Poll: Razzie Awards for James Franco and ‘The Interview’? (Cast your vote)

“I saw the initially banned movie ‘The Interview‘ and feel America should be mad at it, too,” Michael Musto writes on Facebook. “The two lead characters are so mentally deficient that the result comes off like ‘Dumb and Dumber’ meets ‘Ishtar’!!! But at least now that the film has been released, it can officially garner awards consideration. And if James Franco doesn’t win the Razzie for Worst Actor, then those awards are more rigged than the North Korean government.”

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While “The Interview” seems to be far from a masterpiece, it’s nonetheless scoring 52 on MetaCritic and 52% percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Those numbers, while middling, are considerably higher than typical Razzie Award contenders. Consider that last year’s Worst Picture, “Movie 43,” scored 18 on MetaCritic and a measly 4% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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However, the Razzies have a noble history of embracing silly, numbskull comedies like “Dumb and Dumber” (one Razzie nomination), “Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd” (3 noms) and even “Ishtar” (3 noms, even one win for Elaine May as Worst Director). James Franco is Razzie royalty, having been nominated for Worst Supporting Actor for stoner comedy “Your Highness.” He shouldn’t feel too bad that he lost — he got skunked by Al Pacino portraying Al Pacino in Adam Sandler‘s numbskull laffter “Jack and Jill,” which was on a Razzie roll in 2011, sweeping 10 categories.

So how will voters respond to “The Interview’s” unique combination of lowbrow content and high-profile context? Will they give it a pass for striking an unintended blow for free speech, or savage it for being unworthy of all the attention in the first place? Or perhaps the film and its performances aren’t bad enough to rise among the ranks of cinema’s worst.

Do you think James Franco should win a Razzie Award, or perhaps one of this year’s other “worthy” candidates? Vote in our poll below.

12 thoughts on “Poll: Razzie Awards for James Franco and ‘The Interview’? (Cast your vote)

  1. Seth Rogen’s character was not stupid.. Dumb article. Ever see Abbot and Costello? Abbot is the “straight” comedy and Costello is the nutty guy. The movie was a mix of Abbot and Costello & The Great Dictator.

  2. I think this is the end should have won a razzie. What a terrible film. I don’t understand why people eat up this idiotic, dumbed down material. These guys aren’t funny they are just sick in their high school mentality and I can’t stand them.

  3. The guy who wrote this article is a fucking asshole!!! James Franco is not just a great and talented actor, but he’s my personal favorite actor! He’s good in any kind of role, whether it be comedic or dramatic. How does getting one damn Razzie nom automatically make him Razzie royalty?! You wanna talk Razzie royalty? Talk about Adam Sandler! Also, did this guy forget about his must deserved Oscar nom for 127 Hours?! As for the movie The Interview, it was hilarious and I along with a packed audience were laughing from start to finish! James Franco was hysterical in that movie and easily stole the show! This guy can just take his biased opinion on James Franco and shove it!!!

  4. what i dont understand is that James Franco was not bad in other movies, but in “the interview”, come on, it’s like he forced himself to be a newbee actor, he sucked so hard

  5. Clearly someone doesn’t understand what Franco was doing in The Interview. He was trying to be ridiculous and have fun with it. Razzie worthy? Not even close. He was funny and entertaining. Adam Sandler should win every Razzie.

  6. I don’t care if the Razzies are being sarcastic or not, but The Interview shouldn’t be nominated for a single category. Just stick those categories with movies that DESERVED to be nominated. If they were to include The Interview, they should nominate the Guardians of POS and North Korean regime for a special category. I wish the Razzies made THAT happen, and then I will respect them way more. I mean, George Bush won TWICE for Fahrenheit 9/11, not that I mean to compare him to the Guardians and the regime, but just pointing out an odd example from the Razzies.

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