaking and heartbreaking. What seemed unbelievable to me is what he did to prepare for the role of “Felix Turner” I read or heard on TV, that he had to lose 40 pounds and live in isolation for several weeks! His performance was as good or better than any other actor, at least as good as Mark Ruffalo: who had an amazing performance, too. I am sad that “Whitem Collar” is going off the air. I love his character, Neil Caffrey, a role he was born to play. I am anxious to see him in movies or on a another series. I am also very angry that he did not get the part of Christian Grey in “50 Shades”. And even angrier when I read the reason why! Roles shouldn’t be refused to anyone based on sexual preferences. He is gorgeous and charming, no matter whom he prefers. I am really pulling for him to get a Golden Globes nod.

  5. And another ugly – Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates weren’t nominated for American Horror Story: Freak Show. :/ And another thing – Maggie Smith delivered such a strong performance in the 5th season of Downton Abbey, she deserves every single nomination she gets. Period. I also agree that The Good Wife has always been badly mistreated, at least The Globes gave them 3 nominations.

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