Norman Reedus wary of ‘Walking Dead’ fans wanting to ‘hook up’ Daryl (Exclusive Video)

“The thing about Daryl is people have been trying to hook him up left and right since episode three,” admitted Norman Reedus about reaction to his character on “The Walking Dead” during our recent webchat (watch below). “I don’t want to play him as the type of character that just meets somebody and throws a girl up against a tree and in the moonlight has passionate stuff happening. I want to play him like he doesn’t know what that means.”

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Reedus spoke in depth about his character’s relationships with Carol (Melissa McBride) and Beth (Emily Kinney) and revealed, “I think out of everyone in the group, [Carol] is definitely one of the top ones that he’ll be the most excited to be reunited with. I mean, he’s always protected her. He’s always had a soft spot for her. And he’s always looked after her. I think he recognizes a lot of himself in her. And I think he would do anything to keep her alive and keep her safe.”

And what about a possible Daryl and Beth romance? “I didn’t see [their relationship] like that. I think that if there were feelings like that, it’s because he doesn’t quite understand those feelings and he might say the wrong thing or he might be shy to make a move in either direction. I don’t think he’s like, ‘Hey, Beth, come here!'”

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Two deceased “Walking Dead” characters Reedus would want to return to the series are Shane (Jon Bernthal) and Hershel (Scott Wilson). He also reflected on the most rewarding parts of his job, including having the time to create a character like Daryl and working with the Atlanta-based cast and crew.

Reedus is currently filming the fourth episode of Season 5 and admitted that the cast doesn’t usually know what they’re going to film until just before they shoot it. “Everything’s on lockdown. Every time we read something, we all freak out because it’s kind of mind-blowing. We were doing episode one and Andrew [Lincoln] and I were sitting right next to each other and I was saying, ‘Man, they’re never going to air any of this on television. This is too great.'”

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Will the characters find a cure for the zombie apocalypse in Season 5? Reedus hinted, “There’s talk of a cure definitely in our scripts and there’s been episodes aired where they talked about a cure.”

Do you think Reedus will receive his first Emmy nod as Best Drama Supporting Actor for “The Walking Dead”? Use the easy drag-and-drop menu below the interview to make your predictions.

7 thoughts on “Norman Reedus wary of ‘Walking Dead’ fans wanting to ‘hook up’ Daryl (Exclusive Video)

  1. Frankly, i was completely riveted by the lone decoration in the room-b/c “wut?”. Please put me in with the Rickyl shippers (& when I say “ship” i mean bromance-even if Daryl is gay (as has been suggested) Rick is clearly not, so I’m not suggesting a hook-up). I think any romance is a step closer to death in the writer’s room and I’m a good deal more interested in how Rick is going to deal with Carol’s return than Daryl. I do occasionally wonder what we’d all argue about if it weren’t for Daryl’s love life. 🙂

  2. Norman Reedus wary of Walking Dead fans to hook up Daryl. Yes, that includes your opinion Marcus on shoving the Caryl up Reedus face.

  3. Convenient that the comments “If Daryl has a crush, that’s even better” or Norman admitting that Daryl’s thought process includes “hey, I might like you!” were left out. Your bias is showing, YET again.

  4. Dude please stop you’re making an ass out of yourself. Caryl is dead GIVE UP. And please find another job, one that you don’t suck at!!

  5. Guys, don’t be so harsh on him, maybe his wife/girl friend is a Caryl shipper and you know how fierce they are, I mean, his life could be in danger if he did otherwise lol

  6. Why does every interviewer ask Norman the exact same questions all the time? It’s sweet of Norman to share his time with fans, but as fans, we’ve seen a lot of his interviews and by now, he’s got all the standard answers rehearsed. They should let the fans write the questions, they’d probably come up with MUCH more interesting and insightful ones than “what’s it like to work with the crossbow” for the 1,000th time!!

  7. Hepzibah, Great interview, Norman looked relaxed and happy and has obviously put a lot of work into giving Daryl layers, which is why he’s so popular. Of course you know there is a very tiny but very loud online group that are VERY unhappy Norman has made it clear THERE IS NO ROMANCE BETWEEN DARYL AND BETH. Hence the temper tantrum comments. The grown up fans love this interview, would be great if you could interview Andrew Lincoln next.

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