See how you did predicting the Visual Effects awards winners

Congratulations to our site Users jargreen, Keyser-So-So, Junk, and Max Rob who earned perfect 100% scores predicting the Visual Effects Society Awards winners. They all actually tied with 40 other Users with perfect scores but better used the 500 and 200 point bets for the most total points of 10,040.

Over 400 Gold Derby readers forecasted this year’s visual effects awards, logging over 1,300 predictions. To see how you fared, log in to your account and, under your profile picture in the left column, click VES Awards 2013.

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Just three film categories were available for predictions, and the top Effects Driven Film award was given to the overwhelming favorite, “Gravity.” “Rush” was the favorite for Supporting Effects, but an upset winner was “The Lone Ranger” (which only 16% had correct). As expected, “Frozen” was awarded in the Animation Film category.

Daniel Montgomery was our only perfect Editor. The other four Editors — David Schnelwar, Marcus Dixon, Rob Licuria, and myself had 67% accurate.

Also perfect was our Expert Tariq Khan (Fox News). Getting two of three categories correct (67%) were Edward Douglas (Coming Soon), Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil and Paul Sheehan, and Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood).

Collectively, the Editors and Experts tied with 73% correct, followed by our Users with 68%.

2 thoughts on “See how you did predicting the Visual Effects awards winners

  1. I don’t understand, I predicted all three correctly, using the points the same way, but the Lone Ranger had 10/1 odds for me, but 20/1 odds for them. Why is that?

  2. @ETPhoneHome It depends on when you make your predictions. Those four predicted ‘The Lone Ranger’ when it had 20/1 odds — in other words, they had placed their bets when fewer people were predicting it to win. The more people who predict it to win over time, the higher the odds get (assuming fewer are predicting other nominees).

    When you made your predictions (or last edited your predictions), ‘Lone Ranger’ had 10/1 odds, meaning more people predicted it since those top four users finalized their predictions. Similar story with me; ‘Lone Ranger’ had 16/1 odds for me, so either I placed my initial bet later than the top four did or I edited my predictions sometime after they had finalized theirs at 20/1 odds.

    I hope that makes sense; it’s the best I can do at explaining it, lol

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