Poll: What’s the WORST television SAG Awards win of past 10 years?

While the SAG Awards tend to get things right on the film side, the winners of their television races — particularly over the past 10 years — are sometimes dubious head-scratchers. This year was no exception. [Vote below in our poll for SAG’s worst TV win.]

Our Editor Rob Licuria took issue with “Modern Family” winning its fourth consecutive comedy ensemble award and Maggie Smith (“Downton Abbey“) claiming Best TV Drama Actress over Kerry Washington (“Scandal“).

Editor Daniel Montgomery expressed worriment over Helen Mirren (“Phil Spector“) for Best TV Movie/Mini Actress and contributor Riley Chow agreed, saying that she won because of name-checking as did Smith.

Other notable outrages from SAG ceremonies over the past decade include: Alec Baldwin (“30 Rock“) stampeding over his Comedy Actor competitors for seven years in a row (2006 – 2012) and his co-star Tina Fey (“30 Rock”) prevailing four times (2007 – 2009, 2012), “Boardwalk Empire” and its star Steve Buscemi each winning twice for the show’s first two seasons (2010, 2011), Betty White taking home two Comedy Actress trophies for “Hot in Cleveland” (2011-2012), Paul Giamatti  winning for his barely-there performance in “Too Big to Fail” (2011) and “CSI” being named Drama Ensemble (2004).

How do this year’s shockers compare to those of previous ceremonies? Vote now!

14 thoughts on “Poll: What’s the WORST television SAG Awards win of past 10 years?

  1. considering Maggie Smith is 10000X the actress that Kerry Washington could ever be…………. Kerry Washington is not even good in Scandal, there are much better actors on that show.

  2. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin were uncommonly brilliant in their respective roles. An outrage? What television are you watching?!?

  3. I prefer to look at it his way, even though the great Maggie Smith didn’t deserve to win it still doesn’t change that the quite mediocre, bordering on bad Kerry Washington was nominated.

  4. I think the CSI ensemble win is quite a good choice, especially in 2004 with the original cast all there if I am not mistaken. There has been quite good acting on that show, with more than decent character developement than in many contemporary shows. And at least, it’s different from the usual ensemble votes we get here and there, always so predictable.

  5. I haven’t watched Scandal since its first season, but it seems like Kerry Washington gets a lot of extra hype from magazine covers and what she wears. I’m sure she’s a fine actress, but it’s nice to see the Maggie Smiths and Robin Wrights winning without all the hoopla. I just wish Vera Farmiga was recognized for Bates Motel. Helen Mirren at least gave a great shootout to Elisabeth Moss in her win. In the end, the SAG awards is voted by the members of SAG so they should vote for whoever they want to vote for or why would they have their own awards?

  6. I voted for Alec Baldwin, and I’m glad I’m in the plurality. I LOVED 30 Rock, but he didn’t need to win 7 times. There were years toward the end when he didn’t have that much good material and was repeating himself. And thank goodness he and Tina didn’t win for the wrong reasons last night for the last two months of their final season. It’s odd that a popularity contest would reward him so many times. I’m sad to see Betty White’s wins voted 2nd when she is always wonderful to watch winning an award, but sure, her performance isn’t up to par with her past work. As for Modern Family, get over it. It’s so clearly the best ensemble on TV and a true ensemble. At their worst they are funnier and more in sync than any other show on TV. The Big Bang Theory is almost all Jim Parsons — who has consistently been ripped off by Baldwin and arguably Ty Burrell for the disappointing previous season of Modern Family. As for the ensembles, though, MF is far superior to anything else on TV.

  7. I voted Baldwin because of all the people that his constant winning denied deserving praise – first and foremost on that list would be Steve Carrell, but others like Jim Parsons, Louis C.K., and other members of the Modern Family ensemble.

  8. With all the complains I sometimes have about the Emmys results, they are the only Television award that is supposed to be taken seriously. The Globes tend to pick anything new and the SAG picks by using name-checking.

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