Who should be given their first shot to host Oscars? Kevin Spacey, Amy Schumer, Justin Timberlake …

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On Monday we asked you who should return to host the Oscars, but now we want to know which potential NEW contender you'd want to see host the next Academy Awards. Does two-time Oscar champ Kevin Spacey have your vote? He has mine. In fact, I just voted for him in our new poll below. Don't forget to cast your own votes.

Poll: Should John Oliver host the next Oscars?

Other hot contenders are "it" girl Amy Schumer, all-around entertainer Justin Timberlake, talk show/awards host Queen Latifah and academy governor Tom Hanks. Our own Tom O'Neil wonders if red-hot John Oliver should host the Oscars.

Our users, many of whom are Hollywood insiders, have been furiously debating this hot topic in our movie forum. Join the discussion here. Perhaps you'll be swayed by some of their comments, which include:

AMG: I'd love to see Spacey host. Whenever he presents an award, you know you're in a safe pair of hands, but is still brilliantly comedic and well paced in the short time he has. There's never really any awkwardness when he's on stage.

Gone_Guy: What about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? They'll be missed more than ever after not hosting the Golden Globes.

ETPhoneHome: Well, since she's finally had her breakout year, what about Schumer? Like Ricky Gervais at the first Golden Globes, I feel like she would be able to give some sharp humor without overstepping.

FilmGuy619: Kevin Hart. He has experience with stand up comedy, so I am sure he is good at comedic improv, which would be beneficial in case he is given poor material. Also, he would attract a young demographic, has hosting experience, is an animated personality that could get those at the show entertained, and he said he wants the gig.

Among some of the other names our savvy forum posters came up with are: Louis C.K., George Clooney, Robert Downey, Jr., Will Ferrell, Jimmy Kimmel, Melissa McCarthy, Jerry Seinfeld, Ben Stiller and Oprah Winfrey. We purposely excluded Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon since ABC would not allow one of its rival broadcast networks' late night hosts.

Photo: Kevin Spacey. Credit: James Shaw/REX

14 thoughts on “Who should be given their first shot to host Oscars? Kevin Spacey, Amy Schumer, Justin Timberlake …

  1. I think everybody on this would be an interesting choice especially Spacey, Schumer & Downey Jr but I’ve always thought Martin Short or Anna Kendrick would make good hosts too.

  2. but Gervais is a comedy legend. The times he hosted the golden globes… i honestly never laughed harder in me life. I mean after the first year me mates said if he hosted again, we will make a session out of it..few drinks, a lot of laughs.. great craic. Sure the rating for the 3 years sky rocketed and then plummeted the year after. Gervais ripping the shit out of AAA rich actors.. comedy gold.

  3. The two guys I have always thought would be great are Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx either seperate or together.They are both Oscar winners which would give them the respect of the audience. They both sing, dance, do several impressions and are great at comedy.


  5. Downey would be a great host, but I doubt they can afford him. He’d also be great teamed with someone like Hugh Jackman. (Not Ricky Gervais, though…LOL…unless you want a replay of the Golden Globes feud circa 2011 when RDJ quite properly called out Gervais for his harsh, bullying put-downs and comments.)

  6. Surprise surprise they’re all white.

    And double surprise, the two people winning the most votes are white males.

    Oh US you’re so predictably racist and sexist.

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