‘Survivor: Cagayan’ betrayal: Cliff Robinson gets 3-to-1 odds to get axed next

Doesn’t seem fair: Cliff Robinson has the best odds to get the boot off “Survivor: Cagayan” this week, according to the latest predictions by Gold Derby’s Users.

How is that possible? Robinson has been a gracious contestant so far this season – kind, jolly and fair to fellow members of the Brawn Tribe. The former pro basketball player has obvious physical skills that may be key to help his team during tough challenges. So why do you think our Users believe he’ll fall prey to devious scheming and betrayal? Share your views in our comments section below or in our lively message boards.

Below are our latest odds on who’ll be eliminated this week. See more “Survivor” odds here. Give us your predictions here and win prizes that include your personal webcam chat with host Jeff Probst plus $100 Amazon Gift Certificate. Check out our leaderboards to see who’s out front and where you fall in our pecking order.

1.) Cliff Robinson – 3/1
2.) Tony Vlachos – 9/2
3.) J’Tia Taylor – 5/1
4.) Lindsey Ogle – 5/1
5.) Trish Hegarty – 17/2
6.) Morgan McLeod – 12/1
7.) Spencer Bledsoe – 14/1
8.) Jefra Bland – 20/1
9.) Latasha “Tasha” Fox – 20/1
10.) Alexis Maxwell – 33/1
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3 thoughts on “‘Survivor: Cagayan’ betrayal: Cliff Robinson gets 3-to-1 odds to get axed next

  1. Survivor is a tricky game, so easy to have the rug pulled from under you. Cliff’s in trouble because he has taken a leadership role, Tony feels on the outs and Tony has a hidden immunity idol. Cliff isn’t thinking strategically and it could cost him the game.

  2. I’m sorry I thought he said ‘Cliff Robertson’.Make sure next time get the person’s name right before printing it.

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