Poll: Do ‘Scandal’ and Kerry Washington deserve to win Emmys?

Scandal” just ended its third season as ABC’s highest rated, most talked about drama, averaging around nine million live viewers per episode — it’s around 13 million when you factor in time-shifted viewing. But can it win Best Drama?

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Soap operas don’t usually fare well at the Emmys, but it broke through for the first time last year, earning a Best Drama Actress nomination for star Kerry Washington and winning Best Drama Guest Actor for Dan Bucatinsky, whose character, James Novak, was bumped off this season in a shocking shooting. Washington was subsequently nominated at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards, but didn’t win.

Scandal” was created by Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind “Grey’s Anatomy,” which at the height of its popularity earned two Emmy nods for Best Drama Series (2006-2007), but “Scandal” has yet to break through in the top category.

A lot has changed at the Emmys since “Grey’s” was nominated. Back in 2007, four out of the five contenders for Best Drama came from broadcast networks, but no broadcast show has earned a bid since “The Good Wife” last competed in 2011. Can “Scandal” beat the odds?

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It’s an underdog in the Drama Series race according to our racetrack odds, but Washington is a major contender for Best Drama Actress again this year, ranking third with 5/1 odds. She would be the first black actress ever to win that category.

Now that the season is over, do you think “Scandal” and its star Washington deserve to win Emmys? Vote in our poll and then make your Drama Actress predictions below:

9 thoughts on “Poll: Do ‘Scandal’ and Kerry Washington deserve to win Emmys?

  1. If you are a registered user of Gold Derby and go to “Edit My Profile”, you can input your favourite and least Emmy victories. For the latter, I have: “Dan Bucatinsky wins Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for ‘Scandal’ in 2013.”

  2. I was obsessed with the first two seasons, but this one has been way too over the top. Why is everyone yelling from the minute the episode starts? Why has the dialogue become so theatrical for a TV show all of a sudden (“step into the light with me” …seriously?)? Every episode begins already cranked up to 11 and has no where to go from there. Season 2 was expertly crafted but its gotten a little out of control this go around.

  3. No they do not deserve any Emmys to be honest. I watch the show and while entertaining this show is VERY over the top. It’s very soapy and uses the “last 5 minute gimmick”. I just don’t see anything special about kerry’s performance. Not only is she not given any real Emmy worthy script to perform, she tends to over act(like 99%of the cast). This is coming from a fan of not only the show but Kerry Washington as well. I know she will probably be nominated again but I don’t think she even deserves to be. Tatiana Maslany deserves to take Kerry’s spot. The writing on the show isn’t the best and can be very inconsistent. just my 2 cents.

  4. I’m sorry but the competition is way to high this year. How could you even ask such a question? Its a cheesy soap.. Even in the drama actress category. How can you get in with Danes, Moss, Margulies, Dockery, Farmiga and Lizzy Caplan! No way

  5. While Margulies delivered some good moments this season there’s no other actress this year that could even reach the level Robin Wright has this season on House Of Cards. Her performance would guarantee her an Oscar if House of Cards were a feature film. Seriously, her was a masterclass in sublet, layered, complex acting. This woman can no longer be ignored by awards and I hope her next films will give her the recognition she deserves as one of finest movies actress

  6. No she does not deserve it. Season 3 of Scandal has been awful and Kerry Washington has been mediocre.

    Should be:

    Robin Wright
    Lizzy Caplan
    Keri Russell
    Tatiana Maslany
    Juliana Margulies
    Emilia Clarke
    Claire Danes
    Elizabeth Moss

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