‘Survivor: Cagayan’ results: J’Tia Taylor is most-hated castaway

The good news for “Survivor: Cagayan’s” J’Tia Taylor? She’s a nuclear engineer.

The bad news? You just voted her as this season’s most-hated castaway.

Being the most-hated anything is never something to aspire to, but we’re hoping J’Tia takes the [dis]honor in stride. After all, no one made her throw out all of her tribe’s rice. That bit of drama came to her directly from the “Survivor” gods and gave us one of Season 28’s most DVR’ed moments so far. Even if she fails to win the title of Sole Survivor, she’ll still go down in reality TV history for her crazy antics.

J’Tia not only topped our poll for this season’s most-hated castaway with 45% of your vote, but the Brains Tribe‘s resident rice-thrower also has the lowest chance to win “Survivor: Cagayan” with 50/1 odds (tied with Kass McQuillen).

In other words, don’t hold your breath that this Chicago, IL native will make it to the merge, let alone to the finale.

Besides J’Tia, the castaways you also hate include lying cop Tony Vlachos (Brawn Tribe) who received 17% of your votes and rude hairstylist Lindsey Ogle (Brawn Tribe) who reaped 7%.

Do you agree with the results of our poll that J’Tia is this season’s most-hated castaway? Do you think she will go home this week?

You can help influence the weekly vote by logging in to your account, going to your predictions center and clicking on the “Survivor: Cagayan” button. There, you can vote for which tribe you think will come in last during the Immunity challenge and which contestant will be voted out.

The winner of our “Survivor” contest at season’s end will score an exclusive webchat with host Jeff Probst, season finale tickets and a $100 Amazon gift card.

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7 thoughts on “‘Survivor: Cagayan’ results: J’Tia Taylor is most-hated castaway

  1. J’tia is the dumbest person on the show. It’s scary that she works with nuclear material and I live in IL. What happens when she gets mad at work? The other two girls on the brain tribe are stupid as well. Next in line are government workers… cops. Then models come next. Sad when models are smarter than nuclear engineer, lawyer, and the cops.

  2. Before reading this article, I detested J’Tia to pieces! and now I feel justified in my cancer causing hate because most of the viewers agree. Why do I think she is awful? Arrogant, proud, weak, disillusioned (she thinks she got game? lmao) and she looks like a witch. If i saw her in the street, I’d be close to booting her in the ass for being such a loser and bringing down the brains tribe, which I kinda like. Boo J’tia. Youre a fucking inbred, go play with the radiation machine at work, please. signed: all the people in New Zealand

  3. There is a HUGE difference with ‘Book Brains’ and real ‘Brains’. Many academic genius’ are social misfits. and many unintelligent people can be very well liked socially; David Letterman for example. So we cannot really call anyone on the show ‘dumb’ and Crazy jtia said. Thats too broad a meaning. Crazy, you need to be more specific with your words, do you know what a dictionary is? good boy.
    Personally, I think the beauty team has some low-brow folks in it. That blonde is a classic Barbie no brains and Jeremiah is a first class shit-for-brains for blowing the chance to get rid of LJ. You’d have to be an idiot to not want to side with Morgan (such a hot looking woman)
    PS I agree with the below comment too. J’Tia is a disgrace to African-Americans, Americans, Nerds and bascially anyone watching the show. She’s the type of person who would be shunned/ignored by NERDS THEMSELEVES!! thats saying something.. How dare she even dream that she belongs on Survivor? Oh Lord forgive me my harsh judgements. She drives me nuts!!

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