Will first time be the charm for Jennifer Hudson (‘Empire’) at Emmys just like Oscars and Grammys?

Jennifer Hudson is on the bubble for an Emmy nomination for Best Drama Guest Actress for her role as a gospel-inspired musical therapist in FOX’s “Empire.” She ranks eighth with 33/1 odds based on the combined predictions of our Experts, Editors, Users, and Top 24 Users (those two dozen folks who racked up the best scores among the thousands predicting last year’s Emmy nominations), but that’s not where every group ranks her. Our Editors place her among the top six contenders with 16/1 odds. Will she make the cut? It would be foolish to count her out given her track record.

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Viewers were shocked during the third season of “American Idol” in 2004 when Hudson finished in seventh place, but she got the last laugh. Two years after her “Idol” ouster, she made her feature film debut in “Dreamgirls” and won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Two years after that, she released her self-titled debut album and won a Grammy for Best R&B Album. Halfway to EGOT, and she wasn’t even 30 yet.

This isn’t Hudson’s first foray into television – she had a guest stint in NBC’s Broadway-themed “Smash” and was featured in Lifetime’s “Call Me Crazy” anthology film – but “Empire” has become a juggernaut like no other. It earned a Critics’ Choice nomination for Best Drama and a TCA bid for Program of the Year, and it’s also a likely nominee for Best Drama at the Emmys according to our racetrack odds.

In addition, it’s always wise to take into account the power of seeing an Oscar-winner on the Emmy ballot, especially in the wide-open guest-acting races, where voters can often be swayed by pedigree and name recognition.

None of our Editors are currently predicting a win for Hudson, but three out of seven are betting on a nomination: Matt Noble, Tom O’Neil and Paul Sheehan. O’Neil and Sheehan are also the only Experts predicting a nod for Hudson.

Should we pay attention to their premonition? Quite possibly. Consider that O’Neil had the highest score among Experts predicting last year’s Emmy nominations (76%), while Sheehan tied the top score among ALL users predicting last year’s winners (66%).

They’re joined by two of our Top 24 Users – Ashkan and Jed Reifer – as well as more than 200 of all Users.

If Hudson is nominated, she’ll still have her work cut out for her against her prospective field of rivals. The current frontrunner in the contest is defending champ Allison Janney for her role in “Masters of Sex.” Between “Masters,” “Mom” and “The West Wing,” Janney has won six Emmys and only ever lost twice when nominated.

Of the four groups making predictions at Gold Derby, the Top 24 Users did the best forecasting last year’s Emmy nominations (78.55%) compared to the Editors (77.68%), All Users (74.78%) and the Experts (74.64%). 

Who do you think will win Best Limited Series? Make your prediction below using our easy drag-and-drop menu. Average Gold Derby users just like YOU turn out to be our smartest prognosticators, so it’s important that you give us your predictions. Your picks influence our User racetrack odds, which also factor into our official combined odds.

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Below, use our drag-and-drop menu to predict whether Hudson will be nominated or even win Best Drama Guest Actors, and also make sure to watch our recent video chat with the award-wiinner.

3 thoughts on “Will first time be the charm for Jennifer Hudson (‘Empire’) at Emmys just like Oscars and Grammys?

  1. I don’t think so. I’m a fan, but her role was pretty insignificant. If she manages to squeeze in a nomination it would be on name recognition alone. She definitely won’t win. Courtney Love is a more deserving nominee for the same show.

  2. If she’s lucky she just might get nominated but the real competition is between Allison Janney and Cicely Tyson both are superb actors but I’m still edging towards Tyson or maybe Diana Rigg could pull off a win, can’t say that it will be a surprise though she’s simply stunning as Olenna Tyrell.

  3. Best Guest Actress in a Drama this year was Lois Smith in The Americans. This performance came out of nowhere, unannounced, and was both powerful and stunning in it’s range. Tyson was good, she always is. I am a huge fan of Masters of Sex, but cannot remember Janney at all this past seasoh, her role and performance was so whittled down from the previous year’s superb work. Rigg tossed off a couple zingers, but hardly Emmy worthy. And Courtney Love should get a nomination (* for her work in Revenge, not Empire). No love for Hudson here, her role was undersized and totally forgettable.

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