MTV VMA Awards: Our contest winner demands Kanye West for Oscar host!

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"I'm totally pro-Kanye West. Kanye for Oscar host!" demands our $100 contest winner Joe Marino (screen name DamianWayne), who earned the top score predicting this year's MTV VMA Awards at Gold Derby. Are YOU pro or anti Kanye? After reading about how Marino did so well predicting the VMAs, be sure to weigh in with your thoughts in our red-hot forums.

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Marino is 28 years old and hails from Glassboro, NJ where he's a film student. He was one of only two users to reap 67% accuracy predicting the VMAs, though he broke the tie with BruceTsai thanks to using his special 500 and 200 bets wisely. Check out Marino's winning predictions here. Compare them to all of the other hundreds of users' rankings here.

"With this being fan voted, it seemed obvious who the winners of the big categories would be," reveals Marino, a longtime fan of Gold Derby's prediction events. As for the show's controversial host, he adds, "I can't stand Miley Cyrus. She's such a mess of a person."

Marino got all of the major categories correct: Taylor Swift for Video of the Year, Best Female Video and Best Pop Video, Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars for Best Male Video and Nicki Minaj for Best Hip Hop Video. Of the major categories he missed, Marino predicted FKA Twigs would win Artist to Watch instead of Fetty Wap and he opted for Swift to win Best Direction instead of Kendrick Lamar.

Among the four groups who make predictions, our Editors, ExpertsTop 24 Users (those two dozen folks who had done the best predicting last year's winners) and All Users tied with 33% correct, down slightly from 37.5% for all groups last year. Click each link in the previous sentence or in our accuracy chart to see these scores for yourself.

Below, watch Kanye's off-the-wall speech that took Hollywood by storm Sunday night, and then sound off about what you think of Kanye as Oscar host in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

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3 thoughts on “MTV VMA Awards: Our contest winner demands Kanye West for Oscar host!

  1. Who the hell does this guy think he is? There is NO WAY, NO WAY I tell you that the Academy will EVER let Kanye West host the Oscars. He’s proven he has no sense of humor. Perfect example: his complete, utter overreaction to Jimmy Kimmel’s spoof of Kanye’s 2013 BBC interview with a bunch of kids drinking milkshakes. Those kids were hilarious; the kid playing Kanye nailed him perfectly. If Kanye’s were the host of the Oscars, and let’s say Beyonce’s song from Fifty Shades Of Grey is not nominated for Best Original Song, he’ll just spend a whole 10 minutes ranting about how the Academy’s refusal to nominate it is a slap in the face. Do we really want to see that? I don’t, and I doubt Beyonce and Jay-Z will either.

  2. To Awardsfan 1990,you have nothing to worry about, anyone producing the Oscars doesn’t have Kanye West even in their thoughts when it comes time to pick a host,in short this article and this conversation is idiotic and unimportant.

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