Oscars host poll: Ricky Gervais vs. Ellen DeGeneres vs. Robert Downey Jr.

Over the past week, we've been asking our readers to vote for who they want to host the Oscars. Three stars have skyrocketed to the top of our polls: Ricky Gervais, Ellen DeGeneres and Robert Downey Jr. If it came down to this trio, which one would YOU want to see emcee the 88th annual edition of the Academy Awards on Feb. 28? Vote in our new poll below.

Poll: Who should get honorary Oscars?

Of the three, DeGeneres is the only former Oscars host. In fact, she's emceed twice — in 2006 and 2013 — while Gervais and Downey would be first-timers. DeGeneres received favorable reviews, especially for her return to the Dolby Stage two years ago when she broke Twitter with her celeb selfie.

Though he hasn't hosted the Oscars, Gervias made the Golden Globes must-see viewing for three years in a row (2010-2012) with his acerbic, take-no-prisoners attitude. Fans have been clamoring for him to return to the Golden Globes since, but maybe he's been holding out for the Oscar stage.

Downey, a past two-time Oscar nominee ("Chaplin," 1992; "Tropic Thunder," 2008) would be an interesting choice as he's never presided over a major awards show before. But the Academy Awards have gone with ringleaders who lack the usual resume, such as Seth MacFarlane (2012) and James Franco & Anne Hathaway (2010).

Vote in our poll now (if you don't like these choices, tell us who you want to host in the comments section). Join the heated discussion in our Oscars forum. And make your Emmy predictions as to whether this year's Oscars, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, will win Best Special Class Program by using our easy drag-and-drop menu at the right or bottom of this post. 

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Photo: Ricky Gervais. Credit: Picture Perfect/REX
Photo: Ellen DeGeneres. Credit: Matt Baron/BEI/REX

Photo: Robert Downey Jr. Credit: MediaPunch/REX

20 thoughts on “Oscars host poll: Ricky Gervais vs. Ellen DeGeneres vs. Robert Downey Jr.

  1. Ricky all the way. (Randall you must be American. It states the choices offered are the top 3 highest voted by their readers. Try engaging brain, if possible)

  2. Yes i’m an American Paul,which has nothing to with my last comment.There are better choices to host the Oscars,like veterans like Steve Martin and Billy Crystal to younger choices like Jimmy Fallon and the comedy team of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.How is that for engaging my brain.If you had some intelligence Paul,you’d figure there more choices than those three just mention in this article.PS-I think Robert Downey,Jr. is a great actor,but I can’t picture him hosting(or co-hosting) an important awards like this.As far as Ricky Gervais and Ellen DeGeneres are concern,some people think their funny,I’m not one of them.Those two are borderline annoying.This is my opinion.As I said before,how is that for engaging brain use,Paul!

  3. Randall, you must be on medication if you think Jimmy Fallon would be a good host for the Oscars. He isn’t even a good Tonight Show host.

  4. No offense but the academy awards have not been an important ceremony for quite some time primarily because of their beyond shitty choices for hosting. Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t too bad but Ellen and especially Seth MacFarlane and of course Franco and Hathaway Worst hosts ever. Ricky Gervais can be annoying from time to time but in good taste he is annoying to those who don’t like top hear the hard cold truth. I do. So perhaps he would be good for host if you want good surprising ratings to shoot through the roof. Robert Downey Jr. Maybe. He has swag he’ amazing so of course he may be able to pull of something courageous and snazzy. Honestly though too they should add a Scottish actor no one seemed to mention but lost his show to James Cordon who I AM SORRY IS NOT FUNNY. Craig Ferguson. Some may no find him amusing but with a fucking horse and a talking robot with a green Mohawk may I add, I think he is better than most choices. He’d give them a run for their money. Unless America isn’t going to stand for British Humor. And I only speak for the Ameicans who do not get British humor. For those who get it “bless you.”

  5. Gervais just made a vile comment about RDJ on Twitter. He’s proved he’s unfit to host any awards show – his constant put-downs are offensive and not funny. He could take a lesson in pure class from RDJ, who, one notices, has not stooped to trade any barbs on Twitter and is above such nonsense as this. The Oscars can’t afford RDJ anyway. And who watches the Oscars any more – their cultural impact is very minimal now. Who won last year? I’ll bet you can’t even recall.

  6. HieronymousBosch provide a screenshot of that ‘vile comment’ or it didn’t happen. And Randall I don’t mean to be a grammar Nazi here but your use of ‘their’ instead of ‘they’re’, which in all probability is not a typo, tell me how much you engage your brain. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are only funny only to those people who like scripted comedy. Gervais is very good at improvisation. Secondly, almost all of the Oscar hosts, kiss too much arse. For all the vileness that Gervais was accused of, the person he ‘insulted’ the most(Johnny Depp) did not take it seriously at all, which does not come as a surprise since he was one of the more intelligent people in the room that day. Gervais and Depp actually went on to become good friends, so much so that Depp appeared on Gervais’ show ‘Life’s too short’. The only people who were offended by Gervais’ hosting were self-important narcissistic twats who can’t take a joke. I haven’t been watching the Oscars for the last five or six years, but I might just watch it if Gervais hosts it, because as Gervais himself says, “The truth shouldn’t hurt”.

  7. Rohitaswa Pradhan – Oh, we have a screenshot; it’s out there. Gervais deleted it pretty quickly, but not quickly enough. If this message board allowed attachments, I would attach it. Bottom line – RDJ has the grace to ignore this silliness, so don’t even rope him into this. Gervais is a tasteless bottom-feeder who is a loose cannon that no awards show will hire any more (except maybe the most tasteless of them; certainly NOT the Oscars), and that’s the opinion of many, so it’s your opinion against that, boo hoo. This poll is meaningless – no one with a brain WANTS to host the Oscars any more, because what is the upside of it? While the downside is not good, not good at all. LOL – it’s like no one wants to host the Olympics any more – the potential cost is too much.

  8. J.D,yes I’m on medication but I still know what’s funny and DeGeneres and Gervais aren’t(Downey is very witty,but I can’t see him hosting a big show like the Oscars).You can go three ways:One-get veteran hosts Steve Martin or Billy Crystal.Two-try younger hosts Like Jimmy Fallon or the team of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.Three-try it with no host at all.So There!

  9. Rohitaswa Pradhan you are a grammar Nazi,Since when is grammer and spelling important when making comments,so I used “their” instead of “they’re” is the world ending?I engage my brain a lot and I have my preference of who can host awards show,remember Bob Hope had writers giving him funny things to say,so Tina Fey,Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon have writers too.So as my grammar is concern I type fast and my spelling is off.

  10. RDJ, I’m sure, doesn’t know and doesn’t care about this. He’s on another level of stardom entirely, and frankly, as someone has already said, the Oscars can’t afford him. Although I’d watch the heck out of an Oscars hosted by RDJ, Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence and Denzel – now there would be a classy group worthy of the occasion, and fun too. NO to Gervais – too gross. Really, there should be no host – just the great voice of Cedering Fox announcing the next presenters.

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