Gutsy ‘The Voice’ prediction: ‘Raw’ Luke Wade will win this season with his ‘pure emotion’

Luke Wade seems poised to win this season with his mix of raw vocal ability and pure emotion,” says Kevin Jacobsen, one of our best predictors of “The Voice.”

Known as Taloson in our forums, he adds, “He gave it his all in his Battles performance with “Maybe I’m Amazed,” and I think America will be captivated by him in the weeks to come.”

Battle rounds have concluded after four nights over the past two weeks. We reached out to Taloson to get his reactions to the performers so far and their coaches: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Pharrell Williams.

Levine and Shelton have strong support because they have won five of the past six seasons combined. While a newcomer to this NBC reality series, Williams has been a magnet for the best artists since he is the reigning Producer of the Year at the Grammys. Meantime, Stefani has struggled to choose the right artists and to use her steals wisely.

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We asked Taloson four other questions about this current seventh season of “The Voice”:

Q: Other than your projected winner (Luke Wade), who do you think are the two or three most likely to be in contention?

A: Other contenders I see emerging are Anita Antoinette, who really stood out with her effortless charm, in addition to Taylor Phelan with his very current singer-songwriter style and Damien, whose two performances are full of emotion.

Q: Which coach is doing the best job of helping their contenders?

A: Pharrell Williams has already turned into one of the best coaches in the history of ‘The Voice.’ He has such a way with words and a vested interest in every single contestant to the point where I wouldn’t want to be coached by anyone else. Especially considering his current success.

Q: What is the best battle round pairing you have seen?

A: DaNica Shirey and Toia Jones singing “Halo” by Beyonce was the best Battle Round performance. Both singers completely delivered and it was such a relief to see Toia get saved, allowing them both to stay in the competition.

Q: Which artist already kicked off angered you the most?

A: Amanda Lee Peers getting eliminated at this stage of the competition was a horrible move on Gwen’s part. Her performance of “Jolene” was 1000x better than Taylor John Williams and her raspy delivery could have made her a unique contestant that brought her to the end.

Next up for NBC’s reality program, the contestants move on to knock-out rounds begining on Monday, October 27. A special advisor to all four coaches will be country and pop superstar Taylor Swift. Each coach will have only one steal for this section.

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‘The Voice’ predictions: Will Pharrell Williams crush Adam Levine, Blake Shelton?

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6 thoughts on “Gutsy ‘The Voice’ prediction: ‘Raw’ Luke Wade will win this season with his ‘pure emotion’

  1. I bet money you’re wrong about the winner. Also you may be giving Pharrell credit, some of which should go to Alicia Keys.

  2. Past shows, for the most part, have shown that talent has nothing to do with who wins this show. It’s popularity that counts. Luke may be the most talented, that’s debatable, but I think it’s too soon to say he will win the whole thing.

  3. I think last year was fixed in that Adam cut the winner so Usher could steal him and win. could see Usher insisting that he win and Adam cutting the lead co tender was the easiest way to do that. So is a fix in for this year too?

  4. Luke is a lot like last years winner Josh Kaufman. So that might propel him to winner or backfire on him. I think Matt McAndrews has a great chance of winning. Craig Wayne Boyd also because he’s the talk of the town and very popular and will get Blake’s hardcore country vote. The best voices never win, it’s all about popularity, but also song choice. Front runners in the past have gotten eliminated part way through lives due to bad songs, like Matthew Shuler in season 5. Christina Grimmie had the biggest following ever in all seasons and only came in third due to poor song choices towards the finale.

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