‘Survivor’ poll: Who do you hate most – Morgan, Tony or Kass?

Help, “Survivor” fans! I can’t decide who I loath the most on Cagayan island — and there are too many despicable choices!

When this “Survivor” season began, it was easy. Tony Vlachos exulted in being a plotting, duplicitous creep as he lied to fellow cop Sarah Lacina about Cliff Robinson and Lindsey Ogle conspiring against her. When Tony pledged his undying loyalty to Sarah, he did so on their badges, then snickered privately to TV viewers, “It means nothing. You can swear on your kids, your family, dead grandmother. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s just words.”

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Then Morgan McLeod emerged as a big-boobed, small-brained brat deserving of a special hot place in “Survivor” hell. She established herself early on as lazy, whiny and, worst of all, incompetent. When she opted to go for a chance at an immunity idol instead of a guaranteed extra bag of rice for her tribe, OK, fine, but she screwed that up and didn’t even find the idol. Can’t wait for her to be booted off that isle.

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Now Kass McQuillen is really getting on my nerves. Talk about lazy! To her mind, everybody’s lazy. And they’re suckers, too, if they believe what she says. When she shook hands with Spencer Bledsoe, she confessed to the camera that she didn’t mean it: “We can do our stupid handshake, I don’t care. It’s game on. As long as it’s not me.”

At first I liked Trish Hegarty. Now I find her annoying. Enough! I’m done bitching. Let’s hear your views in the comments section below and please give us your vote in our poll.


3 thoughts on “‘Survivor’ poll: Who do you hate most – Morgan, Tony or Kass?

  1. I am presuming humanity disgusts you because you think Kass has redeeming qualities, and that people are simply choosing Morgan over her because of Morgan’s appearance. I would argue that Morgan is a representation of vanity, selfishness, and entitlement that is all too common in our society, but that her vices come from a culture that has systematically levied privilege upon her shoulders in the form of special attention and favor. Like someone fed chicken mcnuggets their whole life, she cannot possibly understand that her health depends on the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Kass, on the other hand, is a classic bully with a fixed mindset – she lashes out at others when she feels wronged, never (on the show at least) takes responsibility for her mistakes, and calls everyone else stupid while demonstrated very little sense herself. Now, don’t get me wrong – Kass has no doubt learned these behaviors as defenses for her own trials and tribulations in life, and perhaps in court, and is as much a product of her experiences as Morgan. Additionally, the show represents these people in a very contextual way and the characterizations are not necessarily whole or accurate representations of these people. Presuming the show’s characterization is accurate for the purpose of this discussion, however, while Morgan is annoying, Kass is dangerous. If Morgan doesn’t like you she’ll just flop around trying to look smug and attractive, which is only a problem if you’re i) attracted to women and ii) base your arousal purely (or primarily) on superficial elements, in which case Morgan might be able to add some cracks to the foundation of your relationship or take advantage of you. Other than that she is basically harmless to everyone but herself. If Kass doesn’t like you she might rationalize talking shit about you to your boss, or revealing a piece of information about you out of context so that it causes you embarrassment or pain. She admonished Trish for a capacity for hatred while openly demonstrating vendettas against half a dozen people, vendettas based purely on personal dislike.

    My comment ended up longer than I’d intended but suffice it to say that, while I would not be close friends with either Kass or Morgan (or Tony for that matter), I would simply ignore the latter two while I would deliberately avoid joining Kass’ social circle. She’s just too likely to presume a slight over something innocuous, and too willing to act cruelly and maliciously in retribution.

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