Oscar predictions smackdown: Sasha Stone vs Tom O’Neil (podcast)

Sasha Stone Tom O'NeilNow that we’ve seen “The Revenant” and all other top Oscar contenders except “Joy” and “The Hateful Eight,” Sasha Stone (AwardsDaily) and I are ready to make some bold early picks. Leo DiCaprio seems to be out front for Best Actor, but beware: this derby is crazy and the horses are wild. Michael Fassbender (“Steve Jobs”), Johnny Depp (“Black Mass”), Eddie Redmayne (“The Danish Girl”) and others are still in the chase. Or at least I think so. Sasha feels more strongly about her Leo pick. 

See Sasha’s latest updated predix here. See mine here. See our predictions stacked side by side with 20 other Oscarologists here, then check out the rankings and odds generated with our experts’ predix are combined

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6 thoughts on “Oscar predictions smackdown: Sasha Stone vs Tom O’Neil (podcast)

  1. Leo gives the same type of performance as 12 Hours and Wild and Castaway and All Is Lost (no nomination for Redford) and Into the Wild (no nomination for Hirsch)… none of those have won. They always go for someone playing a real person which gives an advantage to Fassbender/Depp/Redmayne. Only exceptins have been Bridges and Dujardin and Day-Lewis… so that’s 3 out of 10 Oscar wins.

  2. I mean Gravity, a superior movie to the Martian, didn’t win Best Picture…I think it is going to be between Spotlight, Joy, the Revenant, but I don’t see it winning. So it basically depends on Joy now.

  3. I can’t deal with another David O. Russell horror. The Fighter is the only movie I can stomach. He got lucy 1 or 2 times but he’s terrible. let’s see what happens with Joy. It seems that giving awards for box office is gaining more popularity. That explains J-Law and Fassbender moving down to #2 as best actor. The anticipation for The Revenant revene is pushing leo to the top. The Oscars are way late on Fassbender and Leo. If any of them get an award, it’s for the snubs. I say this even though I think Fassbender worked a miracle with all that Sorkin.

  4. DiCaprio is playing a real person. James Franco played a real person in 127 Hours as did Reese Witherspoon in Wild. I think some people using “real people” mean “famous people.”

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