‘Outlander’ Golden Globe nominations: How Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies and show dominated

After being skunked by the Emmys, the Golden Globes showered megahit “Outlander” with three nominations this morning: Best Drama Series, Best Drama Actress (Caitriona Balfe) and Best Supporting Actor (Tobias Menzies). Sure, leading man Sam Heughan was cruelly snubbed — there’s always next year, Sam! — but “Outlander” was still able to dominate the Golden Globe nominations, and we know exactly how.

Golden Globe nominations: ‘Outlander,’ ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘Transparent’ among top TV nominees

Starz’s epic romance fantasy ticks a lot of boxes for Golden Globes voters. Remember, these awards are given out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. That’s key because the people voting for the Globes love to trumpet hot new stars like Irish-born Balfe for their media outlets around the world. And “Outlander” is one of Starz’s all-time biggest success stories.

For Best Drama Series, “Outlander” faces off against Fox’s “Empire,” HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” USA’s “Mr. Robot” and Netflix’s “Narcos.” Last year’s champ “The Affair” was almost completely shut-out for its second season (save for supporting star Maura Tierney), meaning there will be a brand new Drama winner at the Globes.

Balfe’s competition for Best Drama Actress is Viola Davis (“How to Get Away with Murder”), Eva Green (“Penny Dreadful”), Taraji P. Henson (“Empire”) and Robin Wright (“House of Cards”). Wright won the Globe two years ago, but last year’s victor Ruth Wilson (“The Affair”) was ignored this morning.

The catch-all Best TV Supporting Actor race combines performances from Dramas, Comedies, TV Movies and Limited Series, so Menzies is up against Alan Cumming (“The Good Wife”), Damian Lewis (“Wolf Hall”), Ben Mendelsohn (“Bloodline”) and Christian Slater (“Mr. Robot”).

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Winners for the 73rd Golden Globe Awards will be announced during a live telecast on NBC to be held January 10 and hosted for the fourth time by Globe-winning comedian Ricky Gervais.

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45 thoughts on “‘Outlander’ Golden Globe nominations: How Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies and show dominated

  1. Of course I’m gutted for Sam Heughan, but overjoyed by the nominations for Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies and of course THE SHOW!! (which encompasses all, including the production design and the magnificent costumes) MAJOR recognition for the Starz network. Everyone scratching their heads about these noms may actually decide to watch it!

  2. Overjoyed to see Outlander validated with three important nominations. I know many fans are disappointed that Sam Heughan did not receive a nod, but his character does not come to prominence until late in the season–his storyline factors in part and parcel with Caitriona Balfe’s character from here on out, so he will be given more opportunity to shine in the coming season. The important thing here is that the show is getting the recognition it needs to attract new viewers to ensure continued seasons. I have no doubt that Sam Heughan will be top of the list of Peoples Choice Award nominations.

  3. I totally agree about Sam Heughan. His performance through out the series has been outstanding. And his performances in the last two episodes were beyond excellent. He truly gives 110%. Extremely talented actor.

  4. Finally Outlander is getting some of the recognition it deserves. Congrats to Caitronia Balfe and Tobias Menzies but this was ensemble work and Sam Heughan’s powerful presence was crucial to the chemistry. A complete puzzle how this talented actor who brought such witt, intelligence and passion could have been left out, like whiskey without the malt or bread without the yeast.

  5. Congats to the show, Caitronia and Tobias! It is beyond me why they would pass over Sam. His performances have been just as great as his co-stars. Such a shame for him.

  6. Really????? Nothing for Sam Hueghan? I’m done with these types of things. What does an actor like Hueghan have to do to get a nomination? He was stellar in his performance, as was Cait and Tobias.

  7. Great to finally see Outlander recognized. One of the best shows on TV. Amazing actors Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies. Both of them are so deserving but how on earth could Sam Heughan be left out ??? He is also such an amazing actor and he should have been nominated.

  8. Outlander is an outstanding novel that has been artistically interpreted into a visual delight, and brought to life by each of the sensitive and intuitive actors. Congratulations, to Ms. Balfe and Mr. Menzies on your nominations. Sam Hueghan’s portrayal of JAMIE is the heartbeat of the production…how odd to have overlooked this fact!

    Sam Hueghan … outstanding performances…each and every one!

  9. I really don’t understand. Without Sam heughan as Jamie Fraser there would be no Claire Randall and Tobias would have a mundane roll. What is wrong with these people

  10. You can’t please all the people all the time so whoever got nominated someone would be complaining about who got left out of the nominations

  11. I’m thrilled Outlander was nominated! All the actors, writers, director.. everyone should be thrilled! Sam can’t have it all.

  12. He is integral to the success of the show and his portrayal of the lead character that creates the entire story line with Caitriona.
    They are both integral to the storyline it is a real slight that Sam did not receive a nomination for his portrayal of Jamie.

  13. Made me cry that Sam wasn’t nominated. Such a snub is incomprehensible!! Congrats to the show, Cait and Tobias but no Sam? Such an outrageous shame.

  14. I truly hope that Mr. Heughan reads our rantings and understands how much we value his skills and ability at bringing Jamie to life. I have viewed many of the Outlander “deleted scenes” as well, and I can’t help but scratch my head as to what the show runners, the Emmy’s and the HFPA were thinking. Happy for Balfe and Menzies, but Menzies should have won long ago for his role as Brutus. Sam deserves the Globe for his role as Jamie.

  15. Very happy for Caitrionia Balfe, Tobias Menzies, and Outlander’s noms! But so heartbroken that Sam Heughan didn’t get a nom! He should have gotten one on just his facial expressions alone! Now hope Starz will OK more seasons of Outlander!

  16. All of these award people are blind…..and they are tearing my guts out!!!!! Can they not see good acting? Sam Heughan, go climb a mountain, and when you get to the top, look down and know that WE, your fans, who read the books and have seen you act….WE know you are truly King of the Mountain!!

  17. Congrats to #OutlanderStarz, Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies for their well deserved nominations, but at the same time,.very disappointed, that Sam Heughan,, was over-looked for his performance in Outlander.

  18. Eventually, time has come to recognize OUTLANDER as one of all-time greatest show it is! Happy for the noms the drama got, but sad at the very same time because HFPA has forgotten Sam Heughan’s one of the finest performance of the year.

  19. Great news for the nominations, well deserved, but truely disappointed for Sam. His performance was nothing less than inspiring.

  20. So happy to see Outlander get the recognition it deserves. I am a big fan of books and Starz series. I am particularly glad that Tobias Menzies was nominated. His portrayal of Black Jack Randall is chilling and truly amazing.


  22. Phenomenal, novel series adored by discerning, rabid fans for almost 2 decades were floored by the fantastic artistic presentation by the entire cast and crew of OUTLANDER. Forever grateful to all involved. Sam has earned the best trophy of all: our hearts.

  23. They forgot the soul of Outlander, Sam. Cait and Tobias performances are outstanding because of the performance of Sam Heughan. Cait and Tobias are deserving of their nominations but so is Sam.

  24. What more does Sam Heughan have to do to be recognized for his talents. So very disappointed
    Cait definitely deserves her nod, she is fantastic, she’s made me cry more than once. Hope
    she wins. And finally the show itself being recognized, very happy about that.

  25. It’s beyond reason why Sam was outrageously snubbed! Would Balfe or Menzies be as good without him? I seriously doubt it. He is a masterfully trained theatrical actor who brought his A game. I think Starz PR does him a huge disservice by branding him a second symbol as opposed to promoting his huge talent! My heart hurts for a guy I don’t even personally know because the injustice is just so blatant! He deserved the recognition more than a lot of others on that “crowded” list !!! Ridiculous!

  26. So very happy that Outlander has finally got the recognition it deserves. Congrats to Caitriona, Tobias and the show, well deserved!!! Sam may not have got a nomination but we all know that he makes a huge contribution to the show and it wouldn’t be the success it is without him!!!

  27. I absolutely love Outlander above every other Premier Channel series I’ve ever watched. The entire cast is superb. The scenes involving exchanges between Sam and Cait are my favorites. I’m happy for Cait and Tobias but Sam also deserved a nomination for best actor. I’m a big fan of the book series also and cannot imagine anyone but Sam Heughan playing the part of Jamie. He’s wonderful in the role. Congratulations to everyone involved for a masterful job!

  28. I am so disappointed that sam was so cruelly snubbed by globes award. The show would not be worth watching if it was not for sam.

  29. More than like i`m in love withe Outlander tv show. I do not know why there are other good shows to be tansmitted but none that touch me so much.
    I think it`s because they make us feel that they are happy to be doing that job.
    Glad with the three deserved nominations and very disapointed with the missing one

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