Poll: Is ‘The Walking Dead’ the absolute WORST hit TV show of all time?

Okay, TV fans, it’s truth time. Is “The Walking Dead” the absolute WORST hit show of all time? (Vote in our poll below!)

Sure, it’s crammed full of exciting things like scary zombies, cool weaponry, life-and-death survival and the freaking apocalypse, but “The Walking Dead” is a regular punching bag for many fans who brag that they “hate-watch” the series in order to pull apart the bad writing and inconceivable plot holes.

I’m the only Gold Derby editor who put “The Walking Dead” on my list of Top 10 TV Shows of 2013, but even I must admit that Season Four had more misses than hits. In fact, the just-completed fourth season only nabs a measly 75 at Metacritic. To compare, the final season of fellow AMC series “Breaking Bad” received a 99 Metacritic score.

However, something tells us AMC doesn’t care about “The Walking Dead’s” poor critical reception.

After all, Sunday night’s fourth season finale anchored a record-breaking night for the cable Nielsens, with the episode netting 15.7 million total viewers (10.2 million in the 18-49 demo). Even the show’s spin-off talk show “The Talking Dead” featuring first-time guest Andrew Lincoln delivered record ratings with 7.3 million total viewers (4.7 million in the 18-49 demo).

But everything that goes up must eventually come back down. Check out a few samplings of our forums posters plunging stakes into the show’s brain after watching the middling season finale:

Denis: That was so disappointing, and that last line, URGHH.

moviefan61794: I’ve had mixed feelings about this season, but that finale left me mostly disappointed. I think one of the reasons I ended up really liking this show is because it was so unpredictable, and anymore, it has mostly been… predictable?

mikeyboy898: But give me a break. So now we have the group being all smelly in a dumpster until October. Great job, AMC.

See more comments here.

Gold Derby editor Daniel Montgomery lays out a few reasons why “The Walking Dead” should be embraced by the Emmys after three prior seasons of perpetual snubdom in the main Emmy categories… but is he right? Is “The Walking Dead” deserving of such high praise, or is the show simply a lost cause?

Vote now in our poll, then sound off in the comments section below!

7 thoughts on “Poll: Is ‘The Walking Dead’ the absolute WORST hit TV show of all time?

  1. This poll and article is an insult to true TV watchers! Walking Dead rules and so does its ratings! You critics can never even comprehend how great so many of these shows and actors are. You just ignore them and keep voting and watching the same old adult boring dribble year after year and its sad,

    1. “Honey Boo Boo” had the same ratings and about the same level of lemming nitwits watching, thinking it was good television. My FB page “The Walking Dead is the Worst Show Ever” has had thousands of visits by the low-bar crowd of twits who love this lame, clichéd, alternate-universe like of dung and not a one can refute any of the show’s idiocies (and they are legion).

      1. What is appalling, they are not nitwits but they are still watching this absolute atrocity with below poor acting, writing and direction. The only thing is going for this show is that it is shot really well and has a lot of action (which is extremely repetitive). And absolutely NOTHING ELSE is good in this show. This is something really horrible and scary to me because it shows up the degradation of our population way too clearly.

  2. Oh come on, no way, there are way worse hits out there. Like any Shonda Rhymes show ever made. Ugh, she has the worst writing tics I’ve ever seen. The actors always have to repeat their lines for emphasis. It’s so annoying. The Walking Dead may not be the best show I’ve ever seen, but I still enjoy it immensely and put everything aside when it comes on. I don’t do that for very many shows.

  3. “inconceivable plot holes” — this is a show about fictictious zombies. they don’t need to, nor should they, spell EVERYTHING out. It’s meant to stir your imagination and you fill in the gaps. Either that..or you’re lazy!

  4. I agree that TWD has faded a little this sesaon. In the first half, the pace was far too low, which explains the rather disappointing (I wouldn’t call it poor) critical reception. I liked the more character-driven second half much better, even if it ended in another strange season finale which admittedly isn’t TWD’s strongsuit. However, calling it the worst hit show is just not true. There have been episodes very much acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, just look at the show’s premiere or Clear. Sure, by terms of reception the show doesn’t stand a chance against BB but which show does?
    Anyway, in my opinion, The Big Bang Theory holds that title. I don’t give a shit about their recent Emmy successes (greatest respect for Bob Newhart!) I don’t get the huge hype about it. I can just say it’s not worth my time, TWD is and has ever been, and I can forgive the season 4 finale if season 5 turns out to be another great season!

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