Will Lady Gaga help Tony Bennett to another Trad. Pop Grammy against overdue Barbra Streisand?

The recording academy has presented the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Performance since 1991, and almost half of those trophies (11 out of 23) have gone to music legend Tony Bennett. This year he’s back with Lady Gaga by his side for their collaboration “Cheek to Cheek.” Are they unstoppable, or can overdue Barbra Streisand finally win this race for “Partners“?

Can Barbra Streisand turn record-breaking ‘Partners’ into Grammys gold?

Bennett last won this category in 2011 for “Duets II,” which, incidentally, also featured Lady Gaga, and over the years, he has been virtually unbeatable in the race, losing only twice when nominated and both times to younger crooner Michael Buble. Bennett lost just last year, in fact: Buble’s “To Be Loved” edged out Bennett’s “Viva Duets.”

Meanwhile, poor Babs is still waiting in the wings. “Partners” is Streisand’s 10th Traditional Pop nomination, but she has never won. What’s more, five of her previous nine losses were to Bennett.

“Partners” has already made history for Streisand, debuting at number-one on the Billboard 200 albums chart last September, making her the only artist in history to have a chart-topping album in every decade since 1960s. Will her strong sales propel her to her first ever win in the category?

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Two other veterans of the category are nominated again, but also have never won. Barry Manilow earns his fourth Traditional Pop bid for “Night Songs.” Bennett handed him one of his three previous losses.

Johnny Mathis is also nominated for the fourth time, for “Sending You a Little Christmas.” And one of his three past losses was also to Bennett.

Nominated for the first time in the category is Annie Lennox, who contends for “Nostalgia.” Will this be her first opportunity to lose to Tony Bennett, or will she or another rival dethrone the Traditional Pop Grammy king?

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12 thoughts on “Will Lady Gaga help Tony Bennett to another Trad. Pop Grammy against overdue Barbra Streisand?

  1. Bennett has won several times over Barbra when her albums were far superior. I think all the old people in the academy vote for him because he keeps their memory of the rat pack era alive. It’s Barbra ‘s turn. And even if it isn’t, her legend is so much grander than Bennett’s who really cares?

  2. Barbra put a tremendous amount of hard work into “Partners”. Sales were her best in 10 years. The CD contains something for everyone and her voice, phrasing, infection and emotions are still superior.

    Bennett is good but has enough Grammy’s on his shelf, any more and it will crack from sheer weight.

    Combined with her superior creative effort and sentimentalism Barbra really should get it this time…. She has not won since 1985! Considering how often she records chances are this might not happen again very soon folks.
    She has made a lot of bread and butter for the industry….and according to her website she is as appreciative as ever to her “partners and fan”.

  3. This would be a travesty of epic proportions if Barbra doesn’t win. Her album is near Platinum already in the U.S., Bennett/Gaga hasn’t even gone Gold. C’mon….enough with the sentimentality for Bennett already. “Partners” was by far a better album in every facet than “Cheek To Cheek.”

  4. Actually Cheek To Cheek just went gold in the US and will reach 1mil three weeks. Sure Barabara’s record with its many collaborators has sold more overall but Grammy’s are not one by quantity but by quality (at least in most scenarios)

  5. Tony Bennet is a classy guy and used to be a very good singer. He’s won the trad pop grammy far too many times over the last few years, most of which were undeserved. As a grammy voter, I can tell you that sexism and politics have too much to do with these awards. If it’s between a man and a woman – the man will always get it. If Streisand is involved, many performers feel she’s won too many over her lifetime and should allow others a chance (think Meryl Streep for Oscars). This year the award will most likely go to Streisand – and deservedly so. She’ll get it not because it is a better album than Tony’s (it is for sure), she’ll get it because her duet partners were all men (12 of them) and all of the buddies of those male musicians will vote for their collaborations w Streisand on Partners. Side note — god love Tony, but he needs to hang his hat up now and certainly avoid collabs w/ people like Gaga. Her moment in music history has come and gone.

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