BAFTA predictions: ‘Boyhood’ for Best Picture, will tie ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ as biggest winner

Our exclusive odds for Sunday’s BAFTA Awards are predicting a Best Picture win for “Boyhood,” but “The Grand Budapest Hotel” will tie that film as the biggest winner overall with three trophies. These statistics are based on a combination of four sets of forecasts at Gold Derby: Experts, Editors, the Top 24 Users (highest scorers predicting last year’s winners), and All Users.

Watch our editors battle over BAFTA’s top races [Video]

The 12-years-in-the-making “Boyhood” is projected to take the top category of the night, Best Director (Richard Linklater), and Best Supporting Actress (Patricia Arquette) for a total of three victories.

While “Budapest” is not projected to claim one of the top categories, the film should pick up wins for Best Original Screenplay (Wes Anderson), Best Costume Design, and Best Production Design. That will match it with “Boyhood” at three overall trophies for the ceremony.

Four films are slated to take home two BAFTA wins each:

Birdman” will take home awards for Best Cinematography and Best Film Editing.

The Imitation Game” will prevail for Best British Film and Best Adapted Screenplay (Graham Moore).

The Theory of Everything” will win for Best Actor (Eddie Redmayne) and Best Score.

Whiplash” will triumph for Best Supporting Actor (J.K. Simmons) and Best Sound.

Which BAFTA nominees and presenters will attend Sunday’s ceremony?

Each of the following nominated movies will bring home an award apiece:

Citizenfour” will win for Best Documentary Feature.

Ida” will take home the trophy for Best Foreign Film.

Interstellar” will prevail for Best Visual Effects.

Into the Woods” will win for Best Makeup and Hair.

The Lego Movie” will triumph for Best Animated Feature.

Still Alice” will win Best Actress (Julianne Moore).

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3 thoughts on “BAFTA predictions: ‘Boyhood’ for Best Picture, will tie ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ as biggest winner

  1. As usual I’m going to have to correct you AGAIN.Birdman will win the following:picture,actor,orginal screenplay,editing,cinematography and maybe director.Boyhood will win supporting actress,editing,director(if Birdman doesn’t get it)Theory of Everything will win score and British film.As I said before,every other category is up in the air.I could be wrong too,but I’m not an “Oscar expert” like you ,but I’m sure as hell know some about the Oscars and I’m an ordinary moron like you guys at Goldderby.

  2. With how many nominations The Grand Budapest Hotel pulled off at the BAFTAs, I’m wondering if people are underestimating it? Didn’t it make a ton of money overseas too? With it beating Birdman at the Golden Globes, it seems like the international audience in general might like TGBH better than Birdman. I’m scared of Birdman’s chances in all the categories though. It seems like such a major wild card. I’m really stressing over whether to pick Inarritu for best director or someone else. I feel pretty comfortable picking him for the DGA award, but I’m not quite as comfortable picking him for the BAFTA.

  3. Boyhood will lose to “The Imitation Game” for Best Picture. Boyhood is
    not a Motion Picture it is an after school special filmed over 12 years
    as a desperate gimmick by a “C” grade director. The Academy represents
    experienced sophisticated artists who will pick the Best Picture to
    represent us to the World. Boyhood isn’t even close to Best Picture.
    Can you really put Boyhood in the same category as “Schindler’s List”?

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