Miles Teller: ‘Whiplash’ is really a horror flick (exclusive video)

“It does play like a thriller,” admits Miles Teller about “Whiplash,” which swept the top awards at the Sundance Film Festival and now is a hot contender in several top Oscar races. (See Gold Derby’s official rankings and racetrack odds.) Movie-goers expect to see an artsy film about a fanatically obsessed drum student (Teller) and his overbearing teacher (J.K. Simmons), but it’s actually a shocking drama that sometimes borders on being a horror flick.

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“Some people compare it to a boxing match, the best fight they’ve seen on screen without a punch being thrown,” Teller adds in our video chat below. “It’s been compared to a ‘Full Metal Jacket’ at Julliard. I think that’s kind of appropriate and that’s great because when you’re talking about a movie about a young jazz drummer at a prestigious school with a rather tough instructor that’s kind of an isolating experience. It wouldn’t have the response it’s getting from people if it only appealed to musicians.”



One thought on “Miles Teller: ‘Whiplash’ is really a horror flick (exclusive video)

  1. Nice interview! It’s good to see that Teller has key insights into his character’s motivations. One of the posters mentioned it in the forums, and I happen to agree — there is no movie that plays better in a theatre than ‘Whiplash’. When I watched it in Toronto, the audience was whipped up into a frenzy by the final twenty minutes. In the middle of the scene, you could see people tapping their feet and moving their body. By the end, there was spontaneous applause. If enough academy members see this in that type of environment, we have to take it seriously in the directing + editing races. I think it’s pretty much guaranteed a BP nom, but can it replicate the success of another Sundance hit, ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’? Right now, I’m predicting picture, sound mixing, supp. actor (win), and original screenplay. It could conceivably score nods in directing, sound editing, and score, with Teller being a long-shot.

    Not bad for a small indie production…

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