Poll: Does Caitriona Balfe (‘Outlander’) deserve an Emmy nomination?

Given the passionate response from fans and TV critics, “Outlander” is clearly a mega-hit TV series, but is it Emmy worthy? Does it measure up to the snobbish standards of the TV academy? Can Caitriona Balfe be nominated?

After all, the quality that makes “Outlander” such delicious viewing — the heightened sense of melodrama that looms over those lovebirds struggling to survive the Scottish highlands in the 18th century — could hurt it with voters who tend to be cynical Hollywood types.

Consider the Emmy race for Best Drama Actress. For the past four years, the award has been won twice each by Julianna Margulies (“The Good Wife“) and Claire Danes (“Homeland“). That suggests voters appreciate stars who portray edgy roles set in contemporary times.

But, while Balfe’s role is set centuries ago, it’s edgy when you think about it. Claire never shrinks from blood or menacing British soldiers. And it’s certainly an emotionally complex role that gives Balfe frequent opportunities to show off the full range of her acting chops.


15 thoughts on “Poll: Does Caitriona Balfe (‘Outlander’) deserve an Emmy nomination?

  1. No way. If she gets nominated over actresses like Gillian Anderson, Vera Farmiga, Eva Green, Keri Russell and so on, that would be horrible. And since when is she a critics darling? If she were, why wasnt she nominated for Critics Choice or TCA??? Doesnt make any sense.

  2. Is goldderby slowly turning into the Caitriona Balfe Fanclub? There are tons of articles about her. Why? Do we get some for other actresses too? I am confused.

  3. Incredibly talent- laden category, but Caitriona Balfe deserves the nom and win. She is the heart and sole of Outlander. She has a wonderful ability to convey emotions through her face, and strikes the right tone in almost every scene. The role of “Claire” requires more range than most and Balfe delivers.

  4. She deserves to be nominated AND she deserves to win. Those on here who try to spread hate against her: Watch Outlander. Watch all episodes and you will see the amazing development of Cait and her character Claire. Nothing against the other atresses, but Cait beats them by a landslide. Yes, she IS that good.

  5. I must echo Cathy97, A,J., and Tina. I am tired of this site and its countless articles on this woman. Why not write about other things, there are so many interesting topics out there. I am glad to see a show and actress like this get exposure, but it is getting a bit much.

  6. No!!!! Cait does not deserve an Emmy nomination. Her acting is very stiff and wooden, not natural at all; her inexperience really shows. She has very poor range of expressions or emotion; it’s either angry, rude and sullen looks. Where is the tender emotions she should have for her husband. Where are all the other emotions we should see in her face and hear in her voice? She’s very likable in her public appearances; I suggest she would do better to just be herself in the series and stop “trying” to act. It seems as though she doesn’t realize that “acting” is suppose to look natural; it should not look like you are trying to perform on stage. Cait doesn’t really “own” the part of Claire, it seems as thought she is just repeating words. Grant it, she was much better in episode 15 and 16, but her overall performance in the series is not Emmy worthy.

  7. Caitrina Balfe and Sam Heughan are two of the best actors I have seen in years and I have not enjoyed a show as much as Outlander in 20 years. Young boys are not who watch TV buy two en and men do.

  8. Claire is definitely an emotionally complex role, but you don’t see any of that complexity in Balfe’s performance. She wears the same stoic expression on her face in nearly every scene. I’m surprised you mentioned her name at all instead of actresses such as Eva Green, Keri Russell, or Viola Davis. Cait is not even in their league. It really makes your suggestion of her questionable.

  9. I personally did not recognize any of the actors who were performing in Outlander. Yet, as a book fan I needed to get a look at them in action. Having seen them for the first half of season 1 I have come to think of them as the Outlander character. Cait was the big surprise, a fine actress. She has shown all the emotions necessary and more to convince this viewer to vote for her. I haven’t ever seen a foreign film, large or small, knew nothing of any foreign actors or country sides ( outside USA). But, these performers have brought their marvelous gifts to me and others . I will vote for everything Outlander, starting with Cait Balfe.

  10. Outlander’s performances by Heughan, Mendes, and Balfe annul every drama to date. There contribution albeit dark to a topic never discussed is powerful. When was the last time you recall tears streaming down your face involuntarily??

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