Why the Emmys bitchslapped ‘The Normal Heart’: Yes, Hollywood still hates gays

Sure, no town on the planet speaks up louder in support of LGBT rights than Hollywood, but the Emmys just provided (long suspected) proof that many of its leading citizens really don’t mean it. Voters just dealt shocking losses to “The Normal Heart” that were so unjust, offensive, bizarre and ridiculous that the only thing that can explain them is that the ghost of “Brokeback Mountain” homophobia has returned to terrify awardsland.

How could “The Normal Heart” and Matt Bomer have lost Best Screenplay and Supporting Actor? All 14 of the Experts polled by Gold Derby predicted Bomer was a shoo-in. Ten picked “Normal Heart” to snag the scripter’s prize – the other four opted for “Fargo.” “Heart” also seemed to be within striking distance of winning Best Actor (6 out of 14 Experts backed Mark Ruffalo) and Supporting Actress (4 of us picked Julia Roberts). 

Did homophobia crush ‘The Normal Heart’ at the Emmys?

In the end, “The Normal Heart” did prevail as Best Movie, but it lost all of the other top races. It’s as if voters were saying: OK, we’ll acknowledge the fact that this film is universally acclaimed as a modern classic and we’ll give it that Emmy, but no more. Don’t expect us to appreciate a gay actor like Bomer getting naked and intimate. Don’t ask us to embrace the emotional intensity of that script. Don’t ask us to give an Emmy to Julia Roberts or Mark Ruffalo for screaming at straight people like us about failing to address the AIDS crisis in those early years. Can’t we all just go back to giving an Emmy to the likes of Sean Hayes now and then for being a hilariously bitchy queen? That proves that we don’t hate gays! Really!

It’s a miracle Hayes won that Emmy in 2000. Hollywood doesn’t like to give Emmys or Oscars, for that matter, to openly gay actors playing lavender roles. No, winners have to be straight stars who “bravely” assume gay parts, then they can only win an Oscar, for example, if their characters die a hideous death on screen. Think of the gruesome fates of Christopher Plummer in “Beginners” (cancer), Sean Penn in “Milk” (shot), Tom Hanks in “Philadelphia” (AIDS), William Hurt in “Kiss of the Spider Woman” (shot, then body hurled into a dumpster), etc.At the Emmys, voters like their winners to be more like hyper-heterosexual Michael Douglas, who won Best Actor last year for having the “courage” to portray a lecherous, twink-preying Liberace, who ultimately gets his comeuppance when ravaged by AIDS in “Behind the Candelabra,” which won 10 addtional Emmys, including Best TV Movie.

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‘The Normal Heart’ proves Hollywood still hates gays

But Matt Bomer dutifully endures a ghastly death in “Normal Heart” and he’s covered in the same kaposi sarcoma scabs that bespeckled Hanks in “Philadelphia.” Why is that different? Answer: because it’s closer to the truth – more real because Bomer is gay. It’s the same reason Jesse Tyler Ferguson can’t win an Emmy for “Modern Family.” Voters know that he’s gay in real life and they just don’t connect empathetically with him when he bears his aching heart to his stubborn dad, begging him to attend his gay wedding. That was the episode Ferguson submitted to judges this year, a whopper, and he lost to costar Ty Burrell, who dressed up in drag and did a silly stage act in front of coworkers. In previous years, voters gave two Emmys to the star who portrays Ferguson’s lover, Eric Stonestreet, who is straight in real life, of course, and dressed up as Fizbo the Clown in one of his victorious episodes.

In short, Hollywood voters get creeped out if gay films or TV shows are full of seemingly genuine romantic yearning or other raw emotions. Furiously, they turned against “Brokeback Mountain” because those cowboy lovers really seemed to mean it. They crossed a line and the movie’s chutzpah outraged academy members like Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine, who publicly bashed it. Even though Borgnine, as an Oscar voter and winner (“Marty”), had a professional responsibility to watch “Brokeback” before filling out his ballot, he proudly proclaimed, “I didn’t see it and I don’t care to see it . . . If John Wayne were alive, he’d be rolling over in his grave!”

Prior to Oscar night back in 2006, “Brokeback” had won an unprecedented number of precursor awards for Best Picture – 26 – and it seemed destined to take the top Academy Award next. During the ceremony, it even won the two prizes that usually line up with Best Picture – Best Director and Screenplay – but when Jack Nicholson opened up the last envelope of the evening, his bushy eyebrows darted upward as he revealed the champ: “Crash.”

Now, eight years later, it’s curious to note that “The Normal Heart” had reverse luck at the Emmys – it won the top prize, but not the others – while the same message came through at both trophy shows. Voters refused to give those movies the awards they obviously deserved, as if telling the filmmakers: You had the gall to disgust us, to lure us inside your perverted world and try to make us feel it.

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To add insult to injury, voters gave three of “Normal Heart’s” Emmys to one of “Sherlock’s” lesser installments, “His Last Vow,” a trifle with preposterous plot twists (Watson’s lover suddenly decides not to kill her nemesis and shoots Sherlock in the chest instead) and unremarkable, stoic performances. If Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman had been nominated for “The Sign of Three” episode (Watson’s wedding) instead, their Emmy wins over Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer might make some sense, but the fact that “His Last Vow” beat “The Normal Heart” for screenplay and those two acting awards is a nasty bitchslap at great gay drama.

Hollywood was telling Team Ryan Murphy / Larry Kramer: Get back in your closet, boys. You can come out when you’re wearing your Carmen Miranda costumes.

41 thoughts on “Why the Emmys bitchslapped ‘The Normal Heart’: Yes, Hollywood still hates gays

  1. Another point to make — Swank wins the Oscar (rightly so) for playing a Trans man who is raped and murdered meanwhile Huffman loses the Oscar (wrongly so) for playing a Realistic portrayal of a transitioning woman who is finding herself and trying to get understanding from her family, esp. her son. No Oscar for that, instead give it Witherspoon for a nothing special, average role that was kinda supporting…

  2. The EMMYS were so horribly flat at best that I find “homophobic” the wrong adjective! IMO there was not one redeeming quality of that presentation! It had to have some substance in the first place to even have any semblance of thought! YOU ARE GIVING THE ACADEMY WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT! If I were there, I would have called the because MATT BOMER WAS ROBBED! Hopefully Matt will find some comfort in the fact that the entire voting process was a farce!

  3. This well written article speaks thoughts I’m trying to avoid. As much as I hate to admit and I wish I am wrong, Matt Bomer’s losing Emmys is a direct slap in the face of apparent “progress” that we all like believe we are making. The only way I would feel reassured is if I see talented actor like Matt Bomer getting cast in leading men roles. Actors way less talented and good looking than him are getting roles, why not him? Thank god for Ryan Murphy for his fearless and honest casting choices.

  4. Why can’t you just treat the Emmys as what it is? A shallow, self-congratulatory popularity contest with a history of groupthink and tradition. Why read more into it than that? So automatically if gay nominee or gay-themed project loses then it is homophobia? Maybe Sherlock Holmes dude is just the flavor of the week and no better or worse than Mark Ruffalo (who is not gay). Maybe The Normal Heart wasn’t that good and it got the nominations so as to not be accused of homophobia. It won the BIG prize or movie, so…..wouldn’t that be the prize to NOT give it if this were some sort of homophobic conspiracy? Also, what do you mean by “obviously deserved”? It’s completely subjective. Basically, a movie you really liked didn’t win many prizes. I’m black and the Muhammad Ali movie got very few nominations. I say “RACISM!”.

  5. THANK YOU for writing this Tom. The Normal Heart was an Oscar worthy movie. Its rare that a film can shake me to my core the way it did. I can still think of certain scenes and moments and get a chill. Its not that Sherlock is bad (though how the hell a 3 part miniseries is able to submit in the TV movie is beyond me) but The Normal Heart was just in a league of its own this year. Is it because its about a terrible piece of history that is really not many years ago? Is it still too soon for them to support something about a time where they watched friends and co-workers die while our gov. did nothing? I didnt think it would be possible to vote against Matt Bomer or Mark Ruffalo due to the sheer emotional impact (and speeches!). Ive been trying to come up with a good explanation for why it lost so many deserving kudos, but I can still only come to the disappointing conclusion that Hollywood big wigs are STILL afraid of the gays. Unless we are throwing some limp wrists and witty one liners around and completely de-sexualised of course.

  6. I don’t disagree at all! In fact it was Elizabeth Taylor who said if it were not for gays there would be no Hollywood. Perhaps these blind & deaf voters need to hear that.

  7. Gold Derby needs to stop trying to make this narrative happen. The tepid reaction to The Normal Heart since it premiered was evident. It was thought that the combination of movie stars plus Serious Issue and the HBO brand would be enough to overcome the fact that no one was excited about that movie. It wasn’t.
    This article is also all over the place with its reasoning. It tries to claim Hollywood is homophobic for awarding gay roles, including Behind the Candleabra last year, where the characters die of AIDS, claiming voters only like roles where gays are “punished.” Yet Bomer’s role was the stereotypical guy in the 80’s who dies of AIDS. It is the perfect gay stereotype that Tom thinks the homophobic Emmy voters love. Tom seems to think Matt Bomer being gay in real life somehow makes that different to voters – like seriously, what the hell? Bomer is hardly a big star, how many voters do you think really care or even know about his personal life?
    Also, you can’t have it both ways – you can’t praise straight movie stars like Ruffalo and Roberts “daring” to do a movie like TNH (and the latter not even in a gay role) while bashing stars like Matt Damon and Michael Douglas for taking on explicit gay roles. You also can’t do that while at the same falling over yourself for Brokeback Mountain, which starred two straight actors in the gay roles. Which is it – are straight actors allowed to take gay roles or not? The whiplash in this article on the subject is confusing.
    Finally, what’s with the out of nowhere attack on Liberace and Michael Douglas’ portrayal? Why was Liberace dying of AIDS in his movie, as he did in real life, “comeuppance” because it dared to portray the facts of his death, but Bomer’s character in his movie dying of AIDS was not? Do you think some homophobic screenwriters invented Liberace’s death? Tom also calls Liberace a “lecherous, twink-preying” predator which is ridiculous. I think Tom’s real problem is that BTC showed Liberace as a complex human being and (gasp!) it was the portrayal of an older gay man. BTC showed Liberace as generous yet sometimes selfish, bad at relationship yet also loving. It didn’t dwell on his illness or death and it dared to show an older man in sexually explicit scenes. I think that’s what affronted Tom and made him uncomfortable. That’s a lot harder than seeing the gorgeous young Bomer doing sex scenes and slapping on makeup to play yet another two dimensional angry AIDS martyr. In BTC, Liberace was allowed to be a complex human being and it was focused on his career and relationships, while in TNH the only purpose to Bomer’s character was to be pretty and then die of AIDS. The only plot of The Normal Heart is literally gay men dying of AIDS.
    Also, it is wildly offensive and homophobic to say Bomer’s portrayal of an AIDS victim is “closer to the truth because he’s actually gay.” Do you SERIOUSLY think that all gay men have AIDS? Unless you have personal knowledge of his private life, it’s hugely offensive to imply that Bomer, simply by being gay, somehow has more a chance of…what? Getting HIV in real life? Than a straight actor like Tom Hanks. Wow.

  8. Matt Bomer’s performance was oscar worthy. Another Emmy season that shows again why the value of this award has been so diminished that it no longer holds value or weight on one’s career….

  9. If anything is Crash in this Crash/Brokeback Mountain scenario, it’s The Normal Heart. Like Crash, it was a star-studded movie about a serious, social issue topic that people weren’t excited about but grudgingly thought they had to reward because it had “things to stay.” Both movies were star-studded and many people thought the directing, in particular, of both movies was subpar, but both movies took home the big award while losing directing anyway.
    If anything’s a “acclaimed as a modern classic” it’s Sherlock. Look at it’s Rotten Tomatoes rankings: 100% for S1, 100% for S2, 97% for S3. On Metacritic, S1 has 85, S2 has 91 and S3 has 88. It makes many top 10 critics’ list of the year, including the New York Times’ best show of 2012.
    For awards, Sherlock has a Peabody, two Critics’ Choice Awards (out of 7 nominations), a TCA, 12 BAFTAs and 17 Emmys nominations prior to this year (now 29 nominations and 7 wins).

  10. Sherlock is not “acclaimed as a modern classic”. It’s acclaimed as a stupid classic. It’s a shame that its actors have won.

  11. Matt was the victim of blatant discrimination, he was wounded because of his life privée.Pour all fans of this wonderful man he is, it’s a terrible injustice.We are are sad because Matt gave many him for this film, he is masterful in this role, and as usual he remained fair play.Matt is a treasure and the injustice he has suffered all the fans, and there are thousands which also injured , yes we are sad because we love this man and discriminate against Matt is discriminate against all fans.

  12. I really need to just stick the the forums and stop reading the articles. This shit stirring piece can be smelled miles away as nothing more than personal opinion griping. I am a gay man and I appreciate great gay drama…THE NORMAL HEART is a good film, IMO, but a classic no, again IMO. The original material by Kramer is a classic but this Ryan Murphy film is not. As for the back ups discrediting the emmy voters, etc. yes those things happened but you are assuming they happen because hollywood is anti gay? I think you are giving too much credit to the various voters on blue ribbon panels over the years. I don’t think Ferguson is emmyless for being gay and playing gay.

  13. Matt Bomer had a good makeup job and a couple of baity crying scenes in the bait-iest type of role imaginable (pretty person dies of terrible disease). It didn’t work and his fans need to get over it. He was fine in TNH, but he suffers from Charlize Theron Syndrome, a good-looking but lightweight actor who “went ugly” with a good makeup job. He was fine in TNH but the people trying to claim he could’ve won on Oscar or that he’s now the greatest actor of his generation are embarrassing themselves. Reminds me of the fangirls trying to make Jamie Dornan happen.

  14. This is fucking ridiculous. As a gay man, I can’t believe people are calling this homophobic. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman give unbelievable performances on an LGBTQ friendly show. The Normal Heart did not get stellar reviews. How can you say the Emmys are homophobic after last years wins by Behind the Candelabra and the past 5 years wins for Modern Family? I am sick and tired of my fellow gay community members immediately calling something homophobic because it didn’t go the way they wanted.

  15. Let’s be honest, this article has a lot of good points. And while we are all talking about “Behind the Candelabra” winning last year, lets not forget it was with a 99% straight cast. Same goes with “Angels in America”. But lets also not forget that the Emmys did a lot of snubbing this year… not just with TNH. They didn’t really award Fargo or True Detective (both fine work). I think the Emmys were a little off this year. I do believe Bomer did a great job and it was sad seeing him lose the award. I love Sherlock, but I don’t think this year was the best. No idea why Sherlock got so much love this year. The Emmys basically ignored both Fargo and The Normal Heart to favor it. I do hope come Golden Globes time that Matt Bomer gets his much deserved award. Also Fargo can pick some up for acting. I don’t mind seeing both Ruffalo or Bomer win. They both did a good job. For those that might need to get their memories refreshed The Normal Heart did get overwhelming positive reviews. Go check Rotten Tomato or Metacritic and see for yourself.

  16. Also, being a gay man, I hugely disagree with this article. Extremely silly. The Normal heart lost the emmys because it’s a very so so production. It’s never a new classic or a masterful film. It’s campy and overwritten.
    Matt Bomer is not the most genious actor of all time and all he did was to lose weight for the role. I wished the role went to John Benjamin Hickey, i’m sure he would have done much more here.
    And by the way, Behind the candelabra won a bunch of Emmys last year. Was that homophobic too? OOPS!
    And yes, I’m gay too.

  17. I personally don’t usually watch the Emmy’s, but this year I was all hyped up about The Normal Heart, only to feel stabbed in the heart and that my reason usually for not watching it the television academy usually has more upsets then any other award show. I was also appalled that they would snub the wonderful talented Cicely Tyson. Her performance on screen and on stage were both amazing. If I never watch The Emmy’s again it will be to soon.

  18. Matt Bomer is an amazing actor. But sadly he has to overcome too many obstacles. He is the first openly gay heartthrob who mostly plays sexy straight roles. There’s no denying there is still homophobia, some blantant and a lot latent. He is also considered “too beautiful” to have serious talent. The most unfortunate is when I see other gays men ridicule him and write him off. He was spectacular in The Normal Heart. People like to focus on his weight loss but his Felix showed a range of emotions from the beginning to the end. People use the adjective “brave” for straight actors who take on gay roles. I say Matt Bomer is tremendously courageous to play such an intensely romantic gay character at the beginning of his career. He was rumored to be a front runner for the Fifty Shades of Grey book. Women all over the world lust over him and wanted him to play the highly sexy character in there. And what does he do, he plays Felix Turner with explicit gay sex scenes. I can’t express my admiration for such a person. I have no doubt he has much success in his future with or without awards.

  19. FYI to those saying that it’s just his fans who thought Matt Bomer was terrific in The Normal Heart, or that the reaction to the film was “tepid” overall, I would remind you that the film has a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (91% from “Top Critics”) and that the majority of the reviews praised the acting across the board, and often singled out Matt Bomer’s performance in particular, in many cases citing the ways in which his performance went beyond the dramatic weight loss. He won in the same category at the Critic’s Choice Awards.

    None of the above answers the question of what was in voter’s minds when they chose this year’s Emmy winners. None of us know the answer to that question. One can agree or disagree with the author’s premise. One can agree or disagree with the quality of Matt Bomer’s performance. But to say that it’s only his fans who thought the performance was any good, or to say that the reaction to the film was lukewarm? Those statements are patently false.

  20. @LK all that you said can be true about the quality of TNH or the acting in it, but that only really means you deserve the nomination. Unless it’s BS that that’s where the recognition is really important. An Emmy nom ought to be about excellence in tv so TNH was treated fairly. We’re always gonna be comparing apples to oranges since these movies, shows, performances etc. aren’t really comparable. It’s subjective but it’s subjective in a way that IMO rightfully broke for Sherlock. Ryan Murphy was the flaw here and I stand by that. Sherlock fans on these panels will have seen all 3 eps. They’re not just watching the 3rd one as a standalone movie. What happened to TNH wasn’t homophobia, it was a forced category fraud. I don’t think Sherlock intentionally committed it, I gathered it was a rules thing (at least it was the last time this happened). They had the benefit of excellent performances and writing in the other 2 shows, particularly the wedding episode. If TNH fans wanna gripe about anything, it’s the tv movie/miniseries screwiness. If Sherlock were in the proper category, TNH sweeps. I still think there was a certain level of slapping Ryan Murphy in all this. They couldn’t avoid picking the important tv movie for the big win, but they by golly weren’t gonna give Ryan a reason to gloat–plus we clearly have Sherlock fans on these panels. Huzzah for that at least.

  21. I’ve been thinking about why this whole discussion is bothering me so much, and I think I’ve figured it out. It’s because I feel like I’m personally being called a homophobe since I wasn’t crazy about The Normal Heart and because I preferred Sherlock to it. And that is not me at all. I am not homophobic. I live in a community surrounded by homophobic people, and I am proud to say I am not one of them. I think it’s rude to accuse these people on the voting panels of being homophobic when you don’t know them personally at all. Those are real, individual people you guys are making such ugly accusations towards. It’s not just a nameless group. I don’t know why it’s so impossible to believe they could have just preferred Sherlock. If this really was a matter of homophobia, then why wouldn’t Fargo have won best writing? Why wouldn’t the Fargo actors have won over The Normal Heart actors? Those people were certainly all favored to win over Sherlock. I think the fact that Sherlock took so many awards over Fargo just goes to prove they REALLY FREAKING LOVED SHERLOCK. I don’t think you understand how immensely popular that show is. Back when the second season was airing, I only knew one other person besides me who watched it. And then something happened between the second and third season of the show. It exploded in popularity and viewers, likely thanks to Netflix. By the time the third season premiered, suddenly everyone I knew was watching the show and everyone was in love with it. Sherlock became the first TV show that I actually had in common with my family members. We are all equally obsessed with it, and that’s never happened to me before with me and my family, because nobody in my family watches the same TV shows I do, much less share my obsession for a show. Except for Sherlock. It appeals to a very wide group of people. You guys just need to accept that it’s incredibly popular and beloved, and likely cleaned up so many awards on that basis alone. It probably came out as everyone’s second choice on the ballot and the writers and actors of Fargo and The Normal Heart probably all split the first place votes. And Martin Freeman probably won more because of his fantastic performance in Fargo and his terrific range as an actor then his individual performance in Sherlock. Stop trying to ruin the Emmy wins for these people who beat out The Normal Heart. They’re great, and they deserve their moment in the sun.

  22. @Scooby – I am kind of at a loss as why you seem to be arguing with me about a bunch of things I never said. My point was simply that if people were going to discuss the original author’s premise and/or why they thought the results were what they were, that using arguments such as, “There was a tepid response to TNH” or, “Matt Bomer isn’t really any good,” were not particularly useful or compelling points to support their position, given the actual critical response.

  23. I respectfully disagree with this article. Just because The Normal Heart was passed over in some categories does not make a whole town homophobic. First, it diminishes the work of those who did win. Second, I watched Sherlock: His Last Vow once. I watched The Normal Heart 7 times. Yet I have to admit, when it comes to recalling performances and work, Sherlock always seems to be far more memorable and stands out more. While Matt Bomer definitely was memorable, the movie as a whole wasn’t. Perhaps if I were to select a category it should have won in, it would have been Matt’s category, but the film itself did not stick with you for more than a day. Two weeks later you would not even be thinking of it. Yet months and months later, I still think about thinks from the Sherlock film. Benedict plays Sherlock to perfection. Mark Ruffalo was great in his role, but between the two, Benedict out performed. Martin Freeman plays his role to perfection too and had some meaty scenes in His Last Vow. He may not have gone to the extremes that Matt did to perform his role, but he still delivered and was great. Matt was great in the second half of the film (after the weight loss), but honestly his first half of the film performance was rather bland. So perhaps that was the reason for the favor of Martin over Matt. It had nothing to do with homophobia. But if you look at the full body of work between the two actors, Martin out performed. It is that simple. I find it interesting that the LGBT focuses on trying to “equalize” yet when actually looked at on an equal level, if their “star” does not come out a winner, suddenly a whole town is homophobic. It is ridiculous to even think that and prejudiced to think that. Overall, both were great films. Both were worthy of nominations and some wins and that is what both received. Both were winners, so why all of this hullabaloo? Can’t people just realize that sometimes you can just be out performed in a situation? It has nothing to do with any thoughts behind whether or not you are straight, gay, or whatever. It just is what it is. It is offensive to state that a town is labeled an ugly word like “homophobic” over something like this and steals thunder from those who worked hard and deserve to be able to celebrate without feeling like their win meant nothing more than beating a “gay” person. That is so sad really.

  24. I disagree with O’Neil. I thought The Normal Heart was Best Movie. I thought it was a toss up between Ruffalo, Thornton and Cumberbatch (all award worthy). I felt Freeman should have won for Fargo as well as Sherlock. And I am a gay man, a long time survivor of AIDS. Hissy fits and rants like O’ Neil’s do NOTHING for our cause. Except perpetuate stereo types.

  25. This has to be one of the stupidest click-bait posts ever on this site (and that’s saying a lot). Given how many breathless articles I’ve seen about the dreaded vote splitting when one actor/actress is such a lock to win it won’t matter, I find it ludicrous that it wasn’t even mentioned once that in a category with 6 nominees, Bomer was one of FOUR nominated from The Normal Heart. I loved the film and have loved the play, but I probably would have voted for Jim Parsons (an Emmy favorite who had a less showy role, but had for me the most devastating moment of the entire movie. Joe Mantello was great too as was Alfred Molina (who had the whole movie actor doing TV schtick behind him). The point is, even for fans of The Normal Heart, Matt Bomer wasn’t necessarily the best part of it, and given how uniformly excellent the performances were (if anything Bomer was slightly less good than some of his co-stars) it’s not surprising that a vote-split occurred. Additionally, its always hard for a two-hour movie to go up in the same category against a mini-series (and a mini-series that should really be in the Drama Series categories at that) that is well liked. Clearly the Emmy voters really liked what Sherlock was selling and there were enough fans among the voters to give it some wins. Ryan Murphy was probably even hit with voter splitting in the writing category given that he was nominated for both The Normal Heart and AHS: Coven.

    Tl:dr This is NOT the same thing as when Brokeback Mountain lost Best Picture, and given that The Normal Heart won the Best TV Movie category its hard to argue that homophobia was involved when there was so much competition for Bomer within his category from his own movie and the only people who believed Bomer was a lock to win were clueless awards predictors locked in their own echo chamber…

  26. Matt Bomer was stand out.
    Martin Freeman was just good.
    I do not know because of homophobia. I know that Matt Bomer has been robbed.
    It won star movie. No best performance.

  27. You know, maybe the academy doesn’t hate gay people or the media they make. Maybe they just liked those other winners more. They’re also doing amazing work. It’s perfectly normal that they would get recognized.

  28. The backlash came from Larry Kramer writer of The Normal Heart publicly trash talking Barbara Streisand who has lots of friends in the TV Academy for not getting the film made when she had the rights for all those years.

  29. Really, I won’t dare to agree with the author of this article, but I strongly disadree with @Mel – I’ve watched The Normal Heart some 7 times as well and the movie stucked with me for weeks, I made my whole family watch it, even my 13 years old nephew (whom by the way was shocked to learn Matt Bomer didn’t win)… I refuse to believe Hoolywood is still in the 80’s and that Heart was snub out of homophobia, NO!, I refuse to believe that, but Matt Bomer was robbed, his performance was by far the best of the year, I was shocked when Colbert called Martin Freeman’s name, I even had the tweet pre-written (“And here comes Matt Bomer to pick the first of the many awards he will get for his Felix Turner”, that was my tweet), I swear to god I was so sure Matt would win… and that he lost to Martin Freeman, of all of the nominees, if Mantello would’ve won, Molina, it would’ve made a bit more sense, but Martin Freeman, who’s an exceptional actor, yes, but for this installment of Sherlock which was absolutely meh… it was too obvious that Matt was robbed, it was felt in the audience and it was felt around the web!

  30. To compare Matt Bomer’s performance to Jim Parsons is ludicrous! Jim is the best Sheldon Cooper but he was just a variation of that role. His mannerisms stay the same. He had couple powerful scenes but he acted too much like  Sheldon who actually happens to be just like Jim in real life. Matt Bomer on t other hand was a completely different character from his Neal Caffrey. He was amazingly subtle in the beginning and hard hiiting towards the end. The only actor who compared with him was Joe Montello. Regarding if Matt Bomer was robbed due to homophobia, we’ll never know, but ut isn’t a very unlikely scenario. Those who think homophobia isn’t still rampant are kidding themselves. Anyway that Matt was robbed is a common concensus.

  31. This article is ridiculous. I didn`t like that movie, and i`m gay. Ryan Murphy is to directing what Julia Roberts is to acting. He always manages to screw up good source material with his lack of directorial skills.

  32. I read most of the comments that were written in responds to this article. many felt the Emmy wins were right. I can imagine how the straight guys feel, most didn’t even bother to watch TNH out of disgust in seeing two men kiss and love each other. take it from me as a straight woman I thought TNH was dam good was shocked that none of the actors won an Emmy, P.S same on you gay men who don’t support your on movies about your life when the movie was beautifully acted written and directed.

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