Did Gwen Stefani just steal ‘The Voice’ championship with a Pharrell Williams mistake?

The Tuesday episode of “The Voice” only offered three knockout round battles, but the final one provided one that shocked three of the coaches.

Pharrell Williams chose Elyjuh Rene over Ricky Manning in that last contest after everyone agreed that Manning was the clear winner. Rene performed the Chris Brown song “With You,” and Manning sang the Miley Cyrus hit “Wrecking Ball.”

Williams said he had more work still to do with Rene, clearing the way for fellow rookie coach Gwen Stefani to steal away Manning. She said it felt like she had magically just won this season of “The Voice” with that surprise move.

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Monday’s two-hour show featured six knockout rounds with 12 artists, but Tuesday’s episode was much shorter. Pop and country superstar Taylor Swift continued to assist all four coaches with advice for their contenders.

In the first match on Tuesday for Team Gwen, Taylor John Williams sang the Tears for Fears song “Mad World” and defeated Troy Ritchie with the Outkast song “Hey Ya.”

The second battle for Adam Levine‘s team had Mia Pfirrman singing the Christina Perri tune “Human” in defeating Alessandra Castronovo with the Emeli Sande song “Next to Me.”

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Next up for NBC’s reality program, the contestants move on to more knockout rounds next Monday. Blake Shelton is the only coach with a steal remaining.

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‘The Voice’ predictions: Will Pharrell Williams crush Adam Levine, Blake Shelton?

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24 thoughts on “Did Gwen Stefani just steal ‘The Voice’ championship with a Pharrell Williams mistake?

  1. I have to agree with Connie. That was the first thought that came to my mind as well. Pharrell was clearly choice because of skin color. Dumbest thing I ever since done on The Voice ever. Pharrell lost any chance of winning at all. Elyjuh is okay but against all the other singers he doesn’t have anything special to beat all of them out. Rather Ricky wins or not, we will see him in the finish line.

  2. I lost all respect for Pharell ….he did not chose because of talent or the best…so what is left….so sad to think he is prejudice …..but seems that way to me.

  3. Ridiculous to think Pharrell chose Elijuh because of his color. That is just dumb and you guys are wrong. Pharell is a rookie on the show and sees something in the young man because he has a powerful voice however, he chose the wrong person for the winner of the knockout round as Ricky was much better .

  4. Thanks for the update for this weeks show. I won’t watch it if Swift is part of the show. Hopefully we can continue watching next week or the following week.

  5. I think that many of you are giving way too much credit to the individual judges for making their own decisions. Why do you think that they always, ALWAYS, look down to the “hidden” screen in front of them. They are getting directions from the production staff. Why Pharell chose Elijuh most probably has everything to do with where the producers want the show to go. Remember, it’s still a business. It’s all about the ratings. The producers thought that it would be best for Pharell to select Elijuh leaving Ricky available for a steal. Look, it WAS dramatic. It’s about the ratings. Right?

  6. Pharrell is a producer. I think he chose the Black guy not because of his color but because he could help further the guy’s career. What I like about THE VOICE is that each one of the coaches can help the artist after the show whether they win or not. I love the VOICE for this reason. The other consideration is that many of the past VOICE winners are just now MARKETABLE…it’s not the coach fault but the fans and consumers who make a difference in the success of a winner. The past winners are not fully supported by their fans and it is no interest to attend their concerts or buy their music…..”the entertainment business is not an easy industry”. You must love what you do “if singing is your love and passion”, accept the fact that you may not make a great deal of money from it.

  7. Why would someone think Pharrell is prejudice? Didn’t he pick DaNica Shirley over the A-A girl on last weeks knockouts? Get a grip people! You might be the one that’s prejudice!

  8. Well I am black and I think both were bad. One could sing and the other one can preform but he had to choose one. Honestly he probably was thinking neither.

  9. Well I am black and I think both were bad. One could sing and the other one can preform but he had to choose one. Honestly he probably was thinking neither.

  10. You people who say Pharrell chose Elijuh because he is Black, or as you so delicately put it, because of his skin color, are very narrow-minded…maybe even borderline racist! I guess you don’t remember him choosing DaNica over Toia? He chose Elijuh because he felt like he could help him in some way. I’ve seen Adam do the same thing LOTS of time over the years! So stop with the BS.

  11. I do not like ferrel at all he is so prejudice he is not being fair and he
    Should not be a coach. Cello was a much better coach.

  12. The first guy was horrible and the other guy has a potential to be the champ Ferrell is prejudice but noone will say anything because let me guess he is allowed to but if a white person did watch out the show would get cancelled.

  13. Pharrell made it clear why he chcse Elyjuh, why does it have to be a racial thing. Each coach has their own strategy. No ones making a big deal out of the fact that Blake leads toward country singers and no other genre but he is not comfortable with going outside of his comfort zone. What one may see in a singer, may not necessarily be what the next one sees.

  14. Pharrell is transcendent. If most people don’t that, so be it. Pharrell is excited about the journey with Elyjuh. He feels connected to that story. He went his heart and gut, not a money decision. Stop with the faux social motivation and tap into what is real. That is Pharrell’s messsage. If you don’t get it, you are missing the point.

  15. What I think is Pharrell is the most unselfish person on that panel. Yes he may have given up Ricky, but he knew one of the other judges would steal him therefore he was able to give both those young men an opportunity to move forward in the competition…..that is a smart man right there….

  16. I see it as a strategic move to keep both competitors. He knew someone would steal the other guy and he believed in the young man, so he picked him to win. It was a win-win for all last night.

  17. I love Pharrell, but he made a big mistake. Ricky needs more confidence, he has stunning voice and look, but a little shy. Hope Gwen can help him on this issue. Best of luck to everyone!!!

  18. Pharrell is the REAL DEAL… Mistakes, I don’t think so… It’s about what’s REAL… THE VOICE is my Favorite SHOW…and Pharrell is PERFECT FOR THE VOICE… Gwen and Pharrell are tight and he knew she would still Ricky, just as Gwen knew he would still Sugar. Adam was waiting for the Luke /Taylor match to steal and Blake will use his steal in the last knockout round. DAMN, I LOVE THE MOVES PHARRELL MADE… adds to the unpredictability of the SHOW… It’s Genius!!!! Just as long as the final 5 or 6 are awesome, America will decide who WINS…

  19. No I think Pharrell let his heart rule his head, and he should of went with who really won that round. Qwen won out. And she just might win it all with that one. Go Ricky, and no I don’t think Pharrell thought about who would steal him or if anyone would. He just thinks he can make it work with Elyjuh, but it wont be a winner guarantee!! win some lose some.

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