Hey, Emmy voters: Tatiana Maslany deserves some gold for ‘Orphan Black’

One year ago, a little show called “Orphan Black” about a woman playing several clones of herself premiered on BBC America. Its ratings barely made a blip on the TV radar, making it no more relevant to you Emmy voters than an early morning infomercial. But like some infomercials, people started buying in. Today in its second season, that “little show” has become a mainstream hit, skyrocketing star Tatiana Maslany not only into a household name, but TV’s current “It” girl as well. 

Now all that’s left is cloning enough Emmys for Maslany to take home, because let’s be honest here Emmy voters: she not only deserves a Drama Actress nomination (which we are predicting her to get), she deserves the win!

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Not since the days of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” and it’s criminally snubbed star Sarah Michelle Gellar, have we seen an action heroine so universally praised by critics and fans. For the show’s first season, Maslany lost her Golden Globe bid to Robin Wright (“House of Cards“) who is our frontrunner at the Emmys as well but she won Best Drama Actress at the Critics’ Choice TV Awards and the Individual Achievement in Drama prize from the prestigious Television Critics Assn. Among those she beat out for that latter award were three-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) and Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga (“Bates Motel“) who sits right behind her on our Emmy chart. 

And if that’s not enough to convince you voters of her worthiness, let’s remind you of the main reason she’s collected so much praise: Sarah, Beth, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Rachel, Katja, and Jennifer. Yes, that’s eight (so far) clones that Maslany not only brings to life each week, but embodies.

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Though the premise of cloning may seem far fetched and have given reason for you to be dismissive in the past, Emmy voters, that’s not the case this time around. You’ve started to pay attention to shows and performances that are not only considered “hip” and “cool,” but also great. You’ve made room in the Drama category for shows like “Game of Thrones,” nominating some of its stars, and even awarding Peter Dinklage with a very deserved Emmy trophy of his own – for a fantasy show! 

Don’t stop now!

We are starting to believe in you, even as much as we believe that Maslany will give us a knock-out performance, week after week. She has yet to disappoint us, so why should you? You’ve even let her grace the recent cover of your Emmy Magazine, an honor usually reserved for the likes of Jim Parsons, George Clooney and Claire Danes. You’ve welcomed her into that elite club, and now it’s time to welcome her into the Drama Actress race.

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And why wouldn’t you? Maslany is doing what you seem to love most: playing multiple characters.

As Tom O’Neil noted in his book “The Emmys,” “Playing twins – or better – gives voters two or more votes for the price of one, a deal they can’t refuse.” In 2009, Toni Collette won Comedy Actress for playing four different personalities in “United States of Tara.” At the 1977 Emmys, Sally Field won TV Movie Actress for showing us 16 personalities in “Sybil” while Lindsay Wagner pulled off an upset in Drama Actress for her work as twins on “The Bionic Woman.” And over on daytime, Erika Slezak has taken home five Emmys for acting out six personalities on “One Life to Live” while David Canary claimed four for playing twins on “All My Children.” 

So, Emmy voters make sure we hear this name come nomination morning (July 10): Tatiana Maslany. If not, forget the backlash you’ll surely get from the shows rabid fans (aka. #CloneClub) and critics alike, this will be a job for Helena to take care of — and believe us, you don’t want that.

Do you think Maslany will win Best Drama Actress at the Emmys? Cast your ballot by using the easy drag-and-drop menu below. 


4 thoughts on “Hey, Emmy voters: Tatiana Maslany deserves some gold for ‘Orphan Black’

  1. I think vera farmiga, tatiana maslany and claire danes are giving the best performances on television right now and only one of them is getting the recognition, claire danes. Robin wright’s performance in house of cards is consistent, her behavior doesn’t change at all and the same thing happens to julianna margulies. Kerry washington is overtop all the time and it gets tiring watching her every week. There’s always something diferent to expect from vera famiga, claire danes and tatiana maslany that’s why they should be the top favorite

  2. Rachel Nichols, since week 1 of season 2 until now, has sent hellfire drone missiles raining downward on Maslany’s candidacy, proving time and again she’s TV’s best drama series actress, bar none. Eligibility rules preclude Continuum from competing for Emmys or Golden Globes because it’s produced in the wrong country for these nimrod orgs. Canada. It s most telling the Saturn Awards chose to nominate Nichols in best actress (and Erik Knudsen in Supporting Actor along with Continuum for best cable series) and NOT Maslany, or Orphan Black at all. Maslany is a gimmick, with only Mariska Hargitay topping her in Emmy bait-dom.

  3. I have watched 6 Shows on a ‘Guaranteed Weekly’ basis in my life: MASH, Hill Street Blues, 21 Jump Street, NYPD Blue, The Sopranos, and Orphan Black…..For those enough to remeber, I will make an analogy….IF Miss Tatiana Maslany is snubbed by the EMMY Voters this year, it will be the biggest heist in award voting since Tigers 3rd Basemen Aurelio Rodriguez lost the Gold Glove to Brook Robinson in 1975.

  4. With respect, InsuranceGuyPhilly…

    But you come across as someone who has never seen Orphan Black and has decided based on the concept that it must be a gimmick or hokey. In truth, it could have been. With the wrong acting or bad casting choices…it could have turned into a disaster.

    But the writing is sound and clever. And Tatiana Maslany has received accolades for her performances because she is that good. She is that believable in how she seamlessly breathes life into all these unique identities.

    I hope you give it a chance to see that neither she nor the show are in any way gimmick-y and any calls for acknowledgement and awards are to recognize a masterful performance.

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