‘It’s Oscar war!’: Michael Musto & Tom O’Neil on Woody, Dylan & Cate

“I think Cate Blanchett should lock herself in the house for the next month — just to make sure nobody else asks her about Woody Allen again,” Michael Musto says in our podcast chat below. “Just let it blow over.”

But it’s not going to blow over, no. This is Oscar war and Dylan and Mia Farrow will keep up their assault throughout the derby ahead. The cliffhanger is: Will Cate Blanchett be a casualty of that war?

The Farrows framed their attack on Woody in an awards context from the start – ever since Mia blasted off a few nasty tweets during the Golden Globes tribute to her ex-lover. Referring to Dylan’s interview with Vanity Fair, Mia Tweeted, “A woman has publicly detailed Woody Allen’s molestation of her at age 7. Golden Globe tribute showed contempt for her & all abuse survivors.”

More recently, Dylan wrote the allegations herself in an open letter to the New York Times, which, curiously, took aim at “Blue Jasmine‘s” lead star: “What if it had been your child, Cate Blanchett?”

What does Blanchett have to do with this? Nothing. When Jeff Wells (Hollywood-Elsewhere) asked her about this sex scandal at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, she handled the matter deftly by saying she hopes the “family finds resolution and peace,” but she successfully avoided the topic earlier. Now there’s only one reason Dylan would widen her scope: she’s taking aim at “Blue Jasmine’s” Oscar status in an effort to wound its creator.

“Believe it or not, this has impacted Cate Blanchett’s campaign,” Musto says and he’s right. “Cate Blanchett was the biggest lock since Colin Firth when he won for ‘King’s Speech.’ …. Suddenly, it’s not cool right now to vote for Woody Allen. Do I think Cate Blanchett will win? I do because her performance is so strong and why would you hold it against her? This has nothing to do with Cate Blanchett, but I think it’s throwing a big wrench into the whole thing. (On Oscar night) if they say the winner is not Cate Blanchett, we’re going to know why she didn’t win.”

I remind Musto that this scandal is very similar to one 11 years ago when allegations about the rape of a girl returned to haunt Roman Polanski during his Oscar push for “The Pianist.” But that didn’t hurt Polanski one bit. Instead, the opposite was true. Rob Marshall had been considered the frontrunner to win Best Director for “Chicago,” which went on to prevail as Best Picture, but Hollywood rallied behind Polanksi and gave him the helmer’s trophy.

“That was a different situation,” Musto says. “The woman had kind of forgiven, or kind of downplayed the situation at that point. She seems to have let go in certain ways. This is a fresh wound being opened by Dylan who is angrier than ever.”

What will Dylan do next? My guess is that she’s lying in wait for Woody to reply in full to her letter to the Times. And, of course, his retort will be a doozy. Instead of dealing with Dylan’s accusations with diplomacy and calm, he blasted them as “disgraceful” in his preliminary comment.

Whatever he says next will probably provoke Dylan to step into the public eye in person this time – to a star TV reporter like Oprah or Piers Morgan. That’s my guess.

“Or Judge Judy,” Musto says cheekily, but then gets serious, acknowledging that she’ll probably choose a more “dignified” option.

At what point  on the calendar will it be? Oscar voting begins on Feb. 14 – just in time for this scandal to erupt into all-out war?

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19 thoughts on “‘It’s Oscar war!’: Michael Musto & Tom O’Neil on Woody, Dylan & Cate

  1. To even lump Cate Blanchett’s performance into what Woody Allen allegedly did 20 years ago is ludicrous.
    Why is this relevant now. Woody must have did at least 10 movies or more since this incident, a has been Oscar nominated for some of the in the past. Cate’s excellent performance stands on tis own and deserves Oscar recognition. I think Mia is irate, because she was never nominated for an Oscar in any of the films she appeared in for Woody.

  2. Cate Blanchett gave one of the Best Actress performances of all time. She deserves the Oscar. The Farrow family problems should not be a factor – they have nothing to do with her.

  3. If you asked me to write a satire piece on how completely braindead Hollywood “journalists” are, I don’t think I could have crafted a better article than this one. “Forget the victim of childhood sexual abuse; how does this affect awards season??”

    I’m going to give Tom O’Neil the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s not the single stupidest person alive. He obviously knows how to use a keyboard. When he hears a ringing sound, he must know it’s the phone.

    So I guess he’s just an asshole, or an insensitive clod, and he should probably take the rest of the day off and seek counseling.

  4. Nah. The Academy doesn’t like to be told what to do and they have always been good about separating art from outside politics and influences.

  5. This is an awards website and Dylan Farrow made it about the Oscars due to her timing and her dragging outsiders into her family problems.

  6. This is a really shameful article for Goldderby.
    a) it mixes up a private matter with awards talk. This issue should be dealt with either in public or in the courts. These angry exhanges over the internet are not something hollywood journalists should play with.
    b) Cate BLanchett’s performance in Blue jasmine has been perhaps the most acclaimed of the year, on level with Exarchopoulos’. Whether she wins and osar or not should have nothing whatsoever to do with this issue and that you are fueling that debate is detrimental for the artform, the oscars, the farrows, allen and yourselves.

  7. Wow, you guys just keep writing articles trying to bring Blanchett down! Firts, the one about ties, with a picutre of her and Adams, then one about Adams being due and if she will win in her fifth nom. This website is clearly campaigning against Blanchett!!!! It’s a shame – she gave the single best performance of the year and probably one of the best performances ever!!!!

    PS: Bringing up a subject as important, sensible and serious as the Dylan vs Allen to talk about Oscars and how it will affect the race is disgraceful! Blanchett has nothing to do with it!

  8. It is inappropriate to refer to Dylan Farrow’s accusations against Woody Allen as a “sex scandal.” It’s about child molestation–the sexual abuse of a 7 year old child. The flippant tone of this article is offensive. I thought Dylan Farrow’s letter raised an ethical issue: is it appropriate for Hollywood to honor this man, and is it appropriate for actors to work with him? I don’t know the answer, but it’s a valid question and it deserves more respect than shown here.

  9. thisisourturn
    • 2 hours ago

    Dylan Farrow also needs to address why her own mother (Mia Farrow) continues to back Roman Polanski – who actually has been found guilty. Or that Mia Farrow has stayed silent about her own brother, John Villers-Farrow who is a convicted child molester of 2 boys. Or that Dylan’s own brother, Moses, who had back her story at the time, has now recanted it and is estranged from Mia Farrow.

  10. And this is the same Mia Farrow who has suggested that Ronan Farrow may not be Woody Allen’s biological son – instead he could be the son of Frank Sinatra. That would mean she had an affair with her much older married ex-husband and then pretended it Woody Allen’s. What a messed up family.

  11. Cate Blanchet should not have given a response when asked rather than the flippant one she gave. It made her look incredibly insensitive. Unfortunately this will cost some Oscar votes. But, Amy Adams was already nipping at her heels, especially considering this is Amy’s 5th nomination and her hasn’t ever won. Amy’s Q rating has become huge since the release of the domestic and foreign box office hit +$400 million “Man of Steel” in the summer and now “American Hustle” is a domestic and foreign box office hit +$150 million and counting. Voters wont forget that Cate already has an Oscar in the midst of all this scandal surrounding Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow. It is public record that the state of Connecticut Special Police and Forensic Team conducted an probe into the allegations and claims of abuse in 1992 and 1993, after the investigation was concluded the states attorney found probable cause to charge Mr. Allen. It was Mia who declined to proceed out of concern for her daughters well fare.

  12. Cate Blanchet gave a very compassionate and classy response. This issue has absolutely nothing to do with her.
    Sorry Amy Adams fans. She will have to wait. People magazine just released a damming interview from Moses Farrow, brother of Dylan who defends Woody Allen and says Mia Farrow drummed up the abuse story to get back at Woody Allen for their split – with the intent of turning the kids against him. He said with the exception of Mia, the family was together the day the alleged abuse took place – and no one was off in any private place. He went on to say that when growing up, Mia Farrow created an atmosphere of fear – and that he was often beaten as a child. The brother is now a family therapist. What’s chilling is Dylan Farrow saying that her own brother is dead to her.

  13. The problem with this ‘scandal’ is not with Woody Allen or his ‘adopted’kids,but with Mia Farrow.Cate Blanchet has nothing to do with it,so she’s getting her second Oscar.Mia Farrow needs therapy to solve reason she’s still has a thing for Woody Allen and why she’s out to get him using her two kids to destroy his life and career.Even his to kids Ronan and Dylan it to.

  14. @Jake P. Hall- what exactly did Blanchett say that was so insensitive? Sorry I must have read a different response. She’s winning the Oscar. Amy Adams can wait until she actually delivers an Oscar-worthy performance.

    If Blanchett loses- it will be arguably the worst best actress decision in over 50 years. And I don’t care who beats her.

  15. @Jason Travis. When ambushed by blogger Jeff Wells at the Santa Barbara Intl. Film Festival about the whole Allen-Farrow saga, Blanchett said “It’s obviously been a long and painful situation for the family. I hope they find some resolution and peace.” What’s wrong with this response? I guess @Jake P. Hall is a Amy Adams fan boy who is praying hard for her to win. Sorry delusional fanboy, Amy did not deserve to take the fifth slot in the Best Actress category this year. Her performance was just blah!

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