Tony Vlachos: I have no regrets about lying and cheating to win ‘Survivor’ (exclusive)

Tony Vlachos is such a shameless weasel that he’s unapologetic about the ruthless deception he employed to win “Survivor: Cagayan.”

“I knew was going to be bomb-barded about that!” Tony gasped backstage when asked about all of the oaths he swore throughout the TV show on his wife, daughter, dead father and policeman’s badge, then quickly flipped and betrayed his promises. During the TV season, he often bragged and giggled to the camera that those oaths meant nothing to him because all that mattered was that he win the contest prize of $1 million.

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“It means nothing,” he scoffed at one point, for example, about a promise he had just made to fellow cop Sarah, swearing on his police badge, moments after he lied to her about hearing a rumor. “You can swear on your kids, your family, dead gradmother. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s just words.”

But once the TV show was over and he was confronted backstage about his selfish antics, he conveniently changed his story.

“I don’t regret it because at the moment (I said those things) I meant it,” he tells Gold Derby. “My heart was in the right place, but my brain wasn’t. Later I got the chance to say, ‘You know what? The brain is going to take over the heart.’ My mind was all over the place.”

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Would there have been a different winner if Yung “Woo” Hwang had made a different choice for the final two face-off?

“Seeing what I see now, yes, I think that if Woo had taken Kass (McQuillen) to the end, Woo would’ve beaten Kass. I think anybody would’ve beaten Kass. None of us respected Kass’ game.”

Watch our video chat below. Click here to watch our exclusive chat with Woo, who says he feels like a million bucks because he got to walk away with his honor intact.

3 thoughts on “Tony Vlachos: I have no regrets about lying and cheating to win ‘Survivor’ (exclusive)

  1. Now he can buy that pink chandelier for his baby.

    Good for him. He’s a weasel in the game, but he seems like a genuine dude outside of it. I’ll take his partner’s word (in the police force) about how different he is in the real-world.

    His goal was to win a million dollars and provide for his family. He even made a lifelong friend in Trish, whom he blindsided in the game! If she can get over it, why can’t the audience?

  2. I don’t believe he’s a decent person at all. Over and over he crossed a line throughout the game that didn’t need to be crossed. He didn’t need to swear oaths over the grave of his father, then pooh-pooh the whole thing. He didn’t have to lie to castaways just for the thrill of it. He doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and he often reveled in showing us that gleefully selfish side throughout the TV season. The many horrible sides of himself that he shared privately with the TV camera audience were the true glimpses of Tony. He made that clear then and it should be remembered now.. That’s his legacy. Evil wins out and shit floats.

  3. All of his moves were made to progress to the next stage. You could see in Jefra and Trish’s comments from the jury that they believed Tony BECAUSE he made those promises on his family and father’s grave. So, in some respects, perhaps he did need to cross those lines.

    Sure, he may have been able to get to the end another way, but his devious lies definitely had a purpose (for the most part). Lying is the name of the game in Survivor, and Tony lied the best, so the jury awarded him a near-unanimous victory.

    I don’t know how superfan Marcus feels about this, but I think it was just classic Survivor gameplay. I’d be happy to discuss the season further with you because I definitely think you’re wrong.

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