Our take on ‘American Idol’ smackdown: Harry Connick Jr. vs. Quentin Alexander

Harry Connick Jr. vs. Quentin Alexander: Whose side do you take in the “American Idol” smackdown heard round the world? Scroll down to see our fiery forum posters sound off on the controversy. Hurry — make your predictions for next week’s episode and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down and predicting who will be eliminated next.

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Here are some of the comments from our “American Idol” forum as the smackdown was happening Wednesday night. (If you missed the live confrontation between Harry and Quentin, watch the video at the very bottom of this post.)

Atypical: Live television drama! Goodness.

Ryan Lapierre: Quentin shut up. What a classy person.

Tyler The Awesome Guy: I will take a guess and say that Quentin will be going home because of his little dispute after his first performance.

JB: Wow, “Idol” was full of drama tonight. That exchange between Harry and Quentin was super uncomfortable (most uncomfortable thing on the show since Sanjaya!) and rather annoying. Going Home: Quentin (He shouldn’t have opened his mouth and apparently Rayvon wins all the twitter battles, lol)

vinny: Liked the first [song] but that second one was “wack.” Also, apology was nice but I sorta feel like his thought process was “Damn, I messed up.” The other contestants that were safe must have been like “Dude WFT.” But more importantly, it was good drama. In short, Quentin pretty much screwed himself over.

Troy: I don’t watch “American Idol” anymore, but saw the clips from last night. The Quentin guy seems like an arrogant prick. Connick was right to say what he did — it’s a competition. Get your emotions in check because nobody would even be talking about you if it weren’t for “Idol” (there are far more talented singers/performers than him in any given local band in any given American town). Hopefully he gets the boot next week.

Atypical: I’ll never fault Quentin for having his emotions as he was having them. I could see how he wanted to defend and clarify himself against Harry Connick Jr., who can be very smug and douchey on panel. If Quentin had to say something on the air like that, it should have been confined to his remarks made with Ryan after his performances. Coming back on stage like that for a stare down with Harry was cray and of course would paint him in the “angry black man” light and pretty much seals up his elimination next week regardless of what he actually does in terms of performances. Sad.

Gucci: Honey, Quentin’s little outburst will get him eliminated next week. Harry Connick Jr. is a total douchebag.

Tyler The Awesome Guy: For all those Quentin haters I say, listen, actually listen to his singing voice. He is arguably the most talented of the boys except for Clark, and I think his little outburst was the result of being in the lights and cameras and drama and the crowds of the most stressful stage in reality-competition singing series. He just cracked under the pressure.

BenitoDelicias: That was pretty crazy. I think both men were very very wrong in what they did and what they said. Quentin was pretty ridiculous in general and Harry’s comment alone would’ve been enough to put people against Quentin. Of course it wasn’t Harry’s intention, but misinterpretation of the comment or not, I hate that Harry did that thinking he’s going to go all macho defending his dear “Idol” institution in front of everybody. He had to know it could ruin Quentin very easily.

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11 thoughts on “Our take on ‘American Idol’ smackdown: Harry Connick Jr. vs. Quentin Alexander

  1. I just don’t understand you people. Ryan Seacrest asked Quentin what was on his mind and he did. For cornick to say what he said was definitely inappropriate. I applaud Quentin for going back and clarifying for the misinterpretation. I bet all of you who are saying this are white and just don’t understand how standing up for yourself works.

  2. So no one on this site sees it from Quentin’s standpoint. Were you even trying to listen to this brother or hear him out even after he explained himself. Harry is the one who called him out and being totally disrespectful but I guess you guys missed all that. As the other commentor said, most of you if not all are white and not give any credit for this man standing up for himself, it’s very sad and typical.

  3. I am a complete Quentin fan…but I know politics and he screwed himself royally. They had to keep Rayon after his disrespect for the process. I can’t stand Rayon but gotta keep a black man which proved Quentin is out next week.

  4. I don’t think Quentin is going Home. Poll results from other sites were clearly with team Quentin. I, personally thought Harry was out of line and he was disrespectful. Play it over- watch Keith’s initial reaction. Even, Keith thought Harry was “whack”. Harry has poor interpersonal skills and still poorer listen comprehension. 90% of the audience found Quentin clear. Harry is a dumba$$ with a penchant , for opening his mouth before engaging his brain. Don’t forget HCJ was a far cry from a household name, prior to his judgeship on AI. Oh, and BTW Simon would have asked questions first.

  5. Before this show, I had never heard of Harry Connick, Jr. I gave him a good listen most of this season, until the night he fought with Quentin. I completely understood where Quentin was going with his comment. Then when Harry made his comment about “the hand that feeds you,” I was so disappointed. That comment was designed to be hurtful, not helpful, as a judge on this show should be. Please get a different judge, someone who will not attempt to derail a talented performer’s career before they even begin. Shame on you, Harry.

  6. I completely understand Quentin. American Idol is whacked! It’s funny to me how Quentin can be slain and almost assured not to make it next week just because he said what was on his mind. White America speaks again…I’m so glad Quentin corrected Ryan when he tried to imply Quentin appeared to want to attack Harry. I’m so sick of this stereotypical BS; American Idol is a racist show anyhow, not surprising being on Fox! They string the black talent along for as long as they can and then they’re eliminated. Quentin, you definitely have a career and I’m sure you’ll get picked up by a label that understands true black artistry.

  7. Harry is the one that’s wack. “Harsh Harry” is always yapping on & on about his need to be totally honest with the contestants & demanding they show more emotions. Well, I loved Quentin’s brutal honesty & real emotion!!! I loved how he selflessly stood up for his friends Joey & Rayvon!!! I loved how he refused to let Harry define his words. This has got to be the most sincere, candid & truthful moment in Idol’s history …ever! Loved it!!! Loved it!!! Wow!!! Quentin got ALL of my votes this week on American Idol!!!
    I wish more people in this industry had as much empathy & compassion for others as Quentin displayed, instead of always thinking selfishly about satisfying their own enormous egos. He stood up for his friends & spoke truth to power, even at the risk of his own standing in the competition. That’s not being “thin skinned” or having a “tantrum.” That’s the very definition of bravery, sensitivity & being a hero. “Harsh Harry” could take lessons from this kid. That’s why ALL of my votes went to Quentin this week & only him!!!
    Harry Connick Jr. should have know better than to escalate a situation like this. But experience & prudence are not the same things. “Harsh Harry” interjected himself into a conversation that was clearly not his own & made an awkward situation even more uncomfortable. This is obviously not the action of a wise, thoughtful, caring, helpful judge or mentor. If young Quentin’s neophyte response is due to the shock & hurt of seeing his close friends up for elimination & his inexperience & immaturity in this biz. Then certainly Harry’s abrasive, curt response & poor timing sent the wrong lesson from a seasoned performer.
    Harry is a smug, little drama queen. He refuse to clap for the contestants. He won’t stand for the contestants. He nitpicks the smallest, pettiest thing about their performance. He’s trying real hard to play the role of “professor perfect” on Idol. Yet he’s no great singer himself. But I’m sure when he performs, he craves the same applause & the same ovation that he denies his fellow artists. How do you spell vain, pompous, egotistical hypocrite?
    ALL of my votes went to Quentin Alexander this week. Every single last one of them!!! ‪#‎QuentinAlexander‬, ‪#‎voteQuentin‬, #vote4quentin, ‪#‎voteQuentinAlexander‬, #teamQuentin, #teamQuentinAlexander.

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