Can Golden Globes queen Meryl Streep slow down the Patricia Arquette juggernaut?

I’ve addressed how the Golden Globes’ love for musicals could help “Into the Woods” in the race for Best Musical/Comedy Picture, but as much as they love musicals, they love Meryl Streep even more, so why isn’t she the frontrunner to win Best Film Supporting Actress?

Could ‘Into the Woods’ upset ‘Birdman’ at musical-mad Golden Globes?

Well, it’s because Patricia Arquette has so far seemed unstoppable for her 12-years-in-the-making role as the struggling mother of the main character in “Boyhood.” She has already won Best Supporting Actress prizes from film critics groups across the country – Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Florida, Kansas City, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. – not to mention our neighbors in the north in Toronto. She even won the lead category from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

It’s possible Arquette could march more or less uncontested all the way to the Oscar podium, much like other dominant supporting winners in recent years like Mo’Nique (“Precious”) and Jared Leto (“Dallas Buyers Club“). The Golden Globes love to anticipate Oscars, so she should be inevitable there too.

But Queen Meryl has a unique power over the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. She holds the record for the most acting wins (eight) and the most nominations (a staggering 29), and though we’re not expecting her to win the Oscar for “Into the Woods” (we currently rank her third with 11/2 odds), she has won plenty of Globes that didn’t ultimately result in Oscars, including recent prizes for “Julie and Julia,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” and “Adaptation.”

Will Golden Globes frontrunner Emily Blunt (‘Into the Woods’) contend at Oscars too?

The Globes are also frequently swayed by pure star-power. That probably helped Jennifer Lawrence (“American Hustle“) take this category last year against the eventual Oscar-winner, newcomer Lupita Nyong’o (“12 Years a Slave“). Though Arquette has some star-power of her own – including three previous Globe bids for the TV series “Medium” – few can match Streep in that department.

Nevertheless, our predictions suggest an easy win for Arquette, who leads with overwhelming 2/9 odds. Emma Stone (“Birdman“) is second with 9/1 odds. And Streep is a distant third with 33/1 odds. Are we right to be betting so heavily on Arquette, or are we underestimating Streep?

Use our drag-and-drop menu below to make your predictions, or click here to predict the rest of this year’s Globe races, as well as the SAG Awards, Critics’ Choice, Oscars, and more.

12 thoughts on “Can Golden Globes queen Meryl Streep slow down the Patricia Arquette juggernaut?

  1. Arquette is incredible in Boyhood and has momentum and over 20 critics awards because she really is THAT good. Meryl does nothing great in Into the Woods, sorry people, she is even over the top and does too much schtick. Yes, I said it.

  2. Arquette does nothing special in “Boyhood’ so it comes down to being rewarded for working a few days a year for twelve years or Streep for singing the Hell out of a score in a musical. Streep for me.

  3. Streep gave the best supporting performance of the year. Arquette did nothing more than any competent actress could do in the same role – overrated performance in an overrated movie. Please anyone but Arquette.

  4. Arquette has well over 20 critics awards at this point for Boyhood. Meryl has nada for Woods. It is Arquette’s time and we’ll deserved. NO one plays a realistic woman with depth like her, without oft melodrama unlike someone else….hmm…

  5. Spidey, I hope you mean Meryl. But I saw nothing Oscar worthy about Arquette’s performance. To me, Streep and the rest of thenominees deserve it so I would love to see Streep win this one as this role was more acclaimed than August Osage County last year.

  6. I believe Arquette is miles ahead of Streep regarding Boyhood and Into The Woods performances. Sorry, Arquette made me feel the weight of the world on her imperfectly human shoulders.

  7. I’m so over Boyhood and all the pretentious critics fawning over an incredibly boring aka subtle gimmick. Did Arquette do a good job? Absolutely – she was the only remotely interesting thing about the movie. Way more of a lead than supporting though. Arquette will probably win every award this season and while I would agree that she gave a subtle, nuanced performance, she’s riding in on “the movie” as are Knightly and Stone. Three competent performances which could have been given by any number of actors. Wish that Swinton, Staunton, Russo, Tomei, Coon or any of the actors from Ida were in the conversation with Streep. That would have been way more fun than the snooze fest.

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